OLTL Update Wednesday 9/25/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/25/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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Jen demands to know whether Cristian's going to marry her or not. It's the right thing to do. Cristian doesn't want to rush into anything. He has something to tell her, but he doesn't know where to start. Not about to let him confess and ruin everything, Jen stops him by apologizing for jumping the gun. She was just really excited, but now she realizes how unfair she was being. Cristian still wants to talk, but she somehow convinces him to wait a few days. In the meantime, she has to fill her prescription for prenatal vitamins. Cristian's still trying to figure out how this happened, since he always uses protection, but Jen insists it's a miracle. She leaves, telling herself she's not letting him get away; she didn't get pregnant with Al's baby for nothing. Still on the terrace, Cristian sits down, shell-shocked.

Al taunts Natalie about crying over Cristian. She stops herself from telling him about Jen's pregnancy. Al tries to tell her she's just like him, only he's not as lonely as she thinks. He wants her to hear him out, because they're on the same side. He sits down to trade information, but Natalie won't play along; she doesn't want his help. She refuses to be run off by him, so he's the one who leaves.

Before Keri can get Antonio to her office to hear her big news, Carlotta waylays them. When she mentions the woman he helped, Antonio becomes nervous and chastizes her for bragging about him. Carlotta then talks about wanting to be a grandmother, which makes Keri uncomfortable. She reveals the reason she was looking for them. She wants to throw them an engagement party. Knowing how happy it will make her future mother-in-law, Keri graciously accepts her offer. Carlotta goes back to the diner, and they again try to find Liz, but this time Cristian stops them. He's looking for Natalie, but neither of them has seen her.

Keri takes off, leaving Antonio to talk to his brother. Cristian fills him in on what's been happening with Natalie and Jen. Antonio advises him to tell Jen the truth. He can be with Natalie and still be there for his baby. Cristian doesn't know how it will all work out. He wants to be with Natalie. He explains that she acts tough but is actually fragile underneath, not tough at all. Jen will eventually get over this, and he'll always be there for their baby. Right now, he just needs to find Natalie. Al announces that he can help, but first he wants to know what's going on between them. Cristian doesn't cooperate, but Al tells him where she is anyway. When Cristian runs out to find her, Al is even more convinced he's still in the game. Cristian rushes over to the quarry, and finds Natalie crying.

Gabrielle wants Bo to come out and admit he's ashamed of her, but he denies any such thing. He didn't tell Hank about their relationship because it's a "guy thing." Men don't talk to other men about their feelings. It doesn't work that way. She sits down with him and asks how it does work, but he can't give a good enough explanation, so she gets up to leave. Bo wants to know what he should do. Does she want him to make a public announcement? She tells him she didn't realize it was such a sacrifice for him. Hurt, she leaves, while Bo struggles to figure out women.

Jen goes to the diner, pretending to look for Cristian. Hank's at the counter, grumbling about Rae. When Carlotta returns, he asks her opinion. Carlotta thinks Rae's lost her mind. Gabrielle comes in and sits at the counter, not even noticing Hank. She's too busy ranting and raving about the "guy thing." Maybe soon "he" will paint his face, and bang on his chest. Hank asks whether something's wrong, but she says she just had a little tiff with her roommate. Suddenly, Bo's voice comes over a bullhorn. He has an announcement to make to the citizens of Llanview. Gabrielle Medina is no longer just his roommate and friend. They are now romantically involved. This gesture melts her heart, and her eyes fill with tears. Bo enters the diner to finish his announcement. He's very happy about being involved with Gabrielle. He repeats the announcement, for the benefit of anyone who didn't hear it the first time, then leaves the diner. She's thrilled. Hank and Carlotta are tickled about what just happened, seeming really happy for both of them. When Gabrielle rushes out, Hank follows suit, not wanting to miss this.

After the excitement's over, Jen acts sad around Carlotta, but claims she feels woozy, and just needs to eat. She fakes a dizzy spell, and lets a book fall to the floor for Carlotta to see. Carlotta picks it up, and asks why Jen has a pregnancy book. Are she and Cristian having a baby?

Gabrielle goes home, and finds Bo sitting on the couch. She grabs the bullhorn and goes outside, where she makes an announcement of her own. She thanks Bo, and publicly apologizes to him for being so pathetic and insecure. Back inside, she thanks him again. What he did was very gallant. Bo thinks he'll never hear the end of it from the guys down at the station. The Sun will also have a field day, but that's okay, as long as she's convinced he's not ashamed of her. Gabrielle admits her insecurities got the best of her, but not anymore. Anyway, all she really wanted was for him to tell Hank. They kiss.

R.J. heard Liz didn't want to see him. They have a daughter together--a daughter he never knew existed, thanks to her. Liz defends her actions, but R.J. won't let this go. He'll never know what kind of father he could have been back then, because she stole that from him. Liz counters that she was in love with him, and he threw it all away. She doesn't want to dig all that up again, though. R.J. wants to know why she's in town, but she makes a lame excuse, and runs off. Keri witnesses this and starts to follow her, but R.J. wants to do that himself. Liz runs into Hank, and he can see that she's upset. R.J.'s nearby presence explains why.

Antonio finally catches up to Keri in her office, and she explains why her mother isn't there now. She has Antonio sit down for her news. Her mother has desperately wanted another child for a very long time. However, Keri is the one who may be pregnant.

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