OLTL Update Tuesday 9/24/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/24/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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At the student union, Shawna and Mollie, who are friends again, taunt Al about losing Jen yet again. When Shawna refers to his friendship with Jen, Al blurts out that she's much more than his friend. Antonio and Liz wander around the student union within yards of each other, then finally come face to face. They're surprised to see each other again, and there's some awkwardness, but they now have a chance to thank each other for having a positive effect on their lives. Liz says she's in town to meet someone, but when Antonio asks the person's name, she balks at telling him. When he takes a phone call, she gets Mollie's help finding Keri's office. Shawna goes back to Al and persists in giving him a hard time. Liz is still talking to Mollie when Antonio returns, and she decides she can find her own way. Antonio wants to know her name, but she's not comfortable with that. Believing it's the last time they'll see each other, they say their goodbyes. Mollie rejoins Shawna, whom she has to defend from Al's bullying. Al tells Shawna to get a life, and stay out of his.

R.J. finds Keri, who informs him of her stepfather's sudden death. Before leaving town, she didn't tell him she was going to see her mother, because she doesn't like to talk about her with him. There's still so much anger on both sides. R.J. feels justifiably angry, considering she hid Keri from him all those years. Keri isn't angry with her anymore, now understanding she did what she thought was best. She wants R.J. to just be happy now that he knows the truth. He wonders how things would have turned out if he'd known about his daughter all along, but Keri tells him to stop thinking in those terms. She admits her mother came back to Llanview with her, but doesn't want to see him. He accepts that, but wants to know why she finally decided to come. She makes a lame excuse, then goes to find Antonio to tell him something. As she looks around for her mother, Mollie tells her about directing a woman to her office. Keri then sees Antonio, and greets him. He places the engagement ring back on her finger. She has something incredible to tell him back in her office. Her mother's waiting for them there. Meanwhile, Liz goes to Keri's office, but her daughter's not there. She starts to leave, and runs into R.J.

Rae informs Hank that while he was out of town, she got married. Hank concludes that Nigel must be the new groom, but Rae admits it's actually Asa. Hank thinks she must be brain damaged, but Rae defends her position. She lost everything: her job, credibility, home, money, and friends. Hank grabs her, insisting this isn't her, but Rae disagrees. This is the woman who stole someone's credentials in order to make a better life for herself, and lied to everyone she knew for as long as she could. She has to look out for herself. Hank wants to know what's in this for Asa, but she refuses to say. Nigel interrupts them, and she dismisses Hank, who points out that she may be married to Asa, but at the end of the day, she's still all alone. Seeing Rae's reaction, Nigel fuels the fire by talking about Hank's cruelty toward her, and saying she doesn't need him at all. When Rae leaves, Nigel calls Asa to give him the good news: Rae appears to have a weakness for the district attorney.

Bo and Gabrielle kiss. She's ready to show the world how happy she is. They try to make plans for later, but decide they can't get together during the day, so she'll wait up for him. While she gets ready for work, Bo gets a visit from Hank. He wants to talk about Rae and Asa, but Bo doesn't know or care how it happened. Hank notices his good mood, but Bo doesn't admit the reason for it. Gabrielle, listening from nearby, realizes he's not going to mention their relationship. She emerges from her room, and Hank clams up. He doesn't want to talk around Bo's roommate, so he leaves. Gabrielle asks Bo why he didn't tell Hank the reason he's so happy. Is he ashamed of her?

When Jen announces that she and Cristian are getting married, the intended groom is just as stunned as Natalie. He takes Jen aside, and asks why she said that, because they never talked about marriage. Natalie really wants to know what's going on. Cristian tells Jen to be quiet, but she won't. She really wants Natalie to know that she's pregnant. She laughs behind their backs. Natalie's in shock, and she agrees with Jen that a baby changes everything. Upset, Natalie runs in the terrace doors, and out the front door, where she breaks down. Cristian is very angry with Jen. They never said they were getting married. They need to think and talk about this. Jen doesn't see any reason for that. There's no reason he wouldn't want to marry her. He wants to go back to the loft to talk, but she insists on settling this here and now. Is he going to marry her or not?

At the quarry, Natalie is crying her eyes out. Al finds her, and confronts her about why she's so upset.

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