OLTL Update Friday 9/13/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/13/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Antonio calls Keri's cell phone to try to track her down. In Chicago, her mother picks up the phone, sees his name on the Caller ID, and answers it, but the connection is really bad and she can't hear anything. When Keri comes back into the room and takes her phone, the connection miraculously clears up. She and Antonio finally talk, and he decides to join her in Chicago. Keri gives her mother the good news.

Al searches his room for the can of Boater's Friend, and Roxy reminds him that his mother took his gym bag, if that's what he's looking for. He wants to know her state of mind, but Roxy isn't cooperating. Then she lets it slip that Bo was also interested in Gabrielle's actions. Roxy sees Al's reaction, and asks what kind of scam he's pulling this week. Al lies about working with Bo to give Gabrielle a nice surprise. He tries to reach his mother, but gets her voicemail.

Gabrielle is shocked to find herself waking up in bed beside Bo. He admits it's something he's wanted for a very long time. He thinks he just heard her phone, which she decides isn't as important as being with Bo. She admits she's also wanted this for a long time, but didn't think he could be interested in her. Now that they've settled that, she wants to know whether this changes everything. Bo thinks it means they don't have to sleep in separate rooms while pretending they don't want each other. It also means he's not going to keep his feelings a secret from the world.

Blair's unhappy to hear Sam say the exact words to her that Todd did so many years ago when they first met. At the time, she was sitting at the same place at the bar at Rodi's, just like now. Sam urges her to talk about that first meeting. Blair informs him that Todd was wearing a tracking device on his ankle. She wasn't interested in Todd at all, but she was interested in all his millions. Somehow, he got her to fall in love with him. She doesn't think he's really capable of love, except for the kids. Considering the things he's done, he's gotten worse over the years. Sam wants to know why she came back to Rodi's as soon as she got the divorce papers. Blair claims she wants to remember exactly who Todd was when they met, along with every awful thing he ever did to her. Sam doesn't think that's a good idea, but Blair does. It's already working, because she doesn't feel anything at all for him anymore, not even anger. Sam asks whether she still loves her husband.

Todd catches Tea going through his things, but she claims to be rearranging the bunker. When Tea mentions Blair, Todd asks who Blair is. If she weren't Starr and Jack's mother, he wouldn't even remember her name. He knows he got rid of her baby, but he did bring him back. It should have worked. Tea thinks he wants to patch things up with Blair, but he insists that all he wants is to get his kids back. There's absolutely no unfinished business between him and Blair. Tea doesn't believe him. She admits she knows he was looking at Blair's photo, and tried to hide it from her. She wants to know whether he still loves her.

Over lunch, Rex makes sure Jessica sees him with a credit card application, which he admits probably won't be approved. Jessica insists on co-signing, but warns him not to waste the money. Rex takes the application to the mailbox, thinking about what he can do with the $5000. He's unhappy to run into Seth along the way, and they give each other a hard time, as usual. Roxy sees Rex and invites him to join her for lunch, but he's quite rude to her. He points out that she blew it with Jessica, but he won't make the same mistake. Seth tries to pump Roxy for information about Rex, but she's really no help, since he lived with Corinne most of his life. He returns to Jessica's table, and learns about Rex's credit card application--and Jessica's involvement in that.

Keri dresses for Antonio's arrival and introduction to her mother. She searches her purse for a photo of him, but realizes it's still at home, in a drawer. She's really anxious for her mother to see how incredibly gorgeous he is.

Antonio chats with an older woman on the plane about Keri.  She notices his picture, and makes nice compliments.  He is a bit anxious about meeting her mom for the first time.  Later,  Antonio arrives at the house and prepares to knock at the door.

Al knocks on Bo's door. When there's no answer, he lets himself in, then quietly takes his gym bag and leaves. At home, he dumps the contents of his bag but doesn't see the can of accelerant anywhere.

Bo hears something, but Gabrielle thinks he's imagining things. They decide to get up, and she orders some food before jumping in the shower. When the coast is clear, Bo phones Al and says they need to talk about the fact that he removed his gym bag from Bo's place.

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