OLTL Update Wednesday 10/09/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/9/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Lindsay insists that the painting has nothing to do with her. She also knows that Troy is educated enough to know the true meaning of "Joanna." He should tell Nora what the painting means to him. Troy gives Lindsay a look that could kill. Lindsay asserts that one day, it will become crystal clear to Nora that Lindsay is not Joanna. Nora counters that one day, Lindsay will be back in Statesville, where she belongs. Lindsay has to go back to her gallery, but before she leaves, she tells Troy to take good care of "Joanna." She knows that he wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Nora asks Troy why he's letting her get away with that. Troy runs his hand over the painting. He tells Nora that there's nothing Lindsay can do to hurt them. She's done her worst, and failed. He wants Nora to return to the engagement party; he has patients to see. Nora leaves. As Emily hovers protectively nearby, Troy removes the painting and puts his fist through it. Although he is convinced that Lindsay has somehow found out about Joanna, Emily thinks that it must be a weird coincidence. She suggests that he just tell Nora what happened. That would take Lindsay's power away from her. Troy won't do that. If Emily knew how Joanna died, she would know why he feels this way. Emily reminds him that she does know, because he told her the whole story. Troy says that she's right. He claims that he's too mad to think straight. Emily wants to know what he's going to do about Lindsay. How can he find out whether or not she really knows anything? Troy says that he has a plan.

Jen wants to set a wedding date now, so that they can announce it at the party, but Cristian protests. This party is for Keri and Antonio. He and Jen will have to set the date later. Jen warns him that she doesn't want to waddle down the aisle looking like a whale. She doesn't want people to point at her and whisper. As she lays a guilt trip on him, Carlotta listens from nearby. She takes her son aside, despite his protest that this is a private matter. Carlotta insists that he set a date. Procrastinating is hurting everyone involved, and keeping them in limbo. Taking his mother's advice to heart, Cristian tells Jen that he hasn't been fair to her. She deserves the wedding she wants. Happy, Jen says that she'll call the church and book the first available time.

Back at her gallery, Lindsay makes a toast to the power of art. A knock at the door announces Jen's arrival. Jen wanted to let her mother know that she convinced Cristian to set a date for the wedding. She gleefully reports that she also trapped Natalie into being her maid of honor. Lindsay warns her that she's playing a dangerous game. Jen is confident that she knows exactly what she's doing. She learned from the best, didn't she? That thought is no comfort to Lindsay. Jen has made sure that Al won't find out about the pregnancy until she wants him to know. Besides, Lindsay's the only one who knows. Lindsay admits that she told Troy and Nora. This infuriates Jen, but Lindsay says that it just slipped out. Jen reminds her that this mistake could mean being kicked out of her life. Lindsay just wants her daughter to think about what she's doing. Jen doesn't have to think about it. She's going to enjoy dragging out her revenge for as long as possible. Lindsay, of all people, should understand that.

Surprised to see Al, Gabrielle catches her son as soon as he arrives at the engagement party. She tells him that he has to leave before it's too late. Al figures out that this has something to do with Jen. Gabrielle confirms this, and informs him of Jen's threat. If Al doesn't stay far away from Jen, she'll have him sent to prison for arson. Al whines that he can't believe this. Why is she doing this to him? Gabrielle says that it's for the same reason she does anything; Jen is not a nice person. She insists that her son get out now. This isn't the time or place to try to figure things out. Al agrees to leave, but says that he will find out what's going on. Gabrielle is relieved to see him go.

Keri demands to know what her mother and fiancÚ were shouting about. Liz says that they weren't shouting; they were having a discussion. Contradicting her, Antonio admits that they were indeed fighting. Liz's mouth gapes open. Liz claims that they were arguing about her decision to keep the truth from R.J. and Keri for all those years. Antonio is angry about this lie. Keri asks him why he would throw that back in her mother's face. Liz's mouth gapes as she awaits his reply. Antonio says that he doesn't like the idea of Keri being hurt. Keri thinks that they should get back to their guests. She doesn't understand what's happening, or why it's happening at her engagement party. She loves them both so much. She just wants them to like each other and be close. Liz apologizes, and Keri asks them to try to get along, for her sake.

Rae interrupts a friendly conversation between Bo and Hank. When Bo offers to call her "Mom," Rae declines. Hank isn't happy to see Rae, but she tells him that she was invited. They exchange some pointed insults, then Rae excuses herself. Bo wants to know what Hank's problem is with his latest stepmother. Hank informs him that they aren't getting along. Rae threw two bottles of red wine on him while they were locked in Asa's cellar. A third bottle almost knocked Asa into a new time zone. Bo laughs but stops himself. Hank thinks that the whole incident could have turned into a felony. Bo calls it "Dial M for Merlot." It sounds like a lovers' spat to him. Hank informs him that it was nothing of the kind. Rae is married, and he can't stand her anyway. Bo thinks that Rae is growing on Hank. She's e coli and Hank is room-temperature beef. Hank has had enough. He storms out.

Gabrielle scolds a chuckling Bo, who points out that he's usually the one with a messed-up love life. For once, things are going right. It's all smooth sailing from here. Gabrielle nervously agrees. Their kiss is observed by a very puzzled Nora. Amused, Nora says that she's obviously not keeping up with the social pages. She congratulates Gabrielle on finding such a good man. Gabrielle excuses herself, and Bo and Nora talk. Bo says that they're good for each other. This is the happiest he's been in a long time. Nora hopes it works out.

After leaving Bo, Hank runs into Rae. He informs her that she'll be getting a bill for a new suit, because the other one is ruined. She tells him to buy two; she's married to a rich man.

Alone, Keri asks Antonio whether he and Liz were telling the truth about why they were arguing. She thinks he just was just protecting her from the truth, which is his unhappiness about the embryo transplant. Antonio insists that he's fine with that. Keri assures him that she would want him to tell her, no matter what. She wouldn't want him to keep anything from her.

Nora tells Keri that she and Troy have made it through the worst of what Lindsay could throw at them. Now nothing can come between them.

Liz thanks Antonio for keeping quiet, but he insists that he won't start out his marriage with a lie. However, he's not going to ruin this party for Keri. He's going to tell her the truth as soon as he has a chance, because they don't keep secrets from each other.

Before Sam can take Blair on their date, Suzanne brings a crying Jack to his mother. Blair tries singing to the baby, but it doesn't work. Sam manages to calm him down, and Suzanne takes him back to the nursery. They are now ready for their date. It's a perfect day. The leaves are beautiful, which is why Sam plans to take a drive to the Delaware Valley. Maybe they'll buy a pumpkin for Starr to carve. They'll have some fresh cider. He rented a convertible for the occasion, because he has the urge to see the wind blowing in Blair's hair. They'll stop at a country inn to eat. Touched, Blair says that she could get used to this. They kiss, then realize that Starr has stepped into the room. Thinking that her daughter is upset by this, Blair wants to explain. Starr informs her that there's no need for that. She's not upset; she likes Sam, and she doesn't care if they kiss. Anyway, she was expecting this. She had a talk with Spike, her iguana, about it. Starr knew that Blair had a new boyfriend. If it's not Todd, it should be Sam. She just wants her mom to be happy. Starr's easy acceptance surprises her mother. Suzanne returns with Jack, who's crying again. Sam gets an idea about how to keep Jack happy. Soon, Sam, Blair, and Starr are watching television and eating popcorn. Jack sits happily on his mother's lap, a bottle in his mouth.

In the Guam hospital, Todd looks at the photo and claims not to know any of the people in it. Dr. Melendez insists that he concentrate. This is the one clue to his identity. Doesn't he remember stitching the pieces together? Todd looks at the photo again, and reiterates that he has no idea who they are. The doctor presses the issue, insisting that Todd look at each face carefully. Todd says that the woman isn't his type, the little girl looks a little cranky, and all babies look alike to him. He doesn't know who they are. The doctor thinks they could be his wife and kids, but Todd insists that it's not possible. The doctor leaves the room, leaving Todd marveling at how dumb these people are to have been so easily fooled. "I'm Todd. Todd Manning. And I'm back."

Now that the coast is clear, Todd makes a call. He's going to Llanview, and he wants an e-ticket waiting for him in every airport in Guam, since he doesn't know exactly where he is. Hearing someone coming, Todd jumps back into bed. He tells the doctor that he's starting to get really scared. The doctor says not to push; his memory will return eventually, and he'll be able to get back to his life. The doctor's beeper goes off, and he promises to come back. He wants Todd to stay positive. Todd gives him a thumbs up. Alone again, Todd goes through the wallet he lifted from the doctor. He's going to use the doctor's money to get the airport. He gets out of bed and prepares to leave the hospital. After changing into scrubs, hanging a stethoscope around his neck, and placing a mask over his mouth, he heads out, picking up his chart along the way.