OLTL Update Tuesday 10/08/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/8/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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As Lindsay describes the abstract painting, Troy stares daggers at her. Out of stress and rage, Troy squeezes his champagne glass until it shatters. Nora wants to go with him while he treats his hand, but he insists that she stay right where she is. Emily tells Nora that she'll check on her brother, but she wants Nora to get rid of Lindsay. Larry offers to do something about the troublemaker, but Nora wants to handle this herself. She informs Claire that the party is now over. Claire doesn't like it, but she breaks up the party anyway. Sam sidles up to Lindsay to asks what she's up to. Lindsay asks why he always thinks the worst of her, and Sam replies that it's because of experience. With a warning to her, he leaves. Nora then confronts Lindsay. It's obvious to her that "Joanna" is really Lindsay. It's just like Lindsay to take something nice, like Troy's big day, and make it all about her. Lindsay is amused by this theory. She'd be happy to tell Nora who Joanna really is.

While Troy dresses his wound, he asks Emily how Lindsay could possibly know about his dead wife. He's absolutely furious. Emily swears that she never told anyone; it must be a coincidence. Troy insists that Lindsay must have found out from someone. He's afraid that she's talking to Nora in his absence. He finishes up, then goes to find Nora. He intervenes just as Lindsay is about to tell her about Joanna. Lindsay insists that she isn't Joanna. Troy believes her, doesn't he?

Cristian tries to stop Jen, but she persists. She wants Natalie to be her maid of honor. Natalie refuses. Acting hurt, Jen asks why Natalie won't do that for her. Jen's needling and crocodile tears wear Natalie down, and she agrees to the request. Before leaving, Jen states that Llanfair would be the perfect place for her bridal shower. Cristian offers to fix this somehow, but Natalie doesn't want his help. She appreciates everything he's done for her, but it's time for him to start taking care of Jen and their baby. As for Natalie, she has to start taking care of herself. She leaves the bar in tears.

R.J. approaches Keri. He knows that he has to stop upsetting her. It isn't that he disapproves of her. He's wary of Liz. Who knows what she's capable of doing? Keri defends her mother. Carlotta joins them, and when R.J. asks her opinion, she admits that she doesn't understand how any mother could allow her daughter to do this for her. Keri continues to defend Liz. Nothing anyone can say will make her turn against her mother. Before she gets any more upset, she goes to calm down.

Antonio demands to know whether he's the father of the baby that Keri is carrying. Liz insists that he isn't, but he remains unconvinced. The timing is too suspicious. If he isn't the father, who is? Liz swears that she was already pregnant by the time they had sex. Antonio doesn't believe her. He hates to think what this will do to Keri. Liz expects him to keep quiet about it for the rest of his life. Antonio argues, but Liz claims that they'll both lose Keri if she ever learns the truth. Carlotta joins them in time to hear Liz threaten Antonio. Liz claims that she's just being protective, but Carlotta defends her son. In Spanish, she tells Antonio that she doesn't like that woman. Antonio replies that he wants to talk to Liz alone. Carlotta complies. Liz reiterates that Keri will never forgive them if she finds out.

Bo and Gabrielle congratulate Keri, who sings Antonio's praises. She's engaged to such a wonderful man. When he was so upset about shooting Ben, he still stopped to help a stranger with car trouble. After she leaves, Gabrielle asks Bo about the look on his face. Keri obviously said something to worry him. Jen interrupts, which gives Bo the chance to avoid answering Gabrielle's question. Jen announces that she and Cristian are getting married. If Gabrielle doesn't want Al to go to prison for the next twenty years, she'll find a way to keep him far away from Jen until after the wedding. Gabrielle doesn't care for her threats, but Jen reminds her that she'll lose both Al and Bo if she doesn't help.

Jen joins Cristian at a table in the bar. Cristian wants to talk about Natalie's involvement in their wedding, but Jen won't talk about that now. She wants to go ahead and set the date.

Keri and R.J. make up. When Keri goes to find Antonio, she finds him and her mother shouting at each other.

Blair asks for Starr's approval to start dating again. When she swore off men, she meant it. Now something's changed, and she wants to take it back. Starr asks whether Todd is back. Blair explains that he's not coming back. Starr wants to know who her mom's new boyfriend is. When the doorbell rings, she runs to answer it. She's disappointed to see Sam; she was expecting her mom's new boyfriend. Alone with Blair, Sam informs her that he came back to take her on a date. Blair can't go now, since Heddy is sick and Suzanne has the day off. Sam opens the door to reveal Suzanne's presence. She agreed to work today after all.

In Guam, Todd awakens in the hospital and looks around. The doctor is called in. Local fishermen found Todd washed up on a beach, along with some pieces of a makeshift raft. He's been in the hospital for three days. There's nothing wrong with him now, but when he was brought in, he was malnourished and severely dehydrated. The doctor wants to let Todd's family know where he is. He asks Todd what his name is. Unfortunately, Todd has no idea who he is. Todd starts to get upset. The doctor advises him to rest for now. What's the last thing he remembers? Todd remembers floating in the water. There were no boats anywhere. There wasn't any land in sight. The doctor has something that might help. He leaves the room, then returns with Todd's photo of Blair and the kids. It was the only thing that was found on Todd. Even though he was unconscious, he was clutching it so tightly that they had to pry his fingers open.