OLTL Update Tuesday 10/1/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/1/02

By B. and S.
Pictures by Juanita
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When Jen refuses to tell Cristian the truth about the baby's paternity, Lindsay threatens to do it. She thinks he has a right to know. Cristian, who hasn't heard enough of their argument to know exactly what it's about, would rather hear it from Jen. However, Jen still won't do it. She thinks she's in the same situation as her mother was with Will. Lindsay points one very important exception. Jen tells Cristian her mother doesn't think she can go to school and take care of the baby, but she knows what she's doing. Lindsay thinks Cristian has a right to know why he can't raise this child, but he says he can and will. He wants to marry Jen. She accepts his proposal, then sends him to the store for milk.

When the coast is clear, she gives her mother an ultimatum. If Lindsay ruins this for her, Jen will never speak to her again. She throws her mother's life back in her face.  Lindsay of all people should understand. Jen wants her promise not to tell. Lindsay doesn't think she'll have to, because the truth will come out.  Once Al finds out Jen’s pregnant, he’ll know he is the baby's father. Jen's not worried; Al won't be a problem. Cristian returns with the milk.  Lindsay says all she ever wanted was for Jen to be happy. A baby has a way of making people see things more clearly.  Lindsey hopes this baby will do that for them both. With tears in her eyes, Jen thanks her mother, who exits. Just outside, Lindsay places an urgent call to Sam.

Jessica is furious with Seth.  He lied to her about the true destination and purpose of his sudden, out of town trip. She wants his admission that he intends to dig up dirt on her brother. Unashamed, he admits it. Seth never lied to her about it, but just went along with her assumptions. Seth is convinced he'll discover something big about Rex in Michigan . Even Roxy tried to keep him from going. Jessica's unimpressed. Rex intervenes and Seth tells him to stay out of it.  Jessica states he deserves to know what Seth's planning. Rex seems unconcerned, giving the other two time to talk privately. Jessica informs her boyfriend if he goes to Michigan to spy on her brother, there's no reason to look for her when he returns. With that, she walks away. Later, Jessica apologizes to Rex for Seth's behavior.  Rex doesn't care…. maybe Seth isn't the guy for her after all.

As Asa waits for Hank's visit, Nigel advises Rae to make a donation to the annual community center benefit auction.  It's customary for the current Mrs. Buchanan to contribute something, plus it may restore her reputation in the community. Rae has no problem spending Asa's money to enhance her own image, so Nigel promises to return with some suggestions. Hank arrives, wondering what was so important. Asa wants to discuss his re-election campaign, even though it's a year and a half away. Nigel tells Asa he has an important call, so Asa asks Hank to wait in the living room. There, Hank finds Rae. It's awkward between them.  Rae apologizes for the way he found out about her marriage. Hank doesn't think there was a good way to find out.  Rae admits she's actually glad he wasn't around at the time. She knows Hank wouldn't have approved, and Rae might not have had the guts to go through with it. She doesn't expect his blessing but hopes for his friendship. Asa and Nigel eavesdrop on the conversation, preparing to help them along.

Hank admits liking Rae. However, wherever their friendship was going, is now a moot point. Rae thinks they still have a chance, and wants to know what's stopping them. Asa joins them, taking Hank aside to talk business.  Asa then takes Hank to the wine cellar to pick out something, but this raises Hank's suspicions. Asa has to stop him from leaving the wine cellar by asking him to take a bottle of brandy to Bo. Asa’s not happy to learn of Bo's date with Gabrielle later on, but tells Hank to pick out a bottle from the lower shelves. He'll be back. True to his word, Nigel has an idea for Rae’s donation. He suggests a vintage bottle of wine from Asa's private stock. Some of them are incredibly rare and quite valuable. Nigel escorts her to the wine cellar, where Hank is perusing the selections. Insistent on getting a flashlight, Nigel leaves them inside and slides the lock into place. Hank discovers they're locked in.  Rae shouts for Nigel to get them out.  He informs her he doesn't have the proper key but will get it but it may take a while. Rae asks Hank what they should do in the meantime.

Al is not amused by Natalie's kiss. She claims she had to do it, to convince him she's not in love with Cristian. When she tries for round two, he rejects her advances. Natalie points out they're both free. She doesn't believe his claim that he doesn't want to see Jen's heart broken. In fact, that's exactly what he wants, so he can swoop in and pick up the pieces. Bo interrupts their argument, prompting Al's departure. Bo explains his promise to Viki to stop by every now and then, but next time he'll call first. He asks Natalie whether she's okay. Natalie cries on his shoulder, apologizes and wishes that Viki was there. Bo offers to try to help. It's obvious this is about guy trouble, but he has reason to believe Al's hung up on someone else. Natalie says she feels sorry for Al. Bo admits it's no easier for men than women, and sometimes it can't be fixed. Since Natalie doesn't think there's a chance the situation will change, then her acceptance is the first step. Step two is to just let it go. Otherwise, she could end up like Al…. missing her chance at the next relationship (which could be the love of her life). Natalie has a question. What if this one's the love of her life and she can't get over it? Bo's confident she'll eventually get through this. She thanks him and asks for some time alone. Before leaving, Bo advises his niece to stay busy, to get involved in something new and exciting. If she'll just wait it out, the hurt will go away. Natalie tells herself she's not the waiting kind. Soon, Seth arrives at Llanfair to look for Jessica, who's not home. Natalie descends the stairs, all dressed up and looking beautiful.   

Al goes home to find a very tense Max waiting for him. Al regrets telling his dad about sleeping with Jen, but Max understands. Everyone makes mistakes. Al doesn't see any of the time spent with Jen as a mistake. In bed together, they were both so completely honest with each other. Max informs Al that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Max knows this because she told him when he confronted her. This angers Al, since he promised Jen he wouldn't tell anyone what happened between them. Max insists he had to do something; his son's being used by a very disturbed young lady, who doesn't love him. Al argues that although he doesn't know exactly what she feels for him, she does feel something. Max accuses Al of being obsessed with Jen.  Obsessions are very dangerous. Al insists he's not obsessed with Jen. He comforts her when she's in pain out of friendship and love. Max points out that when a relationship is only one way, it's an obsession. There's someone out there for him somewhere, but not Jen. Al blames Max for causing more problems.  Al rushes out the door to make things right.  At the loft, Jen answers the door to find Al, apologizing for Max’s actions. Al’s sorry he told anyone they made love. Jen shushes him, warning him that Cristian's home. However, Jen doesn't know Cristian overheard everything from around the corner.