OLTL Update Tuesday 9/17/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/17/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Cristian looks at some photos of himself with Natalie, unaware that Jen has just taken a home pregnancy test. She's disappointed by the negative results, oblivious to the ludicrousness of expecting positive results so soon. She slept with Al--twice--and can't bear it if she has to go through this again next month. Suddenly, she decides to read the box and learns that it's too soon. Since it's a double pack, she still has an unused test stick, so she'll try again "later."

Troy explains that he got rid of the amulet for the same reason he packed up all his other African artifacts. He has a new life now, and doesn't need the reminders of how he hurt someone very badly in the past. He finally decides to talk to Nora about Joanna. He was very young when he left for Africa, and while he dreamed of doing good, he was too driven. He was unwilling to let anyone or anything stand in his way. He would have made any sacrifice just to be able to make a difference, and ended up forcing someone else to sacrifice, even though she had her own dreams. It ended very badly, and he's been haunted by it ever since. He realizes he needs to put the past behind him, and with Nora by his side, he can do that.

Lindsay's pleased to have found someone who can tell her about Troy's wife. Gordy Cashman's not surprised Troy never spoke to her about Joanna. She obviously doesn't know Troy well enough to know who he really is, and what he did. Gordy explains that Joanna never liked it in the bush; it wasn't exciting enough for her. However, Troy insisted they were staying. They fought like crazy about this, and eventually about everything. Gordy stops, then asks Lindsay about her relationship with Troy. When she says she's a bitter enemy, he calls her a good judge of character. Lindsay wants to see Joanna, but Gordy says that's not possible. While Troy got to leave, Joanna's stuck in Africa forever. She's dead. He tells her the shocking story of how Joanna died. Every word is true. He's seen plenty of cruelty, but what happened to Joanna tops them all. At that, he leaves. Lindsay is quite satisfied with what she's learned.

As Blair admits to Jack that she still loves his father, Sam sneaks up on her. He heard what she said, and thinks he can help find Todd. When he informs her that he hired a private investigator, Blair tells him to call it off. Yes, she loves Todd, but that's not enough. She has to think of the children, and find a way to stop loving him. Sam wants to know what will happen if Todd ever comes back to Llanview, and she replies that she would pack up the kids, and leave town. If she had the divorce papers right now, she'd sign them. Sam surprises her with the news that he brought them to the house. Ready to sign them now, Blair takes them, saying that Todd's return to town would be the worst thing that could happen. Sam agrees to call off his investigator, and Blair signs the papers.

Todd admits he does love Blair, despite trying not to care about her. Even so, he still thinks Tea should accompany him on the raft. Tea can't believe he's asking her to risk her life, just so he can have some company, but Todd insists that's not it. He just can't stand to think of her staying with Ross, although he claims he's not jealous. He can't believe Tea wants to be that guy's friend. Tea does think Ross is a pretty good guy. She begs Todd not to go. She's convinced he'll die at sea. Todd believes he'll be fine; he's been through much worse. Ross interrupts with news for Todd. He saw a storm passing, which means some clear weather will be behind it. If Todd's really going to leave, he'd better do it now. Todd again tries to get Tea to go with him, but she refuses. She won't even go to the beach to see him off. She remains in the bunker, crying, when she finds the photo Todd forgot. On the beach, Ross gives Todd tips on how to survive at sea. He gives him a map, with a route planned out, and a pack of cooked fish, berries, and water. Todd gives him a sincere thanks. Tea runs to the beach to give Todd the photo, of which she's pieced together both parts. He puts the photo in his shirt pocket, close to his heart, and sets out on his journey.

The campus party is a hub of activity. Chad notices that his date, Natalie, is distractedly looking around. Shawna is bored and disgusted with the juvenile nature of the party, but neither she nor Rex has any money to go elsewhere. Seeing Jessica, Rex thinks he has the solution to their problem. He approaches her and claims to be on his way to work so that he can earn more money for his books. Wanting him to have fun, and not have to work for one night, Jessica "lends" him some book money. When she excuses herself, Seth confronts Rex about taking money from her again. They argue, with Seth insisting he won't give up on this. Jessica finds them and notices the tension before Rex walks away.

Jen and Cristian arrive, and Jen makes a beeline for Natalie. She talks about what a cute couple Natalie and Chad make, and says she and Cristian were late because they were making love. When Cristian joins them, she insists on a slow dance. Natalie watches them, looking absolutely miserable. Rex goes to her, and asks why she puts herself through this. Natalie claims she needs Cristian to know she's not interested in him anymore, but Rex points out how obvious it is that she's in love with him. He goes to Shawna, and shows her the money he just scored. Jen kisses Cristian passionately but he pulls away. Seeing the kiss, a very upset Natalie rushes out of the room, an act witnessed by Cristian. Although Jen's hanging all over him, he excuses himself, saying he wants to check on his brother. Instead, he follows Natalie. Jen's angry. Crying, Natalie runs away from the party.

Jessica realizes that Seth was giving Rex a hard time again, and isn't happy about it. She thinks her brother is sweet, innocent, and ashamed of being poor. They're never going to agree, and Seth should just drop it. She leaves him alone, but he's immediately joined by Chad. Seth vows to protect her. He's going to take a little trip to Michigan to see what he can find out. Hearing this, Rex becomes very nervous. Jen asks Jessica where Natalie is, and is told that she left, but Jen points out that her date is still at the party. Cristian follows Natalie, who begs him to leave her alone. She can't take it anymore; this is killing her. She finally admits to Cristian that she's in love with him.

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