OLTL Update Tuesday 9/3/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By Beth
Edited by Nicole

Jen continues her seduction, giving Al a passionate kiss and saying she's never felt so alone. Cristian and Natalie lied to her and betrayed her, and she can't take it if Al turns her away too. She goes after him quite aggressively. Afterward, Al's in seventh heaven, but Jen's cold and calculating. While Al promises to spend the rest of his life making up to her for the fire, she sits up and says this was a terrible mistake. Confused, Al wants to know what's going on. Jen claims she was upset and he took advantage of her, and he denies this, saying he would never do that to her. He wants an explanation of how Cristian and Natalie betrayed her, but she refuses to talk about it. She apologizes for treating him this way and elicits a promise not to tell anyone what just happened. Al still loves her and hopes for a chance to show her how much, but she can't promise anything. Al assures her she can depend on him for anything at all. He doesn't know it, but that's exactly what she's counting on.

Determined to find out whether Emily was talking about Troy or another brother, Lindsay calls her, on the pretense of doing research on siblings of identical twins. Emily confirms that the twins are her only brothers. She goes along with the call until she sees the newspaper and hangs up abruptly. Lindsay found out all she needed to know; there are no other brothers. She thinks about this, unable to figure out why Troy never told her he was married. The only thing she can figure is that he never got a divorce and is still married.

Emily runs to Troy's to show him the paper, but he explains how he came to find out the bad news. He's concerned but not worried; he's not going to let Lindsay bother Nora. Emily can't believe how calm he is. They end up talking about the way he used to tease her about her braces, and how he traumatized her when she gave his wedding speech. Troy asks what made her think of that, and she admits she told Chad. He's not at all happy about this, but she assures him she didn't mention Joanna's name. In fact, she didn't even specify which brother, so she'll just say it was Colin if the subject ever comes up again. Troy invites her to dinner to talk, and Emily agrees, as long as they don't talk about Chad.

Jen comes home and is shocked to see her mother standing in Cristian's loft. Lindsay tells her about the pardon and promises never to leave her again. She intends to start over with everyone, beginning with her daughter. She's concerned about how Jen feels about the things she did to Nora and Troy, and is pleasantly surprised to hear that she understands. Jen knows she couldn't let them get away with betraying her. Lindsay hugs her and promises not to give her a hard time about Cristian anymore. Jen wants to talk and watch old movies tonight, just like old times, but Lindsay still has several calls to make and suggests tomorrow instead. Jen agrees. After Lindsay leaves, she gets out the laptop and researches fertility. According to the website she visits, she's most likely to get pregnant if she has sex exactly twice during ovulation.

Since she's already in the building, Lindsay lurks around outside Troy's, trying to talk herself out of going to the door. To her chagrin, he finds her out there and confronts her.

Keri wants to help Cristian if she can. He tells her he's falling in love with Natalie, then corrects himself. He IS in love with her, and he doesn't know what to do. When he realized how he felt, it really threw him. He feels guilty about it; Jen's great, but that doesn't change how he feels about Natalie. Keri advises him that he can't hide his feelings, and he knows that. Keri says he has to tell Natalie first, then break the news to Jen. As for herself, she's going to keep looking for Antonio. She wants to tell him he's not alone and she loves him. Determined to find Antonio, she decides to drive around some more looking for him.

Natalie talks to Rex about how hard it is seeing Cristian all the time. It would be better if she could completely avoid him, but he's everywhere she is. He's just trying to let her down easy. He's the most amazing guy she's ever met, and he's taken. Rex isn't impressed. Natalie gets a call from the airport; she left her wallet there when she saw Viki off to Switzerland. She thinks it's probably safe to go back now since Cristian probably isn't there anymore. She opens the front door and finds Shawna there, hoping to see Rex. After they give each other a hard time, Natalie takes her brother's suggestion to go out the back door, which is where her car is parked. Rex isn't happy about Shawna's treatment of Natalie, but it doesn't bother him enough to stop him from kissing her. However, when Cristian comes to the door, he tells Shawna to go. Taking matters into his own hands, he invites Cristian in and informs him that Natalie doesn't want him around. She doesn't care about him anymore, and she's on a date right now.

Al goes to the airport to pick up something for Max, and he inquires about the special deal for Puerto Vallarta. Overhearing this, Natalie gives him a hard time about it, asking whom he's planning to take. He gives her a hard time about Cristian, and informs her that Jen told him what's going on.

Antonio stops for some coffee to help with his all-night drive. He sees the newspaper headline and becomes upset at the reminder of what he did. Rushing out of the diner, he runs straight into a woman just entering and spills his coffee all over her. When she yells at him to watch what he's doing, he goes ballistic. He apologizes, but it's too late. The poor woman's traumatized and has to leave. Antonio decides to do the same. As he drives around, his mind relives the shooting. A broken-down car gets his attention; the woman beside it is Keri.

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