OLTL Update Thursday 9/26/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

R.J. is angry with Hank for helping Liz to choose to keep Kerri away from him and angry with Liz for choosing it. Hank won't allow the two to talk alone until Elizabeth asks for it. Once alone, she refuses to apologize but he responds by doing so himself. She accepts, but swears that he chose his life, and they begin to discuss the past and how in love she was with him. He says that he was too ashamed to tell her that he was in prison, and that he was trying to protect her. She discusses what a great father Steve was, and he deeply resents that he was never allowed that opportunity. He wonders if he had known, how different his life could have been and how much better life could have been for all of them. After she goes, Hank tells his little brother that it's obvious R.J. never got over Liz.

Kerri tells Antonio that she is the surrogate for her mother's child. Antonio appears to have reservations about it at first, but states that he understands one hundred percent. He says he knows that it worked because she's glowing, and admits that if he could change anything about the scenario it would be that she was pregnant with his child. Elizabeth enters the office, to see Kerri, but upon seeing her with lips pressed to Antonio's, she hides.

Al interrupts Jen's act with Carlotta. She accuses him of stalking, and when he swears he's there just to get coffee, she ensures that Carlotta gets him a coffee to go. Jen then continues to pretend that she's not pregnant then pretends to consider not having the child because Cristian doesn't want her too. Carlotta is certain that the baby is a miracle, and vows to convince her son of it. Jen goes to the quarry, talks aloud about her plans for revenge, then looks up and sees Natalie standing there, looking at her.

Sam gives Blair messages from Roxy, then moves on to tell her that he got no sleep the previous night because of how worried he was about Blair. He admits that he thinks she is the strongest woman he's ever met, but was still worried. He tries to get her to play hooky and go on a picnic, with or without the kids, but preferably without. Roxy faces Max dressed as a nun, guessing that Maggie Carpenter must have been the love of his life. When she can't get him to reveal who the love of his life really was, she goes directly to Blair. Just as Blair agrees to leave with Sam, Roxy shows up demanding to know who the mystery woman is. Blair discloses that it was a 'luna'tic named Luna Moody and that she is no longer alive. Sam, impatient, lifts up the reluctant Roxy above his head, carries her out, and puts her in a cab. He suggests that he has broken the rule of never get personal with a client but before he can elaborate, he is called away on duty.

Cristian tells Natalie that he is not going to marry Jen even though she is pregnant, and she begins to worry what that could do to his relationship with his child. He swears that Natalie is the only one he wants to be with, and that he can have both her and his child. She is upset that he was still sleeping with Jen after he fell in love with Natalie but he swears he wasn't and that she must've got pregnant beforehand. Carlotta calls and Cristian must leave. She tells him that she found out by accident, but knows that Jen is pregnant. She finds his thought process to be strange at the least, and he admits to his mother that he is in love with Natalie.

Max goes through Luna's chest of belongings when Al walks in and changes the topic. He admits to his father that he slept with Jen, twice, and recently. He comments that it perhaps did not mean to Jen what it did to Al. Upon being asked about Luna, he adds that one may never forget the person they love, but they still must learn to move on without them. Meanwhile, Roxy takes a cab to a fortuneteller, to try to conjure up Luna's spirit.

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