OLTL Update Monday 9/9/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/9/02

By Beth

Pictures by Juanita
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Keri gets an upsetting phone call and promises to be in Chicago as soon as possible. She doesn't bother to answer R.J.'s questions, other than saying that something happened in Chicago and she's leaving now. She turns down his offer to drive her to the airport by saying she wants her car there in case her flight back home is a late one. She wishes she could talk to Antonio but insists she has to make this trip now.

Antonio finds Cristian at the student union. He hugs his brother and apologizes for the way he acted. Cristian tells him that Keri really wants to see him and even admitted that she still loves him. Antonio rushes to R.J.'s to look for her, arguing when R.J. says truthfully that she's not there. A neighbor thought she was home, and that's good enough for him. He barges in and R.J. taunts him. Since he's not a cop anymore--thanks to his shooting an unarmed civilian--he can't conduct an official search. Antonio stomps over to Keri's room, then demands to know where she went, getting up in her father's face when he won't answer. R.J. continues to give him a hard time, reporting that Bo himself came by to apologize and return his money clip. Will Antonio face any criminal charges after he's kicked off the force? Believing Keri must be in her office, Antonio rushes out. R.J. chuckles, confident that his daughter's on a plane to Chicago by now. Instead, Keri's in her office, where she's wrapping up some loose ends before heading to the airport. She informs the dean of her plans, then prepares a letter for Antonio. Just as she's ready to leave, Antonio arrives outside her office door.

At the student union, Natalie sits alone, looking longingly at Cristian. Jessica tells Seth she's going to call Viki, but Rex waylays her with a question about what course he should take. She suggests the web design course she's taking, and when he mentions getting her notes, she informs him that he'll be doing all his own work. Rex asks how she can be his sister, because when he looks at her, he sees the best friend he's ever had. Seeing an opportunity, Seth approaches Molly, who insists that the story she gave the paper is true, just as Seth thought. Rex interrupts to push Seth around for trashing him behind his back. Seth is sure that Rex came to freeload off his rich sister, and wants him to go back where he came from. He calls Rex a user, but Rex turns it around on him. He's checked up on Seth, who obviously thinks Rex is just like him. He knows all about Seth's past, and if Seth wants to see a user, he should look in the mirror. Natalie breaks it up, and Rex leaves. Natalie returns to her spot on the couch, where she daydreams about Cristian. In her fantasy, he tells her they belong together, and they kiss. She comes out of her reverie, smiling, but very much alone. Meanwhile, after Jessica's call to her mother, she informs Seth that there's been no change in Ben's condition. As they kiss, Rex watches. He turns to leave and runs into Shawna, who wants to know why he's always watching his sister.

Bo is confident that they'll catch the arsonist, who made a big mistake. Whoever set the fire used a very unusual accelerant called "Boater's Friend." It isn't sold much around town, so it's pretty easy to trace. Gabrielle covers her worried look by changing the subject and offering to make lunch for Bo. He's tickled at the idea and promises to be back in an hour for lunch. As soon as he leaves, Gabrielle tries to call Al, then decides to see him in person.

Wearing a black teddy, Roxy tries doing some dusting around the house in an effort to be more domestic and make Max fall in love with her. Finding his wedding book, she wonders what he ever saw in Gabrielle or Blair. Gabrielle comes looking for Al, but Roxy pulls her inside to ask how to make Max love her. Gabrielle doesn't have time for this. When Roxy admits that Al isn't there, Gabrielle starts to write Al a note, then decides it's too important for that. She goes up to his room to see whether he's really there after all. She snoops through his room, thinking that if she doesn't do this, Bo will. She thinks it's going to be all right until she finds the can of accelerant inside one of Al's shoes.

Bo returns home in time for lunch, but can't find Gabrielle. While he's there, Nigel drops by unofficially to talk about Asa. He tries to finesse some information on the likelihood that Asa would be prosecuted for unspecified crimes, but Bo stops him. He doesn't want to know why Rae forced Asa into marrying her. At some point, Asa screwed up, and he's paying the price now. Bo doesn't want to be involved, since he likes Rae and wants both of them to be happy. Nigel mentions how much this must be hurting Renee, who'll always love Asa. Bo explains that love isn't always enough. After Nigel leaves, Bo calls Roxy to let her know that Allison's sanity hearing is coming up. He's going to have an officer call to set up an appointment for her deposition. While he's on the phone, Roxy tells him that Gabrielle came by looking for Al, and she was acting really weird.

Al doesn't understand why Jen would say she doesn't want him near her. After all, they made love twice. What they have is good and right, and she shouldn't be afraid of her feelings for him. Jen can't take it anymore. She tells him she doesn't feel anything for him, and they absolutely did not make love; they had sex. It's over, and he should just let it go. Whining, Al refuses to accept that. He loves her with all his heart, and there's nothing he wouldn't do for her, but that doesn't mean he's going to let her jerk him around again. He does have feelings. Jen apologizes for hurting him, claiming she just used the wrong words. The truth is that she panicked. She had a long talk with Cristian and realized she misunderstood everything. Nothing's going on between him and Natalie, and she wants to be with him forever. This infuriates Al, who says that Cristian treated her like dirt. Jen explains that she was simply out of her mind with jealousy.  A trait she must get from her mother. She gets all jealous and then makes terrible mistakes. Al can't believe she thinks their lovemaking was a terrible mistake. Jen says she cares a lot about him but doesn't feel the way he wants her to; he should just accept that and be her friend. Al yells that they're not friends; he loves her. Jen accuses him of being hard on her. She's thought about her life and feels guilty about what happened. She isn't "going back" to Cristian because she never really left him. He's all that matters to her. She never meant to hurt Al, but he's not the one she loves. Al refuses to believe that, considering what happened between them at the inn. Jen reminds him about her warning not to take advantage of her. He knew she was emotional and vulnerable. She was worried something like this might happen. From the doorway, Cristian asks what happened. Thinking fast, Jen says her mother might be leaving town permanently. She wants to talk to Cristian about it alone, and gets rid of Al. Cristian asks what's really going on. Jen explains that he's having a hard time letting go. She thought they could be friends but he keeps thinking she's giving him signals. It's okay, though, because they won't be seeing him again. Jen hugs and kisses Cristian before leaving for campus and the bank. She's already made plans for them to attend the campus party, and is pleased to learn that Natalie and Chad are going together. She insists that Cristian contact Natalie about a double date. She leaves the loft, unaware that Al is lurking around the corner. He approaches her menacingly and asks whether she's planning to tell Cristian that they slept together. If she won't do it, he will.

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