OLTL Update Tuesday 9/10/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/10/02

By Beth
Proofread by Nicole

Al confronts Jen with an ultimatum. If she doesn't tell Cristian about what happened at the Bayberry Inn, he will. Jen accuses him of being like everyone else she's ever trusted. They always hurt her. She won't tell Cristian, and neither will he. Al turns to knock on Cristian's door, but she stops him. He insists somebody has to tell the truth. After all, she did say she wants to be honest with Cristian. Jen thinks she's been as honest as she needs to be. When Al questions this, she reminds him of everything he did to her. Sleeping with him was a mistake. Al might believe that if it had happened just once, but not twice. Jen blames Al for that; he knew she was confused and upset, but took her to bed anyway. He should just go ahead and ruin her life if that's what he wants; he should tell Cristian. At that moment, Cristian comes out of his loft and asks what Al should tell him. Jen's eyes plead with Al not to tell, and he gives a lame story about wanting to work at Break Bar. While Jen says that's a terrible idea, Cristian doesn't mind, but Al pretends to change his mind, and decides against it after all. Cristian goes to find Antonio, and Jen asks Al why he didn't tell. She accuses him of wanting something in return, or just waiting for a better time to use the information against her. Al protests that he would never do that. Seeing her pain is what changed his mind. Besides, Cristian will find out sooner or later, it just won't be from him. He continues to plead with Jen to love him, and she continues to reject him. He leaves, and Jen steps up her plan to pay back Al, Cristian, and Natalie for what they did to her. She pulls up the same family planning website she looked at before, and decides it's time for the next step in her plan. She goes out and buys a home pregnancy test.

Keri sets out a letter for Antonio, then prepares to leave for her trip to Chicago. Just outside her office door, Antonio hesitates, thinking about the woman he slept with at the motel. Before he can go inside, Rae waylays him, just wanting to make sure he and Keri don't worry about her. She knows they didn't mean to destroy her life, and she doesn't blame them. She has a whole new life now, and a new name to go with it. She's now Mrs. Asa Buchanan. Antonio's surprised by this, after everything Asa did to her, but Rae claims he was just reacting against his real feelings for her. In any case, she really doesn't want Keri to worry about her. Antonio promises to tell her, and starts to go to her office, but Rae says she heard that Keri was in the coffee room. Antonio takes off to find her. Rae leaves as well. As soon as they're gone, Keri comes out of her office, having no idea Antonio was ever there. Too late, Antonio returns and checks her office. He receives a call from Cristian, but as they're talking he sees the letter addressed to him and cuts the call short. He tears open the envelope and reads the letter. In it, Keri informs him that she had to go out of town on personal business but will come back as soon as she can. Antonio's on her mind all the time. She spent all night worrying about him. At this, Antonio recalls how he spent last night. Keri knows he blames himself for shooting Ben, but he shouldn't. It was an accident. She wants to make a life with him. Antonio's taken aback at this. Keri thinks it's important to tell him she loves him no matter what happens with his investigation or his career. She wants to be his wife. He's still at her desk when his brother finds him. Cristian was worried, but Antonio explains about finding the letter. He thought he'd lost Keri forever, but "she" was right; anything's possible. He admits it wasn't Keri who said that. It was a woman who helped him after he helped her with her car. He doesn't know her name, and he has a gut feeling he'll never see her again. He didn't think he'd ever come back to Llanview, but she gave him the strength to return. He has no intention of telling anyone about it, ever.

At the airport, poor Nigel struggles with Asa's abundance of luggage. Asa doesn't want anyone to notice him; he's trying to blend in. He's planning to disappear for the rest of his life. Keri rushes to board her flight, not seeing Asa and Nigel as she hurries past them. Asa is prepared to disappear for good to St. Blazes. He can't be Asa Buchanan anymore if it means being married to Mrs. Gretel "Gorgon" Buchanan. Of all his wives, she's the absolute worst. As soon as he learns that his private jet will be ready shortly, Rae greets him. Nigel tries to cover for Asa, but they can't get their story straight on whether the trip is for business or pleasure. Then the flight attendant returns with the news that the jet is ready to go to St. Blazes. Rae won't let him go for more than two weeks, and she won't let Nigel go at all. She proudly admits to having Asa followed, which is how she knew where to find him. If he tries to disappear from St. Blazes, or doesn't come back in his allotted two weeks, she'll hand the tape of his sessions over to the police. Wishing Asa bon voyage, she leads Nigel away. Asa thinks two weeks is plenty of time to find a way to get her out of his life for good. Angrily, he wheels his own luggage cart away, struggling all the while.

Gabrielle is saddened at the discovery of the can of accelerant in Al's shoe. If Bo finds it, Al will go to prison. Not willing to let that happen, she puts it in his duffel bag. Downstairs, Roxy's still on the phone with Bo. She informs him that Gabrielle's at her house and acting really weird. Bo asks to speak to his roommate, but Roxy says she's up in Al's room all by herself, rustling around. Maybe she's cleaning up her son's room. Bo tells her that's not enough to base suspicion on, but asks Roxy not to let Gabrielle know that he called. Gabrielle comes downstairs. She notices Roxy's teddy and comments on her choice of clothing to wear around the house. When Roxy mentions "Legs" and the fact that his mother has his bag, Gabrielle tells her to stop calling him that awful nickname; he's a real human being with real feelings and real problems, and he deserves compassion. As for the bag, it's none of Roxy's business. She storms out.

Roxy resumes her housework, spit-shining the Woman of the Year trophy. Al comes home, complaining when Roxy calls him "Legs." She admits he's a real human with real feelings, and asks for advice about Max. Al admits he's the wrong person to ask. He does advise her to stop trying; she can't make someone love her. She can try and try, and if she's lucky, she's the only one who'll get hurt. Roxy mentions that his mother was going through his room and left with his bag. Al runs upstairs to investigate and discovers that the can of accelerant is missing from his shoe.

Gabrielle goes to the docks and tosses the can of accelerant into the water, then sits down. She hopes Bo never finds out what she's done, because if he does, he'll never have anything else to do with her. Later, she arrives home with lunch from Luigi's, since she was in the neighborhood. Bo wants to know why she was at the docks. Although she laughs at the very idea, he saw her with his own two eyes. He saw her drive by really fast and decided to follow her, all the way to the docks. He saw everything.

Keri arrives in Chicago and knocks on the door of a house. She greets her mother: Antonio's mystery woman.

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