OLTL Update Friday 8/30/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/30/02

By Laura

Ross says that the winds changing means that boats won't come around for another six months, and that they can't be saved until then. Todd suspects that it's a trick but Ross swears he'd never do that to Tea. Tea wants Todd to promise her that he believes her when she tells him that Ross is no threat. He walks away, upset that he won't get to see his kids. She informs him that when he gets back, he'll be in a great spot legally. He says that if he has to b stuck, its much better having her with him. He promises that he believes her and that he won't get jealous anymore.

Sam signs Ben's final paperwork. Nora talks to him about how great everything will be now that Lindsay has been recaptured, and he tells her about Ben's irreversible coma. She tries to comfort him but he wants to be alone. Meanwhile, Chad confronts Blair about Sam firing him and she explains that only she has the power to fire him. She leaves immediately, to go put Sam in his place, and once she starts, Sam tells her about Ben. He assures her that he'll be okay, that he has to be for his kids. She offers him a shoulder to lean on but he comments that the only shoulder he wants is the one he'll never have again. Blair goes back to the office, tells Chad that Jack's godfather is in an irreversible coma, and Chad tries to comfort her.

Max wants to know how Roxy knew about the hearing, and she doesn't tell before or after R.J. comes knocking at the door. After R.J. calls his mole in the Department to find out if Lindsay is talking, he heads to Max's home to make sure that Roxy isn't talking either and to ask Max for a few bucks. Max promises it to him and R.J. leaves, headed for the gallery. Max swears to Roxy that the fight isn't over. Roxy wants him to go upstairs but he does so long enough to pack his bags and walk out the front door, leaving her behind. She vows that she'll make Max love her.

The governor's personal aid and Molly come to deliver a pardon to Lindsay. Molly explains that the governor is her grandfather and that Lindsay is getting a pardon for her heroic actions that saved Molly. Lindsay thanks everyone, even Tilly, throws some dirty laundry at her, and then leaves. The first place Lindsay goes to is her gallery. She calls Will and leaves a message. She makes plans to take a bath. She thinks of R.J., then Jen, and tells herself she needs to see Jen before R.J. Before she's given the chance, however, R.J. shows up at the gallery looking to cut some hidden cash out of a painting in his new gallery. Surprised to see one another, R.J. threatens Lindsay with a box cutter. He is afraid that she's out of prison because she struck a deal with his brother the DA giving up R.J.'s name. She tells him about the pardon and swears she's a changed woman and that men won't be the center of her life anymore and that she will be the best mother she can possibly be. R.J. is skeptical.

When Emily and Troy see Nora holding Sam, Emily wants to know if Troy is jealous. He explains that he's over that part of his life and that jealousy is destructive, and that he's even glad that Nora can be a comfort to Sam in his time of need. Then Nora and Troy find comfort in each other over Ben. Nora starts to leave, to go get Matthew from her parents' home out of state, but when Troy turns around he and Lindsay meet face to face.

At Crossroads, Vicki imagines Ben and they share some final memories together. He tells her that he'll see the Alps and he'll learn to yodel. He tells her that three years of happy memories will keep him with good dreams for as long as he's in the coma. They remember meeting and parting and coming back to one another. They exchange sentiments about how one gave the other love, and life. She's says that she's not sure that she can go on with out him but he promises her that she can and will. She says that her life won't end, but it will be a lot less beautiful. They dance to their song and then he fades out. She turns off the lights at Crossroads and closes the door behind her.

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