OLTL Update Thursday 9/12/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Laura
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Todd sleeps next to Tea, but dreams about Blair. Blair is depressed and agitated as she looks over the divorce papers.  She tries to ignore them while remembering Todd. Sam arrives and Blair lashes out at him, demanding that he leave. As he feeds her aspirin, she admits that she doesn't wish to deal with the divorce papers. Sam attempts to comfort her while trying to get her to move on with her life, but in frustration she promises to call him when she's ready to move on.

Meanwhile, Ross wonders if he should get food enough for one, or for three. Todd wakes up and looks through his belongings, including the picture of Blair that he tore off. Tea wakes up and he tries to convince her to go back to sleep while he goes to collect some berries. Instead, Tea looks though Todd's stuff and finds his picture of Blair. Ross apologizes to Todd. Todd continues to daydream about how happy he was with Blair.

Blair goes to Rodi's and orders a Scotch. She remembers that she was doing that when she met Todd, and that she had heard from behind, "Is anybody sitting here?" as she turned around and saw him. And behind Blair at that moment she hears the same question. She turns around and sees Sam standing there.

Bo confronts Gabrielle about what Roxy saw; Gabrielle going trough Al's room, and what he saw himself, Gabrielle throwing a small can into the river. She confesses to the fire, in response. He refuses to believe her, and asks her for motive. She responds that it was anger toward Jen for mistreating her son and lack of sleep that led her to her criminal act. She insists that she committed the crime, and demands that she be arrested. He insists that she's a changed woman and requests that she stop lying to him.

Bo insists that Al needs to learn that there are consequences for his actions. Gabrielle, in return, describes what Al had to deal with while he was growing up, and swears that he'll never endure the hell of prison life as she did. She reminds Bo that he is the best friend that she's ever had, and doesn't want to lose him, but adds that if he has a problem with her doing anything and everything to protect her son, she has to leave. She refuses to let him hurt her son. He begins to realize, and mention, that he thinks she's incredible, "An incredibly loving mother, and an incredibly loving person." They kiss passionately, and it gets heavier.  They end up vertical as Bo brings her to the table or desk and they sweep stuff off it in their passion.

Antonio tells Cristian about the woman he met who persuaded him to come home to Kerri, as well as her methods. Cristian is supportive and understanding. He wishes that he could go back and change everything but Cristian advises him to let it go, get over it, and move on with what's really important: the fact that he and Kerri still love one another and still wish to be together.

Kerri goes to see her mother, who just happens to be the woman Antonio slept with. They discuss Kerri's deceased stepfather as well as her mother's desire to become emotionally strong before visiting Kerri. She tells her daughter about her trip to Llanview and how disastrous it was until she met a very nice man. She asks Kerri about R.J., Hank, and any special men that may be in her life. Kerri tells her mother about Antonio and mentions that they've been having problems, but doesn't get into detail. When Kerri's cell phone rings she's not in the room. Her mother checks the caller I.D. and sees Antonio's name.

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