OLTL Update Monday 9/30/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/30/02

By B. and S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Susi

Max confronts Jen about her treatment of Al, demanding to know what she's doing to his son. Jen tries to close the door, but he barges in. Max knows she slept with Al more than once. As he accuses her of leading Al on, Lindsay appears behind him, asking "What's going on?"  Max is perfectly willing to fill her in, but Jen ushers him outside to speak privately. She's furious with Al for telling Max what happened. When Max accuses her of taking advantage of Al, Jen insists he's the one who's coming after her, not the other way around. Max warns her to stay away from his son, and she wants him to tell Al to stay away from her.

Back inside the loft, Jen feeds her mother a line about a rent increase, but Lindsay knows she's lying. She knows Jen's sleeping with Al. Is it over with Cristian? No, it's just the beginning. Lindsay questions this and won't leave until she gets some answers. If Jen won't tell her, she'll find out from someone else. Not willing to let that happen, Jen admits she's pregnant with Al's baby but he has no clue. In fact, Cristian thinks it's his, and that's the way she wants it. Al hurt her by faking his paralysis, and Cristian has been cheating with Natalie. Lindsay's ready to go after Cristian until she learns that he hasn't really slept with Natalie. Jen thinks he might as well have. Now she has the perfect plan to pay them all back for what they did to her. Lindsay is in disbelief as Jen defends her plan. She's not breaking any laws (the way Lindsay did), but she is hurting people. Lindsay's attempt to comfort her is rejected. They ruined her life, so now she's going to ruin theirs. As Lindsay insists Jen can’t do this, Cristian comes in and asks what she can't do.

Rex approaches Jessica at the student union to inquire about Seth, who's been off the work schedule for a few days. She explains he's going to Pittsburgh for a family matter. Rex excuses himself. Seth joins her almost immediately, wanting to tell her about his trip. Seth tells Jessica that this trip is really important. He loves her and wants to keep her safe. Jessica thinks he's worried about leaving her alone, so she assures him she'll be fine with Natalie and Rex in the house. Jessica really wants him to stop being so suspicious of Rex. Hearing this, he chickens out and doesn't tell her what he's planning. Meanwhile, Rex calls Vince, the student driving to Michigan , and offers him a deal. Shortly thereafter, Rex meets with Vince to confirm the details, giving him some money.

After talking to Rex, Roxy turns the video back on. She tells that she's better off not dealing with lousy kids because they just cause headaches. Luna repeats this, almost word for word, really getting Roxy's attention. Luna tells Max what a good father he is, advising him to just love Al (who feels things more than most people). Roxy hears Max at the door, so she scrambles to cover her actions by pretending to watch "Wheel of Fortune." Sensing his mood, she offers to help with Al, using most of the same words Luna used. Suspicious, Max questions her regarding what she knows about his son. Roxy says she doesn't know anything except that he's a good kid and feels things. She again repeats Luna's words, causing Max to say this is the first intelligent thing he's ever heard Roxy say. She just might be right. When he goes upstairs, Roxy removes the videotape, thanking Luna for her help.

Roxy watches the video of Luna, who left the tape for Max in case he ever needs her help. Well, Roxy certainly needs it. Luna's advice is to listen to dreams. People sometimes see more clearly when their eyes are closed. That's when their souls are the most open and ready to receive the truth. As Luna goes on and on, Roxy falls asleep on the couch. The ringing phone awakens her, and she turns off the video to take the call. It's Rex, demanding more money. He's going to make sure that if Seth goes to Michigan , Jessica will be too mad to listen to what he has to say.

 Vince approaches Seth about a change in plans. They'll be leaving about an hour later than they planned, but they'll still get to Michigan at a decent hour. Jessica's very unhappy to learn Seth's true destination, especially knowing why he's going there. Vince meets up with Rex again and collects the rest of his money.

Natalie can't be with Cristian or see him anymore. He comes inside anyway because he has to tell her something. He still loves her, but has to take responsibility for Jen's pregnancy. Al's outside trying to listen, coming to a decision of his own. Cristian says this is the only decision he could come up with. Natalie notices something at the door, so she jerks it open. Al claims to be looking for Jessica, but won't go away when asked to leave. Natalie has to close the door in his face. Alone again, Cristian announces his intention to marry Jen. He wanted to tell Natalie first, before Jen. Natalie knew this would happen. She reached the same conclusion about their relationship. They both wish they could be together, but understand it's not possible. Natalie has no regrets, but Cristian does. He regrets that they never made love. They resist their desire to kiss. Cristian gives her his St. Cristopher medal, wishing he could give her so much more. As soon as he leaves, Al lets himself in through the terrace door. Although Natalie orders him to leave, he refuses to go until they get something straight. He knows what's going on; he saw the way they looked at each other, and he thinks Jen should be told. To try to convince him she's not in love with Cristian, Natalie kisses Al.

Asa returns from his trip and finds several people on their way out, counting money. Rae is settling the last of the lawsuits against her. Even Shawna and Mollie were willing to settle. She shows Asa the amount it's cost him so far, but he's not getting mad this time. He already got even. Asa orders Shawna and Mollie out, but they don't mind since they got what they wanted--and more. Nigel inquires about how successful his trip was. Asa says it was even better than he'd hoped. He visited some old friends and business associates he might have mentioned to Rae, when she was playing shrink. There's no one who can corroborate her allegations against him. When Rae accuses him of bribery, Asa hands her some annulment papers, which she refuses to sign. In fact, she thinks they're going to have a very long marriage. Rae knew Asa was up to something. That's why she got his complete itinerary before he left town. Rae had someone going ahead of him, so now she has a whole stack of sworn statements backing up her allegations. After his cronies gave her what she wanted, they took Asa’s money, swearing they'd never give out the information they'd already sold to Rae. In the event of her untimely death, all statements will be sent to the authorities in five countries. “Welcome home, darlin’,” Rae says, grinning.

She goes upstairs, with Asa vowing she won't get away with this. He needs another plan. Nigel thinks he may have the answer. He's positive about her feelings for Hank. Asa can't believe Hank actually likes her, but he always knew the man was a glutton for punishment. He phones Hank to arrange a very important meeting.

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