OLTL Update Monday 9/2/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/2/02

By Beth

Blair apologizes for being so emotional in front of Chad. She wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. After Chad decides to go over to Break Bar and take care of something Max wants him to do, Blair gets a surprise visit from Starr, who has decided to visit every day--obviously to keep an eye on her mother. Blair informs her of Chad's position at the paper, and Starr asks whether he's going to be Jack's new dad. She herself doesn't need another one, but Jack might not ever remember his dad. Blair assures her that she's not getting together with Chad. In fact, the kids will never have another stepfather, because she's never going to date again. After Starr leaves, Blair's divorce papers arrive.

In the bunker, Tea gets close to Todd. Assuring him there's nothing to keep them apart, she kisses him tenderly, and as he starts to initiate another kiss, Ross whistles. He wants her to have his shirt--the one she wore before. Todd confronts him, and when she tries to get him to back off, Ross taunts him. Tea accuses him of trying to bait Todd. He's out of line and she wants to know what he's up to. Ross has been thinking about the sad prospect of being lonely for a very long time until the winds change again. Tea threatens to give him a lecture about jealousy, and Todd assures him he doesn't want to hear that. When Ross leaves, Tea tells Todd she's proud of him. She decides to make a dress out of the shirt again, then announces it's time to do something she's always wanted to do with him. Soon, the shirt is on the beach and Tea's in the water, shouting to Todd to take it all off. He insists that she turn around as he gets undressed, but she watches anyway. Todd joins her in the water, and they kiss.

Natalie, Jessica, and Seth are sitting around looking glum. As Natalie starts to leave, she runs into Cristian, who's looking for his brother. Natalie suggests that she and her sister go home and take care of the things Viki asked of them, but Cristian wants to talk to her first, so the others leave. He nervously tries to explain what he meant when he said they're more than friends. Natalie says that friendship doesn't begin to describe her feelings for him, but she also understands that he and Jen love each other. Before Cristian can respond to this, Keri interrupts, frantically looking for Antonio, and Natalie takes the opportunity to leave. Cristian looks after her longingly as Keri tells him how she still loves Antonio and thinks he needs to hear that. Cristian agrees it's good to say that. He looks back toward the departing Natalie again.

Jen goes to the Bayberry Inn and gets the same room Natalie had the night of the fire. She imagines Natalie and Cristian on the bed together and fumes about the fact that they were kissing at the same time she almost died. A knock at the door signals Al's arrival; it's payback time. Al can't believe she hasn't called the police yet, and tells her to go ahead and call Bo if she wants, or wait and go to the station with him when he turns himself in. He appreciates the fact that she's giving him a chance to do this, since he knows she'll never forgive him. Jen contradicts this; she does forgive him. She's thought about it a lot, and she understands that he acted out of love for her. She just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. Al doesn't get it. Jen explains that he's her only friend, and confirms that something really is going on between Cristian and Natalie. Sitting down on the bed, she says she can't talk about that now. Taking the bait, Al joins her on the bed and asks whether there's something he can do. There is. She needs to be held and to feel loved. She wants Al to prove he loves her. She wants him to make love to her.

Troy and Nora are stunned to see Lindsay. She insists that she was pardoned, and Nora's call to the prison warden confirms this. The girl Lindsay saved is the warden's granddaughter, and since Allison isn't of sound mind to contradict Lindsay's version of their escape, Lindsay is now free. Troy accuses her of coming to harass them first thing, but Lindsay claims she's just looking for Jen and checking on Ben's condition. She's been given a second chance and she intends to make the most of it. She's going to move on and leave the past behind, and she suggests that they do the same. She leaves, and Nora worries about what happens next. Troy knows exactly what they should do. They're going to go on as if nothing's happened. He's not being naive; he knows what Lindsay's capable of, but he's not going to let her anywhere near Nora. They agree not to let Lindsay ruin things for them. As they kiss, Lindsay watches from around the corner.

Mollie goes to Llanfair to bawl out Rex. She shows him the newspaper story in which she reveals what a loser he is. She almost died because of him. Rex denies any responsibility for what happened to her. Later, Seth gives Jessica a gold heart bracelet to symbolize her heart of gold. When Natalie arrives at Llanfair, Rex follows her and closes the door for privacy. He knows something's wrong and it's his guess that it's about Cristian. Natalie admits she ran into him again, and it's really hard. He's such a nice guy that he has trouble telling her to leave him alone. Everything he says is so vague, and then just when it starts to make sense, something always interrupts them. She thinks it would be easier for him if she just got out of his life. Rex doesn't care about making things easy for Cristian; he asks how Natalie feels. She tells him she's in love with Cristian.

Seeing that Cristian looks troubled, Keri offers to talk. Cristian admits he thought he'd be in love with Jen forever, but things have changed. They were apart for a long time, and he and Natalie kept getting thrown together. He didn't even like her at first, but she grew on him. He's falling in love with her.

Lindsay goes to Cristian's loft and bangs on the door, calling to Jen. The new super finds her and agrees to let her inside, since she seems like a nice lady. In the hall, Chad runs into Emily, who informs him that she's decided to stay for the fall semester. Lindsay listens from inside as Emily talks about taking a public speaking course because she was so embarrassed by the horrible speech she gave at her brother's wedding. Lindsay turns this over in her mind. She recalls Lanie's wedding day, when Colin told her that none of his relatives would be there because they weren't on speaking terms. She realizes Emily wasn't talking about Colin's wedding; she was talking about Troy. He was married!

Nora rushes to the gate, relieved that her flight hasn't boarded yet. Troy hands her a small stuffed dinosaur for Matthew. Nora tells him that her mother won't believe him. She'd never believe that a man could be that handsome, and a doctor, yet never married.

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