OLTL Update Friday 9/20/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/20/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

A hotel manager reports a few robberies, and recognizes Antonio. He adds that if he had known Antonio was an officer, he could have helped, because the robberies occurred near his arrival time on the evening, and near his departure time the following morning. Bo says Antonio does undercover work, and asks the man to keep seeing him there a secret. Hank tells Antonio to hang in there when he goes to meet with I.A. Bo tells Antonio about when he accidentally shot Sam. Antonio tells Bo about the woman at the motel and when he asks Bo to keep it a secret, he responds that it's none of his business. He says he's ready to face I.A., but admits that he wants his badge back. Antonio tells Bo that Kerri doesn't know about the woman at the motel because he would hate to hurt her. Hank congratulates Antonio on the verdict, that he will be getting his badge back, and also on getting back together with Kerri.

Elizabeth insists on carrying the baby, if she is in fact pregnant, and struggles with whether or not to tell Kerri that Steve may not be the father. They discuss the baby she once lost at birth, and how she never even got to see the child. She says that she feels like she is pregnant, and has to carry the child. She asks Kerri to be happy for her and she claims that she is, but that she's worried about her mother. Finally, she offers to be the surrogate that her mother needs. At first the response is adamantly no, but eventually Elizabeth agrees to do it. At one point, despite her assurance that Antonio will be okay with it, she calls him to obtain verbal proof, but he is unavailable.

Roxy blames the kidnapping on Rex's father, but agrees that Jessica can't know that she isn't really her biological mother. Rex asks Roxy for money and for help with Seth. She calls Seth and tells him to come over to retrieve something for Jessica. She gives him a photograph of Jessica' grandparents' wedding, but he quickly realizes that Rex is in on this, about the time that Roxy swears Aunt Corrine has left the country with no forwarding address. Seth wants to know why they don't want him to talk to Aunt Corrine. He leaves, even more eager to see Corrine. Rex thinks Roxy was horrible but she disagrees.

Natalie tells Jessica that she's in love with Cristian, but doesn't quite get the response for which she was hoping. Natalie insists that he loves her in return, but Jessica is certain that he only has eyes for Jen. She asks Natalie to tell her all that she's done to try to break up the couple. She gets angry and tells Jessica that Cristian is going to meet her on the terrace at any moment. Jessica claims to know Cristian well enough to know that he won't break Jen's heart, and tells Natalie he won't show up. Natalie assures her sister that Cristian really does love her, and Jessica, in exchange, assures her that she is going to end up alone and miserable if she keeps falling in love with guys who aren't even interested in her.

Cristian does not react to Jen's news the way she planned. When he comes down from washing his face, he has evidence to fuel his denial. When he shows her the negative pregnancy test he found in the bathroom, she goes to get the positive one that she claims she took correctly on the second try. He insists that they go to the hospital and get her a blood test to finalize it one way or another.

Lindsay flies back to Llanview, more knowledgeable about Troy, and first goes to see Jen. Then she leaves to see Troy but when he is not home she returns to her daughter's loft. She grills them about what's going on until they both ask her to leave. She walks her mother out, mentioning how proud she'd be that she learned so much from her, and then she and Cristian head to the hospital. They wait a while, and then get called in for the results.

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