OLTL Update Monday 10/07/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/7/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Intent on making this one of the worst days of Troy's life, Lindsay thinks about her plan. When she's done, Nora will know all about Troy's poor, dead wife. Jen stops by the gallery, demanding to know whether her mother plans to keep her mouth shut about the baby's paternity. Lindsay tries to tell her that she can't change the facts. Al is the baby's father, and he's a wonderful boy. Cristian, on the other hand, has no class. Jen disagrees with her mother's assessment of Al. She informs her that Al was the arsonist who almost got her killed. Lindsay is stunned by this news, but she believes that he must have had a reason for setting the fire. Jen insists that arson isn't his only offense. He's been stalking her, and he has lied to her repeatedly. As bad as he is, Jen feels that Cristian is even worse. Lindsay is saddened by what has happened to her daughter, but she's glad that they now agree about Cristian. Lindsay admits that although she herself would never let anyone get away with betraying her, she doesn't want that kind of life for her daughter. She begs her not to follow through with her plan. When Jen presses the issue of whether Lindsay is with her or against her, Lindsay agrees to keep quiet about what she knows.

Bo thinks that he and Gabrielle are going to be late for the engagement party. He tries to rush Gabrielle. Showing him the gift she bought for Keri and Antonio, Gabrielle asks Bo what he got them. Bo panics. He suggests that they actually share the gift that she bought. Gabrielle doesn't like that idea. Bo accuses her of being embarrassed to be with him. He's hurt. There's only thing that will make this right. She has to share the gift. Gabrielle agrees, then tells him that she's already signed the card. When Bo takes it out of its envelope to add his name, he discovers that it's already there. Gabrielle had signed the card from both of them. Laughing, Bo asks Gabrielle what they bought for Keri and Antonio. Before they can get out the door, they are sidetracked by the desire to make love. This makes them late for the party. They're still getting dressed as they go out the door. In their rush, they forget the gift. Bo runs back inside for the forgotten package.

Many of Llanview's citizens are at the Palace to celebrate Keri and Antonio's engagement. When Nora calls Troy from the party, she learns that he was awarded a prestigious grant for the clinic. In honor of the award, a last-minute party was organized at the hospital. Therefore, he won't be able to join Nora after all. Nora doesn't mind. She's leaving. She's going to attend Troy's party, now that she knows about it.

Hank tells Renee about being locked in the wine cellar with Rae. He thinks that Asa was looking for grounds for divorce. Renee has another idea. Maybe Asa was hoping that Rae would leave him. Hank doesn't understand why they got married at all, since Asa despises Rae. Renee points out that Asa doesn't always marry for love.

Liz comes face to face with Antonio as she tries to leave the party. Pleased to finally be able to introduce them, Keri doesn't notice the sick look on Antonio's face. Liz pretends that this is their first meeting. In denial, Antonio keeps saying that this can't be. Liz covers for him, saying that he must be surprised to see that she's white. Antonio admits that she isn't quite what he expected. Liz agrees to stay for the party, then tells Keri of her wish to speak privately with Antonio. She claims that she wants to thank him for his support for this "incredible thing" that Keri is doing for her.

Hearing Liz's words, R.J. asks Keri what she's talking about, but Keri doesn't think that this is the right time or place to get into that. When he persists, she fills him in on the situation. R.J. is outraged. He lectures Keri about how this will affect her life. Keri doesn't care. She was happy to do this for her mother. She insists that any woman who loves her mother would do the same thing.

Liz takes Antonio outside to talk. Antonio accuses her of playing mind games with him. This can't be happening. Liz points out that when they slept together, neither of them knew who the other was. Antonio insists that this can't be a coincidence. She had to have known. Otherwise, she couldn't have been so calm just now in front of Keri. Liz explains that she saw him in Keri's office yesterday. She didn't know what to do, so she ran away. Antonio wants to know whether he's the father of the baby that Keri is carrying.

Cristian is in no mood to party. He goes to the Palace Hotel bar to be alone. Instead, he finds Natalie there. When he sadly confirms that he proposed to Jen, Natalie returns his St. Cristopher medal. He gives it back to her, and an argument ensues. Cristian insists that he has never felt so alive before. He had no idea that it was possible to love someone this much. Natalie tells him to go to the party, but he doesn't want to leave her. She throws the medal on the floor. From nearby, Jen witnesses this display of frustration. She picks up the medal and asks what's going on. Cristian lies about the medal. Jen asks Natalie not to tell Al about the baby, and Natalie agrees not to say anything. Cristian tries to drag his fiancee away, but she stalls. Jen asks Natalie to be her maid of honor.

Emily is proud of her brother. She thinks the clinic is good for him. Troy points out that nothing can make up for what he did in Africa. Emily thinks that's unfair. Troy admits that he was tempted to tell Nora all about it, but then he realized that it wasn't a good idea. Emily thinks that he did the right thing by keeping quiet. Sam passes by and hears the news. He congratulates Troy on the award. He also thanks the doctor for his kindness to Blair, Starr, Matthew, and Nora. Sam and Troy will never be friends, but Troy is a better man than Sam ever gave him credit for. He walks away, and Nora joins Troy. They're both stunned at Sam's words of appreciation. When Sam passes by again, Troy asks him to stay for the party. Lindsay, who has just arrived, echoes the request. She wants them all to hear what she has to say.

Claire and Larry give their speeches, and Larry makes a toast to Troy. Lindsay announces her intention to make a contribution of her own. She would like to contribute a painting to hang on a wall in the clinic. Unveiling the abstract painting, she tries to describe it. It's always reminded her of a beautiful, headstrong woman who is desperately gasping for air. No matter how much the woman fights, she is doomed. She is hurt and betrayed--destroyed by the very man who claimed to love her. Lindsay has named the painting "Joanna."