OLTL Update Thursday 10/3/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

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Asa soon joins Nigel in his eavesdropping on Hank and Rae. First they hear moaning, which is Hank grunting while trying to open the door. Rae suggests that being stuck for hours may not be such a bad thing. She offers some wine, relaxation, and conversation and he’s more than happy to take her up on the offer. He admits that he’s disappointed about the marriage, that he held back his feelings because John Sikes was a good friend of his, and that if he hadn’t then they may be together now. They come toward each other about to kiss, and Hank pulls back because of Rae’s marriage. They argue over who tried to kiss who and when Hank accuses her of not being willing to take responsibility for her actions, she starts throwing wine bottles at him. Asa finally opens the door, in an effort to save his precious, expensive wine bottles. Rae tells Hank she never wants to see him again and he expresses that the feeling is mutual.

Sam brings papers over for Blair to sign, pertaining to The Sun, and when she realizes that he’s upset, he confides in her his feelings about Jen’s pregnancy. Blair defends Sam with enthusiasm when he states that he’s a lousy father and that Jen wouldn’t be in this predicament if he had been there for her full-time. Blair asks Sam to leave because it's late and she’s tired, but he suspects that the real reason is that she feels the attraction as much as he does and is running away from it. At first she tells him he’s wrong. Then she suggests that this may all be because they’re both on the rebound, and she doesn’t want to risk their friendship. After he squashes the theory by noting that their friendship is strong enough to make it over any hurdle, and that the last time they made an attempt at a relationship they remained friends afterward, she admits the real reason. She believes that he is too good for her and that she can’t be with a man as good as he is. His new goal in life, as he states before he leaves, is to prove her wrong.

R.J. is upset about Liz and Max lends him an ear through his continuous teasing. R.J. doesn’t know if he can forgive Liz for not telling him about Kerri, but Max asks him if he’d be back with Liz if he could find a way to forgive her. R.J. says no, but doesn’t appear to mean it at all.

Carlotta does not think highly of Liz when Antonio tells her about Kerri’s pregnancy, but Antonio defends her, claiming that if Kerri loves her, she must be wonderful. But when he adds that he hasn’t yet met Mrs. Reynolds, Carlotta becomes even more upset and judgmental toward Liz. Finally Antonio agrees to go to Liz right away and introduce himself.

Lindsay interrupts Troy and Nora’s celebration because she has ‘big news’ that will shock everyone, especially Nora. Nora asks her about Miami and Lindsay states that she’s staying in Llanview because of the big news. After taunting and hesitating, Lindsay says that the big news is that Jen is pregnant and that Nora should be shocked because Jen is unwed and Nora holds such high standards for people. Nora replies that she just wants Jen to be happy and Lindsay implies that it was the closeness of their relationship in Lindsay’s absence that led Jen to her current situation. When Nora takes a call on her cell phone, Lindsay takes the moment to tell Troy she has a piece of art from Zambia she’s like to give him as a peace offering. She continues her implications that she knows something she shouldn’t, and he swears he’s moved on from all that is related to Africa. As Nora returns to Troy, Lindsay looks on, and continues to plot her revenge.

Liz swears that she still wants the baby, and that she simply does not want to burden Kerri. Kerri offers Antonio as a father figure to the baby, and Liz drops a glass at the shocking thought. Liz says she doesn’t want to lose Kerri again but Kerri assures her that it won’t happen. As Antonio leaves his mother to seek out Kerri’s, Kerri does the same. Carlotta admits that she’s not thrilled about Kerri being her mother’s surrogate, and then informs that Antonio is on his way at that very moment to go introduce him to Mrs. Reynolds.