OLTL Update Wednesday 10/2/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/2/02

By B. and S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

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Natalie is all dressed up and ready for some action. Seth doesn't think this is a good idea and tries to stop her.  She doesn't know why he would care. He grabs her arm, causing her purse to fall and spilling its contents. Picking up the St. Cristopher medal, Seth recognizes it as Cristian's. Natalie grabs for it because Cristian gave it to her, and  it's the only thing she has left from him. Seth returns it to her, asking what this is about. Natalie admits she told him to marry Jen. Cristian didn't want to, but Natalie made him do it. It was the right thing to do. Seth is confused.  He asks what her connection to Cristian is. Is she in love with him? Seth is stunned to learn the truth. Natalie says it doesn't matter anymore. It was over before it began. She puts her purse back together as Seth tries to comfort her. He won't let her go out tonight. Seth leads her up to her room.  He is unaware that Rex has just come in and sees them going upstairs together. Seth puts her to bed.  He promises to check on her in the morning but Natalie doesn't want him to leave. When Rex looks in on them, he finds them both asleep.

After checking on Troy's schedule for the evening, Lindsay meets with Sam to discuss their daughter. She informs him of Jen's pregnancy as well as Cristian's reluctant agreement to marry her. Lindsay doesn't even know who Jen is anymore. In tears, she starts to tell him what Jen has done, but then remembers Jen's threat to cut her out of her life. Lindsay then claims this is all a mistake. Even though Cristian doesn't want to marry Jen, Al would have done the right thing immediately. Jen has gone through so many changes in the past few months. This wouldn't be happening now if Lindsay had been around to help her through everything. Unfortunately, she wasn't available. She was railroaded into prison by Nora. Sam stops her to insist Lindsay concentrate on the future for once. What about Miami? She says she found something better to do with her life. Rushing out, Lindsay says she's going to do that right now.

When Al mentions making love, Jen shushes him and says Cristian is home. Cristian immediately appears to confront them. Jen's eyes fill with tears. She pretends he's talking about what happened at the quarry last November.  Although Al plays along, Cristian is suspicious. To add insult to injury, Jen informs Al they're getting married. This shocks Al, who wants confirmation from Cristian. Getting that, he mentions how sudden this is. Jen says it's none of his business, as Cristian tries to tell him about the pregnancy. Jen stops him from spilling the beans, simply saying they're marrying for love. Al wants to know what Cristian was trying to say, but Jen insists on taking him outside so they can speak privately. Al congratulates her.  Jen tells him she never wants him to come near her again, for any reason. There's absolutely nothing connecting the two of them. Shell-shocked, Al leaves without seeing Jen rub her abdomen before going back inside. His arms still crossed, Cristian says it was weird how she cut him off before he could tell Al about the pregnancy. The phone saves her from his suspicious looks. It's Sam, who admits he got the news from her mother. Jen asks him not to tell anyone else. It's a secret for now. Since Sam wants to talk to her, she agrees to call him tomorrow to try to set something up. Cristian wants to know why she told her mother but won't tell anyone else, especially Al. Jen claims it would only make things worse with Al.

Troy patches up Suzanne at the free clinic as Starr looks on. Suzanne was injured playing ball with her. Nora's in the waiting room. Troy is approached by a lawyer, Ned Sanders and his client. They're going to put the clinic out of business. Starr, Nora and all the other people in the waiting room are listening. The injured Mr. Jenkins is suing for the improper treatment he received from Ben. They have an injunction to close down the clinic. Troy asks whether they realize they're suing a comatose man. At this, Sanders offers to settle out of court, handing Troy a slip of paper with a "fair settlement" offer. Troy points out the amount is the clinic's operating budget for an entire year. They give their patients nothing but state-of-the-art, highly personalized care. Unable to keep quiet anymore, Starr tells the men that Dr. Troy is the best doctor in the world. When the lawyer tells him to shut up that obnoxious little girl, it is a big mistake. Starr informs the lawyer that she doesn't like him and he might have a problem. She then takes her baseball bat to his briefcase as he backs away from her. Amused, Troy stops her. He appreciates her looking out for him, but he can handle this. The clinic will be fine. He hands the bat to Suzanne, who takes Starr home.

Nora, who had slipped out during Starr's rampage, returns. The other attorney recognizes her and is startled to see her, but doesn't back down. Nora takes a look at the injunction. She announces it's merely a preliminary one. Nora can have it dismissed simply by calling a judge. Sanders insists his client can't move his arm. Looking over the claim, Nora notices the date of the alleged improper care. Although Jenkins claims Ben was his attending physician, Ben was actually unconscious in intensive care. Troy beams. Sanders insists it doesn't matter.  The fact that Ben can't testify will hurt the clinic's case. Sanders advises them to settle. Nora agrees this puts the clinic in a bind.  While Troy protests, she takes him aside to confer with him. Nora quietly asks whether anyone is standing between her and Mr. Jenkins. She wants Troy to watch this in case she needs a witness.  This is the oldest trick in the book. Calling "heads up", Nora tosses her briefcase to the "injured" man.  He catches it with both arms. The man tries to cover, but his lawyer is very angry. Nora informs them Troy can press charges for conspiracy to defraud. That carries a minimum sentence of ten years. Actually, no, that's wrong. The legislature just changed it to twenty. Jenkins yells at his lawyer for talking him into this as they leave the clinic. Troy and Nora are happy.  They make a pretty good team. They go off in private to share a kiss.

Bo escorts Gabrielle to the Palace Restaurant.  A stunned Renee shows them to their table. Bo doesn't want his usual table.  He wants to be front and center. This is their first night out as an official couple. Renee gives them a cool but civil reception. As soon as Gabrielle mentions how happy she is, they hear Asa's voice bellowing from nearby. "Now hear this. My son is a horse's ass”.  He uses his hands as a bullhorn to mock Bo's earlier announcement at Angel Square.  Then he continues belittling both Bo and Gabrielle as Renee tries unsuccessfully to stop him. Bo insists he's happy to be with Gabrielle.  Bo is certainly not taking relationship advice from a man who just began his twelfth marriage. Besides that, Asa's current wife is a total fraud. Why did he marry her? Renee echoes the question. Bo just wants a nice, quiet, enjoyable dinner with a woman he cares very much for. Enough is enough. Asa argues that he's just getting started. Throughout the embarrassing scene, Nigel looks on mortified. Renee finally manages to stop Asa.  She takes him to a table, remarking on poor Nigel having to dine with him. Asa says they had to clear out of the mansion while a pest control problem was being taken care of. When Renee asks whether he's referring to his charming, blackmailing wife, Asa pretends not to know what she's talking about. Nigel admits he spoke out of turn.  Asa tells him to be quiet from now on. Nigel's worried Hank and Rae might run out of oxygen.  If they die in the wine cellar,  Asa will go all out for fireworks and a marching band.

Later, Asa calls Renee's attention to the fact that while Bo and Gabrielle are having dessert, Asa hasn't even been given a menu yet. Renee tells him to think about how long it will be before his food arrives if he orders now. She clearly doesn't want to serve him. With an apology to Nigel for the unusual slowness of her staff, she makes her exit. Asa decides it may be all right after all. He wants to go home and see what the lovers are up to in the wine cellar.

Bo mentions running into Al at the Llanfair. He thinks Natalie was putting the moves on him. Gabrielle doesn't like that idea, but Bo insists his niece is sweet, although she does have her problems. They agree it would do Al good to date someone and forget about Jen. They're both happy with their date and looking forward to many more. Gabrielle's amazed at the way he handled Asa.  Bo says he handles his father's prying better than he used to. Ready to go home, Bo escorts his date out.

After what happened at the loft, Al goes to the docks to think and cry. He's soon joined by his mother.  Gabrielle and Bo came for a walk. She thinks her son looks miserable. Al doesn't understand anything. She mentions hearing about his earlier encounter with Natalie, and warns him about being on the rebound. Al insists he's not. He had almost everything he wanted. How could it just disappear?

Troy and Nora arrive at the Palace for dinner. They want to celebrate their victory at the clinic and their fantastic partnership. From a nearby table, Lindsay watches them toast each other and the future.  She then approaches their table to taunt them.