OLTL Update Wednesday 9/18/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/18/02

By Beth

Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth places a call from Rachel's, remembering her interlude with Antonio and voicing aloud that she didn't know his name. Concerned, Rachel wants to know what the phone call was about, but her friend doesn't have time to talk about that now. Elizabeth insists she just has something to take care of--something wrong that she has to make right before it's too late. Meanwhile, Keri declares her unwavering belief in Antonio, certain that shooting Ben was an accident. She wants to find her mother, but gets sidetracked by Antonio's assessment of her childhood photo. To even the score, she looks for an equally embarrassing one of her mother. She finds one taken during the "disco era," but Antonio takes a call before he has a chance to look at it. He agrees to go back to Llanview to report to Internal Affairs tonight. Keri wants to go with him, but it's a closed hearing, and he thinks her mother needs her more anyway. She promises to get home to him as soon as she can. As soon as Antonio walks out the door, her mother enters the room, visibly upset. Elizabeth brushes it off by saying it just hit her again that Steve is gone. She urges Keri to go home to be with the man she loves. When Keri goes to pack, she makes a phone call, telling the other person she wants to get the procedure done immediately. There's an argument, and she demands to know where she's going to get another surrogate now. After hanging up, she sees Keri, who asks her mother whether she's pregnant.

Al's on his way to see Bo, who was asked by Gabrielle to take it easy on her son. She answers the door to a very nervous Al, who immediately begins accusing her of betraying him. Bo sets him straight on the lengths his mother went to in order to protect him. She was willing to risk going back to prison for him, and he'd better remember that the next time he goes off half-cocked and accuses her of something.  She certainly doesn't deserve that. Temporarily humbled, Al agrees. Bo goes on to explain why he won't be arresting Al, which has nothing to do with his feelings for Gabrielle. The fact is that he can't prove that Al started the fire, and Al's unwilling to confess. If any evidence surfaces in the near future, Bo will arrest him. Until that time, he can't place him under arrest, but he can make him pay. Bo wants Al to do one hundred hours of community service, which he'll supervise, as well as a treatment program supervised by a qualified mental health professional. He can't force Al to do this, but if he doesn't, he has other ways of making life pretty difficult for him. This is the least Al can do, and if he's really a decent person, he'll want to do it. Al agrees, and Gabrielle hugs him. Bo reiterates that if any evidence turns up, he'll have no choice but to arrest him. He hopes Al sees the error of his ways and doesn't do anything like this again, because otherwise he could end up doing hard time and nobody will be able to save him. He has to find a way to let this go; this obsession with Jen isn't good for either of them. Al apologizes to his mother and leaves. She sits on Bo's lap, snuggling up and thanking him for going easy on her son.

At the party, Jessica tells Jen she's sure she saw Natalie leave. Shawna approaches Jen to say she saw Cristian leave, too; maybe they're together. Jen stands up to her, insisting that Cristian went to check on his brother, but Shawna laughs at her.

Rex overhears Seth tell Chad about his plan to go to Michigan to dig up some dirt on him. Jessica joins Seth, then Rex insists on returning the money she gave him earlier, saying it feels weird taking it, and he wants to do this on his own. Meanwhile, Seth is at the bulletin board getting the number of another student planning to drive to Detroit. When the coast is clear, Rex comes to see what he was looking at. He's joined by Shawna, who's ready to party, but he's not interested anymore. As Jessica dances with Seth, she tries to make plans for the weekend, but he informs her that he won't be around.

Natalie begs Cristian to leave her alone. She can't take this anymore; it's killing her. Doesn't he get it? She's in love with him. Cristian's taken aback, but stops her when she tries to leave. Natalie apologizes, knowing he doesn't feel the same way, but he tells her she's wrong. He feels much more than friendship for her. They talk about how Rex's news of Natalie's date added to the confusion, and she admits it wasn't true. Rex made it up to try to protect her, knowing how hard it is for her to be around Cristian. She went along with it and asked Chad to the party, but she doesn't want to be with Chad. The only person she wants to be with is Cristian. He admits she's the only person he wants to be with. He's in love with her. In fact, he's felt this way for a while. He never expected it to happen; it took him by surprise. Natalie can't believe her ears as he bares his soul to her. When he kissed her at her house, he tried to deny his feelings but couldn't. Then when he saw her running out of the party, and saw the look on her face, he didn't even think. He had to be with her, because he knew he loved her. For the first time since openly declaring their feelings for each other, they kiss. Natalie's been waiting so long for this. She thought he regretted every kiss they shared before, but Cristian says his regret was in not telling her how he really felt. They realize how much they both wanted to make love at the inn that day. Natalie wants to know what they're going to do about Jen, so they sit down to talk. He cares about Jen, but doesn't love her anymore. He knows he has to tell her the truth. He just has to find a way to make her understand that Natalie's the woman he loves now. Watching from inside, Jen gets a look of rage on her face.

Max comes home, and is pleased to find that Roxy's nowhere in sight. As soon as he sits down, however, he hears her ringing a bell. She appears, dressed very unlike herself. In a fake British accent, she asks whether he would like tea and crumpets. Max thinks she must be drunk again. She's just trying to be Gabrielle. She thought he'd like the accent, but he hates it. Since he doesn't want crumpets and scones, how about chicken and biscuits? She lets her hair down and changes to a southern drawl, informing him that she's now being Blair. That doesn't impress him either. She explains that she went through his wedding album, and thought he'd love her if she were more like them. Max laughs at the idea, saying he can't stand either one. Even so, he'd choose either of them over her any day. Tired of his insults and sick of his attitude, Roxy accuses him of never loving anyone before. With a cryptic comment that he has, he walks out. She follows him around trying to find out about the woman he loved, but he won't tell her anything. Roxy promises not to bug him anymore if he'll just tell her what she was like; he doesn't have to reveal her name. Thinking about this, Max describes her as amazing and a good person. Roxy thinks she's also a good person; she brakes for animals. She's also a very good mother and loves her kids. She answers the doorbell, and is disappointed to find Rex. Max laughs at her treatment of her son after just describing herself as a good mother. He leaves the room, and Rex reveals the reason for his visit. Seth is going to see Corinne. Roxy's not concerned, but Rex reminds her that Seth could find out the real reason Corinne took him, and left Natalie behind.

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