OLTL Update Monday 9/16/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/16/02

By Beth
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As Antonio knocks at the door of Keri's mother's house in Chicago, the two women argue about who should actually be the first one to greet him. Keri finally agrees to open the door, and is thrilled to see Antonio. She tries to introduce him to her mother, but Elizabeth's not there. Antonio sees an old childhood photo of Keri, and thinks it's adorable, although she's embarrassed. She thought her mother was staying to meet him, but now she's actually glad they're alone, because they need to talk. She offers words of encouragement about the shooting, and he admits a stranger helped him. They both promise not to try to solve their problems by running away. Keri tries to lure him into her old bedroom, but they decide it's probably not a good idea, at least until after he meets her mother.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has slipped out to visit Rachel. She tells her about the stranger, who helped her see things more clearly. She never got his name; he was just someone she could talk to about missing her husband. Despite wanting to give Keri and Antonio a little more time together, she's curious enough to be talked into sneaking a peak and reporting back to Rachel. Before she can leave, she notices the date on the newspaper and becomes upset.

Troy plays some African music as he packs away his African artifacts. Nora comes in and surprises him, after leaving Chicago sooner than planned. They end up in bed, and after making love, Nora asks why he was packing all his things from Africa. Troy explains that it was time to put them away and make new memories. He shouldn't look at the past every time he comes home. He has some good news to report. While Nora was away, Lindsay announced that she's thinking about leaving town for good. He believes it may really happen, because he overheard her at the airport, talking to Jen about flying to Miami to look at a gallery she might buy. He presents Nora with a diamond necklace. When she asks about his amulet, he admits he threw it away.

Lindsay goes to the African hospital where Troy worked to dig up some information. Using Rae's hospital I.D., she claims to be looking into Troy's background since he's being considered for a position at a prominent medical facility, but the head nurse doesn't accept that as a reason to pry into his personal life. Besides, she doesn't know anything, and neither does anyone else on staff. They have a tremendously high turnover rate among the staff, so there's no one else who even knows Troy. Lindsay wants to speak to the person in charge, but she's already speaking to her. After the nurse walks off, a patient named Gordon Cashman approaches Lindsay to ask what she wants to know. He can tell her anything she wants to know about Joanna.

Todd admits he looked at Blair's photo to remind himself how much he can't stand her. Tea thinks he's really in love with Blair, which annoys him. He just wants to see his kids. He thinks about them all the time. He's going to take his chances on the raft and leave the island today, because he needs to get back to Starr and Jack. Tea argues that it's not possible, but Todd insists he'll go crazy if he has to stay on the island until spring. He wanted to be okay with it, and he tried, because he liked being with Tea again. It's not about her, though. It's about the kids, and he has to try to get to them, despite the odds. Tea thinks this is about Blair as well, in spite of Todd's protests that she's nothing to him. He can't figure out why Tea's jealous of her now, since she never has been before. He has to take his chances and find a way to get back to his children. Ross interrupts them with news that he caught some fish, and Tea informs him of Todd's plan. Ross begs Tea not to go, convinced she'll die out there at sea. Todd argues, but Tea says she can make up her own mind. After asking Ross to give them some privacy, Tea informs Todd that she's not going. If she knew that, in the end, they'd be together, she'd do it, but she knows he's really in love with Blair. Even after they were together, he still can't stop thinking about Blair. Tea, on the other hand, could never stop thinking about Todd, no matter whom she was with. He still loves Blair, and she wants him to admit it. The pain he's feeling very obvious, Todd admits that she's right.

Sam and Blair have a big argument at Rodi's. Sam wants her to admit she still loves Todd, but she insists she feels absolutely nothing. Sam doesn't buy it. She warns him to back off, but when he pushes her too far, she fires him as her attorney, and orders him to leave her alone. She hands him her car keys so he can't hang around to make sure she doesn't drive. After he leaves, "Unforgettable" comes on the jukebox, and she tells the bartender to turn it off, but he can't. She cries as she remembers how "unforgettable" Todd really is. She goes home and finds Suzanne playing with Jack. When Suzanne says she thinks Jack misses his sister, mom, and dad, Blair snaps at her, then tells her to take a break. She picks up Jack and tells him he can't possibly miss Todd. Looking at him, she thinks he looks like his father but isn't like him in any other way. She arrogantly vows to never let him love Todd. If he does, he won't be able to stop loving him. She can't.

Sam hires an investigator to find Todd. Money is no object.

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