OLTL Update Thursday 8/29/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Laura

Renee tells Vicki about Gretel. Gretel tries to get out if it but then finally admits that she really is a fraud. Vikki verbally attacks Gretel, stating that all of this is her fault for releasing Allison and then Nikki. Vicki becomes even angrier when Rae refers to Ben in the past tense and offers to be there for as friend to Vicki. At first, Vicki is joined by Renee in the verbal attack, but when Vicki asks to speak to Gretel alone, she uses tells Gretel how dangerous and how selfish she thinks she is. She threatens to get revenge on her. Renee and Asa comfort one another. When security escorts Rae out, she stops and demands that Asa tell them who she is. He admits that she's his wife but says that she still needs to leave because he and Renee need to mourn their loss together. He regrets that he never told Ben that he loves him, but Renee assures him that Ben knew.

Larry, Natalie, and Vicki discuss Ben's treatment in Switzerland, and the fact that he will be in the best care, and then Vicki takes Natalie to Crossroads and tells her the story of she and Ben falling in love. Vicki asks if she can go in alone and if Natalie will wait for her. Natalie says that she loves her mother very much and that she's been waiting a long time for a mother like her and will continue to wait now as long as Vicki needs her to. Vicki enters and thoughts of Ben start to flow and cause Vicki to cry.

Troy thinks about Joanna but Nora interrupts his thoughts to tell him that Lindsay has been recaptured. She tells Troy that she has come to the conclusion that Lindsay no longer affects her on a day-to-day basis. When Nora goes to pack up their belongings, Troy throws the necklace into the water. Emily arrives to tell Troy and Nora the news about Lindsay, and Troy says that they already knew but takes the opportunity to tell her that he's finally going to let go of Joanna, forgive himself, and leave her in the past.

Lindsay claims to the warden that Allison took her hostage. The warden isn't buying it and tacks on 25 more years to Lindsay's sentence. Mrs. Sharpe is angry because Lindsay's escape caused her to get demoted and lose pay. As her punishment, Lindsay is to be thrown into a cell with a new roommate, a threatening, dangerous, equally angry, and anxious to pounce Tilly. Lindsay begs for solitary. Sharpe says there's no more room in solitary. Lindsay demands to speak with her attorney and then passes out. Sharpe tries to pick her up and throw her in the cell, but the warden stops her.

Gabrielle says that she couldn't bring herself to tell Bo but Al informs her that it doesn't matter anymore because Jen knows he set the fire and is probably turning him in at the moment. She tells him it's the perfect opportunity for him to turn himself in first, but he would rather run far away and stay gone. Gabrielle tries to talk him out of it by first using his parents and then using Jen and the fact that he'll never see any of them again. He says it doesn't matter because Jen will never forgive him anyway. His mother promises that Bo will help and that he'll get Al the minimum sentence. He agrees to turn himself in, but says he needs some time alone first. Gabrielle allows this, after a moment of blaming herself for his predicament.

Cristian wants to discuss his relationship with Natalie but she just wants to get to her mother's side. Jen overhears and hides in a medicine closet. She cries, throws and breaks things, screams about how much she hates them, and vows to get revenge and to keep them apart. Jen finds Cristian and he tells her that he wants to be there for her. She assures him that she's fine but that Natalie isn't and that he needs to go be with her. Jen then calls Al and interrupts his attempt to get the Commissioner on the phone by telling him that she's not going to turn him in, if he follows her orders.

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