OLTL Update Wednesday 9/4/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Beth
Edited by Nicole

Antonio's mind replays the shooting as he drives away from town. Noticing a broken-down car by the side of the road, he sees Keri by the car and stops the car to help her. He realizes his mind played a trick on him. It's not Keri; it's the woman he traumatized at the diner earlier. The woman recognizes him and immediately gets out her pepper spray, while Antonio denies that he followed her. Upset about the breakdown, she says she had a more reliable car in the African bush. Antonio checks under the hood but has no idea what he's doing. They can't call for help because there's no signal. She just returned from Africa and needs to go to Llanview to find her husband. Antonio takes her back to the diner to make a call, but since the car won't be ready until tomorrow, she gets the only available room at the Lone Pine Motel.

Troy confronts Lindsay for lurking outside his door, then invites her in, knowing that's what she wants. He doesn't trust her at all, and warns her to stay away from Nora. She may have fooled the governor into believing she's reformed, but he knows better. Emily comes to the door, wondering why Troy never stopped by to get her. Seeing that he has company, she introduces herself, but Lindsay won't say anything, knowing Emily would recognize her voice from the phone call. Troy admits that the woman is Lindsay, which infuriates Emily. She starts yelling at Lindsay but Troy calms her down and says he can handle it. He gets rid of her, then orders Lindsay to get out, but she has no intention of leaving until they're finished talking. How can he live here with all the memories? Troy points out he's busy making new memories with Nora. He ushers her out, but she's been pushed too far. She was originally going to leave him and Nora alone, but now she's going to get even. She goes to the gallery and starts doing some research, starting with Africa. She's determined to find Troy's secret wife.

Cristian can't believe what Rex just said. Natalie's on a date? Rex insists it's true. He won't give the guy's name but says Natalie's happy and moving on with her life. She doesn't need Cristian around complicating her life. She may have had a thing for him before, but that's over. She's through with settling for second best. She could have any guy she wants, and Cristian should want what's best for her if he's really her friend. Cristian leaves, and Rex is very satisfied with himself.

Seth finds Jessica forlornly thinking about Ben and the good times they had. Since education was always so important to Ben, she talked Rex into attending Llanview University. This upsets Seth, who really wants the guy to leave town. He shows her the newspaper article in which Mollie alleges that her near-miss was all Rex's fault. Jessica can't believe he believes a word Mollie says. She wants to get to know her brother, which Seth thinks is a lousy idea. He's really upset to hear that she's paying his tuition. Rex joins them and tells Seth to be man enough to confront him to his face instead of talking about him behind his back. They argue, and Seth confronts him with the paper. Rex looks at it and says the reporter didn't bother to check his facts. Everything the article says is wrong. The truth is that it was Mollie's idea to go to Llantano Mountain. She came onto him, and when he rejected her, she flipped out and took off. He tried to find her but couldn't. Seth doesn't believe this for a second, but Jessica does. She doesn't think he has any reason to lie, whereas that's all Mollie ever does. Tired of this, Seth goes inside. Jessica follows after Rex thanks her for believing him. Rex watches from outside as Jessica and Seth kiss, and Shawna returns and finds him spying on them.

Jen's research on the Llanview Family Institute website tells her she has to have sex twice while she's ovulating to maximize her chances of conceiving. Determined to get pregnant, she calls Al again.

Natalie wants to know what Jen said, but Al bullies her about it. When she tries to get away, he corners her and won't let her pass. He then gets a phone call from Jen, who wants him to rush over to the same room at the inn. When he gets there, Jen says things are worse than ever with Cristian. It hurts, and she wants Al to make the pain go away. Al wants her to be sure, considering how upset she was after the last time. Jen says she was feeling confused and guilty. Now she's just trying to forget about Cristian. She wants Al; he's the one who makes her feel safe and protected. She just didn't realize it until now. She kisses him, but Al pulls away and tries to leave, not wanting her to think he's taking advantage of her. Jen convinces him this is what she wants, and he carries her to bed. Afterward, Jen says this was exactly what she needed. Al starts harping on Natalie, and admits he confronted her earlier about the way she treats Jen. Jen panics to hear that, thanks to Al, Natalie knows that she knows about them.

Not knowing it was Jen who called, Natalie decides she has to talk to her and find out what she knows. She goes to the loft but nobody's home. Cristian comes home and finds her there, and she's quick to say she didn't think he'd be home. She wanted to talk to Jen but it's not important. Someone's waiting for her downstairs. Cristian thinks it's time to tell her something. Because they're friends, he wants her to be happy, and hopes that she'll soon meet a really great guy who'll make her feel special, the way she deserves. Natalie thinks she's already met him. Cristian's happy for her. He goes inside. Still just outside his loft, Natalie tells herself she doesn't want anybody else. She wants him, but he obviously doesn't want her. Cristian tries to tell himself she's allowed to go on dates if she wants. If he keeps telling himself they're just friends, maybe someday he'll actually believe it. He goes back out, and is surprised to see Natalie still there, crying.

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