OLTL Update Friday 9/27/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/27/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Liz recognizes Antonio. R.J. arrives and offers to introduce her to her future son-in-law. But when he notifies the couple that Liz is there, she runs and hides before they see her. Kerri finds her in the bathroom and Liz says she feels sick. She just wants to leave immediately, and go to the hotel, until she realizes that Antonio is standing right outside the door. She asks Kerri to send Antonio to get aspirin and when she does, Liz suddenly feels better, but only enough to leave immediately and go to her hotel room. Kerri then shows up to tell her mother that she got tested and found out that she truly is pregnant. Liz reacts with less-than-expected enthusiasm and happiness.

The fortuneteller gets negative vibes. She says that someone incredibly good, who is wearing a crystal pendant and waving good-bye, is trying to come through. The fortuneteller gets upset with Roxy for "threatening the spirits" but continues. The spirit shows the fortuneteller a wooden trunk. Then the fortuneteller passes out. Roxy heads home and trips over a large wooden trunk in the middle of the floor. It still takes her a moment to notice it and when she does she opens it, looks inside and finds a videotape with Luna delivering a message to Max.

Carlotta urges Cristian to be with Jen and his baby instead of the horrible Natalie who was partly responsible for Al's deception. Cristian defends Natalie and tells his mother that its true love. Carlotta believes that Natalie is just using him. She informs him that Jen is so upset that she's thinking of choosing not to have the baby and that if Cristian is going to let that happen out of selfishness than he is no son of hers. Carlotta blames Natalie for everything and he informs her that he went after Natalie and that he was going to tell Jen about it right before she divulged the gigantic news. Cristian does not believe that Jen would do what his mother is hinting at. He asks his mother if she is disappointed in him and she refuses to answer but is willing to say that Cristian's father would have taken responsibility and put the baby first. He thinks that she's being unfair, but now knows what he has to do.

Jen claims that she was talking to her baby, no one else. She pretends to lean on Natalie, her "best friend" and repeatedly begs her to talk to Cristian for her and find out why he's changed so much and doesn't want to marry her. Jen pretends to wonder if it's her fault, because of how jealous she had been over Natalie. Natalie tells Jen that she can't talk to Cristian, and that Jen needs to do so herself, because she has the feeling she won't be seeing Cristian at all anymore. Natalie runs off and goes home, but is quickly surprised by a visit from Cristian. She tells Cristian to leave because she can't ever see him again.

Max's advice to his son is that Al will find true love if he allows himself to move on from Jen. He further comments that it cannot be the great love of his life if it's one-sided. Al insists that Jen does not love Cristian and informs his father of her statements before and after they made love, twice, recently. He vows that he will be there waiting just in case Jen ever changes her mind. After hearing everything about the changes in Al's relationship with Jen, he suddenly remembers something he forgot to do and runs out of the house. He appears at Jen's front door to ask her what she's doing to his son.

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