OLTL Update Monday 9/23/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/23/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Nigel helps Rae move some things out of her attic to take to the mansion. Hank shows up at the door, misinterpreting what he sees, and thinks Rae must be happy to be moving back into her own home. When he mentions having just returned from San Diego, she realizes he doesn't know about her marriage to Asa. Hank's hoping they can pick up where they left off, which was at least friendship, and may have been leading to something more. Saying she'd love to be friends, Rae accepts Hank's lunch invitation with the intention of filling him in on the changes she's made in her life. After he leaves, she tells Nigel she neglected to tell Hank about her marriage, but hopes to do so over lunch. Renee shows up and accuses her of blackmailing Asa. She demands to know what Rae has on him. Rae wants to know why she thinks that, then realizes Nigel probably told her. She can't believe Renee still has feelings for Asa. Renee claims she feels sorry for him because of Rae, but she certainly doesn't want to marry him a third time. Rae accuses her of denying her real feelings, and Renee counters by calling Rae a quack and a blackmailer. Rae insists that Asa is an evil, evil man who's getting everything he deserves. He went after her and gave her no choice but to fight back. It feels great. Renee advises her to get some therapy. When she leaves, Rae goes after Nigel, who admits he may have inadvertently told Renee about the reason for the surprise marriage. She forgives him, but warns him not to do it again. As she talks about married life, Hank reappears and wants an explanation of whose married life she's talking about.

Antonio reports to the station, where Bo returns his badge and gun. He wishes he could thank the mystery woman for helping him get his life back together, and Bo reminds him they can find out who she is. Antonio declines the offer. Bo points out that no matter what Antonio thinks, fate could surprise him, and his path may cross with the mystery woman again. Antonio doesn't believe that; he'll never see her again. Meanwhile, Keri and her mother are on a plane back to Llanview. Keri received the embryo transplant the night before, and she's glad she could be the surrogate. Even when she specifically refers to the baby as Steve's, Liz doesn't contradict her. Keri ruminates on the idea that if she really is pregnant, the baby will never know his father, and she can certainly relate to that. Even though she grew up without knowing her real father, she couldn't have asked for a better parent than Steve. This baby will know how much his mother loved his father. She tries to call Antonio again, and manages to reach him this time. He happily tells her he was cleared by Internal Affairs, and they make plans to meet at the student union. Keri has some big news for him as well, and she wants to tell him in person. After they hang up, she reminds her mother that R.J. is in Llanview, but Liz doesn't want to see him.

While looking for Jen at the student union, Lindsay runs into Al. She has a feeling something's happened in her daughter's life, which reminds Al of their time at the Bayberry Inn. Lindsay's truly sorry things didn't turn out between them, because she always thought Al was the one for Jen. Al claims their relationship still isn't over; they're still friends. Lindsay urges him not to give up on her.

Meanwhile, R.J. goes to Keri's office, hoping to learn when she'll be home. While he's there, Antonio shows up, with a bouquet of flowers. He claims that Keri's on her way home, and they're meeting somewhere private. R.J. congratulates him on his reinstatement and asks for a truce, for Keri's sake. They shake on it. Soon, Keri and her mother arrive at the student union. Keri looks for Antonio in her office, leaving Liz to wander around the building alone. Liz and Antonio have several near misses, but eventually see each other face to face.

Jen and Cristian have waited in the doctor's office all night, not knowing when the doctor would return from the emergency that called her away. She informs them that Jen is definitely pregnant. Although Jen's obviously thrilled at the news, Cristian looks sick. Jen throws her arms around him, saying this will change everything. Cristian says it already has. Jen talks pointedly about needing him more than ever, and, of course, the baby needs him. She wants to tells their parents, but Cristian wants to wait. He can't figure out how it happened, since they're always so careful. Jen explains that it's a miracle to show they're meant to be together. Cristian has something to do, and will meet her back at the loft.

Roxy finds Natalie still waiting on the terrace. She's looking for Rex to give him some money, but she'll settle for Seth or Jessica. With none of them around, she insists on waiting, despite Natalie's protests. Natalie explains the situation with Cristian and Jen, but Roxy just laughs at her, not believing for a second that Cristian would ever leave Jen for Natalie. She claims she doesn't want to hurt Natalie, because when she's hurt, she gets nasty, and Roxy has enough troubles as it is. Natalie feels secure in the love she and Cristian feel for each other, but Roxy laughs again and finally leaves. Cristian finally arrives at Llanfair, and goes out on the terrace, where Natalie runs into his arms. As Cristian tries to explain that he loves her but other things changed, Jen shows up and announces that they're getting married. Cristian is just as shocked as Natalie.

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