OLTL Update Thursday 9/19/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Carlotta welcomes her son home from Chicago, and tells him that a friend from church saw him at a motel with a woman. She's not surprised when he responds that he was helping the woman with car trouble. He informs his mother that he and Kerri have reunited. He informs her of why Kerri is in Chicago at the moment, and why he isn't still there with her. They discuss internal affairs and Ben's shooting. He says he should have stayed cool and professional. He says he knows it was an accident, but its one that he'll never forget.

R.J. enters as Antonio is preparing his mother to deal with the fact that he may lose his badge permanently. R.J. says it should happen because Antonio is too hot-tempered. And once alone with R.J., Antonio informs her that with Kerri on his side, he can get through anything. R.J. thinks Antonio is lying at first but finally accepts it as truth. Antonio swears to R.J. that he knows he was behind Lindsay's escape and adds that he tried but failed at breaking he and Kerri up because nothing and no one will or can ever break them up again.

Elizabeth tells her daughter that she doesn't know if she's pregnant. She tells Kerri about she and Steve attempting to have a baby, and that she had hired a surrogate because of heart condition disenabling her to carry a baby full term. Kerri assumes that her mother must not have been trying to get pregnant at that point because they were in Africa, so far from the surrogate. Elizabeth insists that she will carry the child, and Kerri begs her not to do it because of her heart condition, but understands why she has to. She remembers the baby sister she lost

Jessica asks her boyfriend if Rex is the reason he has to leave town. She tells Seth its time for him to get over his mistrust toward Rex because he gave the money back, and therefore is obviously not trying to scam her. Vicki interrupts their conversation with a phone call, which brings Jessica and Seth the news that Ben isn't improving, but Vicki is. She talks about how much she loves her mother, and how she had expected her biological mother to be a real gift, wondering instead if Rex were truly the silver lining for which she had hoped. Thinking the Rex issues are all cleared up, Jessica bids Seth a farewell until the following morning.

Jen eavesdrops on Natalie and Cristian. He swears he needs to find Jen so that he can tell her that Natalie is the only woman he wants to be with. They agree that Jen must be told, but that their love must also remain strong. She agrees to wait for him on the terrace where they will meet after he tells Jen. Natalie goes home and tells her that something wonderful happened, that she is in love. Cristian goes home and his soon to be ex-girlfriend tells him something wonderful has happened; she's pregnant.

Rex swears to Roxy that he knows all of her little secrets, and is sure that she wouldn't Jessica to find out about them, nor would she be willing to go to prison for them. He knows what Roxy did to Jessica when she was just a baby. Jessica calls Rex, but Roxy snatches away the phone. Rex confronts his mother head on about Jessica being stolen at birth, and how she still doesn't know who her biological mother is.

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