OLTL Update Friday 10/4/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/4/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Blair tells Sam that they are never going to happen. She swears she’s no longer at all attracted to him as anything other than a best friend, but he refuses to let it go. She claims there’s simply no chemistry between them, but he’s not buying it. She reiterates that she doesn’t want anybody getting hurt, and she doesn’t want to risk their friendship. He says he’ll leave it alone if she can look him in the eye and tell him that she feels nothing for him. She tries but cannot do it. Sam kisses her passionately, then leaves, promising to be back soon. Meanwhile, in some unknown hospital, a man has been brought in who washed up onto the shore, and that man is Todd.


Rex, knowing that Seth and Natalie are lying in bed together, though innocently, convinces Jessica to go in and ask Natalie if she needs a ride to school. Seth wakes up, and then awakens Natalie. She helps him get dressed in a hurry, so he can go find Jessica. That is when Jessica walks in and becomes furious. Rex and Seth defend Natalie when Jessica verbally attacks her. Natalie loses it and screams at them all. Jessica accuses Natalie of making up Cristian having feelings for her, so she gives Jessica what she wants and confirms it. Jessica admits to Seth that she doesn’t trust him, and they break up. He catches Rex on the way out and threatens that he has even more of a reason to look into Rex’s life, to make him pay.

Antonio tells Keri that Liz never answered the door when he came knocking. They go up to her room, and housekeeping tells them that she’s already checked out. She’s downstairs trying to, but a faulty cash register and then Nora, hold her up. Nora and Liz catch up. They discuss their lives, truth vs. lie, and finally Antonio. Nora sees Liz is suspicious of Antonio. Nora gives him a glowing recommendation, adding that she fixed them up and wouldn’t have done so if she didn’t know for a fact that Antonio is an amazing man. Antonio calls Renee ands asks if Liz has checked out. When Renee replies that Liz is within her eyesight at the moment, Antonio asks that she tell Liz to wait for them. When she does so, Liz again tries to disappear. Kerri stops her and asks her why she would want to leave before meeting Antonio. Liz then meets Carlotta, who informs her that Antonio is currently occupied, but not for long.


Carlotta is proud of Cristian for the decision he’s made. He insists that he is truly in love with Natalie, but that he needs to do the right thing. She tells him that he’ll fall for Jen again in time, and adds that his father would also be proud of him. Carlotta stops Antonio on his way to meeting Keri’s mother, and asks her to talk to Cristian first. He’s anxious to meet Liz, but Carlotta convinces him that family comes first. Cristian tells Antonio that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he made any other decision. When Antonio goes back to meet Liz, she’s still planning an escape. She turns around and walks right into him. Cristian walks further into the bar, and notices Natalie sitting there, looking upset.

Lindsay awaits Troy, posing as a patient, to let him know that she’s re-interested in getting revenge. She keeps asking him why he left Africa and he finally states that he came to Llanview for Colin’s will reading and stayed because of Nora. When Lindsay finally agrees to leave, they are met outside the room by Claire and Emily. They are there because they are planning a party for Troy since he just won a prestigious grant for the clinic. He wonders if Lindsay knows about Joanna, but chooses not to think about it.