OLTL Update Wednesday 8/28/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/28/02

By Beth

Asa grumbles about the wedding cake that was just delivered, saying that the latest Mrs. Buchanan may soon be the late Mrs. Buchanan. Gretel Rae informs him that she would like to continue their celebration over breakfast, but Asa informs her that it's a wake, not a celebration. He's annoyed that some idiot tipped off the reporters, and Rae admits to being that idiot. As Nigel tries to clean the cake off his suit from Asa's shenanigans, the phone rings again. Nigel answers the phone, then reports back to Asa. He really thinks he should take the call. The hospital has been trying to reach him all night but someone had unplugged the phone system. Nigel tells him this isn't about the hospital board. It's about Ben.

Just outside the courtroom where Max is meeting with the judge, Roxy calls to thank R.J. for the tip, assuring him that she'll never reveal what she knows about him. In the courtroom, Max's case is brought before Judge Fitzwater. He informs the judge that he'll be representing himself, and he's suing on the grounds that his wife has deserted him. He doesn't think she wants to be found; she's wanted out of the marriage since just after the beginning. The judge despises cowardice and lying, but Max says he doesn't blame his wife. He just wants closure so that he can go on with his life and find someone who really loves him. Suddenly, Roxy bursts into the courtroom, to Max's horror. She informs the judge of her ordeal, and when Max says she's lying, Roxy says she can prove this because it's going to be in all the papers. While fighting for her life, she got hold of a cell phone and called her husband but he hung up on her. Max explains this away as a bad connection, but Roxy insists it happened three times. Then, when she came back to him after getting rescued, he took her to a bar so that she'd get drunk and sleep through this hearing. Max insists he knew nothing about any of this, but Roxy assures the judge that the commissioner was there when Max found out where she'd been. The judge isn't at all happy with him. She decides to grant the petition for divorce, but in Roxy's favor. All marital assets will be awarded to her. Max tries to change his mind, but it's too late. The judge advises Roxy to take the money and run as far away as possible from this bum. Max tries to sweet-talk Roxy, and it works. She decides to take the bum back; that way she has both the man and his money. Judge Fitzwater dismisses the case.

At the police station, Antonio tears up again while thinking about what he did. Having heard about the shootout, Cristian comes to find him, but he doesn't know exactly what happened, so Antonio fills him in. Ben Davidson was shot, and Antonio's the one who shot him. He was aiming at Allison but wound up shooting Ben instead, and now an innocent man is in a coma and will never wake up. Cristian tells him not to blame himself; accidents happen. Bo comes to get Antonio. They go into Bo's office, and Bo says that the best way to handle this is by the book. He needs Antonio's badge and gun, which actually should have been taken from him last night. Antonio assures him he didn't touch his gun. Bo tells him he's immediately suspended with pay, pending an investigation. He should be hearing from Internal Affairs soon. Antonio's worried about what Bo thinks. He just knows that Bo thinks he was too keyed up and lost control simply because he knew that R.J. was involved, and he shot without checking first. It's what Bo thinks, and Antonio wants him to admit it. The commissioner wanted him off the case, thinking he was too personally involved and too desperate to prove R.J.'s role in the escape, and Antonio's convinced he still thinks that. He knows Bo thought he was being sloppy. Bo replies that it's up to Internal Affairs to decide; his own opinion doesn't matter here. It matters to Antonio, but Bo won't respond. He has to go to the hospital to say goodbye to his brother. He leaves Antonio alone in his office, and Cristian comes in. They argue, and Antonio just wants to be left alone. He orders his brother to leave him alone, and Cristian complies.

After R.J. talks to Roxy, Keri comes into Capricorn. She's depressed about the turn her life has taken. Just a few weeks ago, everything was perfect, and now it's anything but that. R.J. reminds her that things do change, but he thinks she still loves Antonio. Keri confirms this but says that's just not enough. She tells her dad that she loves and trusts him, and he assures her that things will get better. While he goes to sign for a delivery, Keri waits for him. She looks at her bare ring finger, then notices the headline in the paper and runs out. When R.J. returns, he sees the paper in the floor. Keri rushes to the police station to see Antonio, but he's already gone home. In his apartment, he looks at the engagement ring Keri returned, then sets it back down. Then he removes a gun from a drawer and places it in an overnight bag before heading out the door.

Furious, Jen goes to see Al. Holding a cigarette lighter out to him, she asks why he said he loved her and then tried to kill her. Al argues that he didn't do anything of the kind, and wants to know who told her that lie. Jen informs him that she figured it out for herself. Al tries to convince her she's wrong, but she assures him she's not an idiot. Why did he try to kill her?!? Al swears he didn't. She wasn't supposed to be at the house; no one was. He did it to make her see the truth about Cristian and Natalie. This makes no sense to Jen, because obviously Natalie didn't set the fire; Al did. Al swears he had to do it. He had to make her see the truth and show her how much he cares. Jen can't believe this. He thought he'd show his love by burning down her father's house and framing Natalie for it? Al insists he loves her more than Cristian ever could. Yes, he started the fire, but he saved her from it and from her cheating boyfriend. Cristian was in Natalie's romantic hotel room at the time of the fire. Jen tells him to shut up. This isn't about Cristian and Natalie. This is about Al; he's stalking her. Before she can continue, she gets a call from Sam, who tells her about Ben. As she rushes out, Al asks what she's going to do about the fire. She glares at him.

Viki stands lovingly at Ben's side. She keeps thinking that if she keeps on talking, he'll wake up, but Larry tells her that just won't happen. She leaves the room just as her daughters arrive on the floor. Jessica runs to her, and she assures her that Niki's gone. She cries and holds Jessica close, telling her there's nothing more the doctors can do for Ben. The only clinic that would even consider taking him is in Switzerland, and only if they could get him there immediately. They're going to do it, but the clinic doesn't hold out hope for reversing the coma. Jessica wants to talk to Ben. Natalie goes to her mother, but doesn't know what to say. Thinking Viki doesn't want her around, she turns to leave, but Viki stops her. Thanks to Bo, she knows what Niki did to Natalie, and she begs her daughter to believe that she herself had nothing to do with it. She would never hurt her that way; she loves her. Natalie loves her too. She tries to leave but Viki begs her to stay with her. She needs her now more than she ever could have imagined. They hold each other for the first time in months. Viki apologizes again for what Niki put her through, but Natalie says all that matters now is Ben. It must be horrible for Viki to miss all those months and them come back to this awful situation. Viki reminisces about when she and Ben first met. This is so wrong!!! Renee agrees with her and hugs her. She's losing her son all over again. Larry tells Sam that it's time for them to say their goodbyes
to Ben.

Asa rushes to the hospital, accompanied by his new bride. Ben is carried out of his room as his loved ones exit. Asa goes to Ben, reminding him that he's a Buchanan. If anyone can beat this, he can. He'll have the very best care. Although the ambulance is waiting to transport Ben to the airport, Sam asks them to wait a couple more minutes, since Jen is on her way to say goodbye to her uncle. Larry agrees, letting Viki have another minute with her husband. Viki promises Ben that this isn't goodbye, because she'll be right behind him. She's going to make sure they take good care of him at the clinic. He's going to beat this; she didn't come back just to lose him. Their two-year anniversary is coming up soon, and she expects to dance with him at Crossroads, just as he promised. She places his wedding ring back on his finger; the nurses removed it when he was admitted. Viki kisses his lips, and Ben is taken away. Jessica goes to Renee, and Rae follows Viki into Ben's room. Cristian arrives and sees Natalie, who throws her arms around him and fills him in on poor Ben's condition. One good thing did happen. Viki's back, and she even said she loves and needs Natalie. Natalie feels stupid caring about that at a time like this, but Cristian understands. He tried to help Antonio but his brother wouldn't even talk to him. Natalie thinks Antonio just needs time alone to work this out. She assures him she's always available as a friend, but Cristian reminds her they both know they're a lot more than friends. Nearby, Jen spies on them.

Rae watches from a distance as Viki cries about Ben. She apologizes to Viki and says she feels responsible, but Viki assures her it's not her fault. From the doorway, Renee begs to differ. She tells "Gretel" to fill Viki in on exactly what she missed, starting with the fact that she's not really a therapist. She's not really qualified at all, least of all to do something as dangerous as releasing one of Viki's alters.

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