OLTL Update Tuesday 8/27/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/27/02

By Beth

After realizing she saw R.J. with Allison at Rae's house, Roxy phones the police to inquire about any reward they might be offering for information about who helped in the escape. She's impressed with the amount, but as she talks about wanting to help the men in blue, R.J. disconnects the call and asks who she was calling. He doesn't believe her claim that she was trying to reach her manicurist. In fact, he's sure she was calling the police. Roxy admits that she saw him with Allison and wants the reward for turning him in. She tries to leave but R.J. won't let her get past him. Roxy insists he can't hurt her because Max really loves her and will come back for her. This really amuses R.J., who calls her a poor, deluded fool. He makes her an offer. If she'll forget she ever saw him at Rae's, he'll give her the biggest gift of her miserable little life. It's a secret more valuable than any reward could be. They strike a deal. R.J. informs her of Max's plan to get her drunk enough to sleep all night and most of tomorrow, so that he can get to divorce court. Roxy protests this at first, then realizes he's telling the truth. She loads up on coffee to sober up. R.J. reminds her not to say anything, because he can be a very dangerous man. Roxy informs him that Max will soon find out that she can be a very dangerous woman.

At Sam's, Jen tells her father that even though she knows Natalie didn't set the fire, she wishes she had. Whoever did it will be sent away for a long time and never hurt her again. Sam's never heard her talk this way before. Jen admits that Natalie wants Cristian, and no matter what she does, he insists they're just friends and won't give her up. Sam understands why she's angry at both of them but cautions her not to let it consume her as it did her mother. That's no way to live. He gets a call from Antonio, who tells him to go to the hospital. Sam doesn't know what it's about. He wants Jen to stay at the house and wait for Bo to call with news about Lindsay. Sam still can't believe how close he came to losing Jen. He'll always be grateful to Al for running out of that room. Confused, Jen asks what he's talking about. He doesn't know why, but when he told Al that she was at the house, he took off like a shot from Llanfair.

Jen starts thinking about Al's behavior right before the fire. He called and told her to stay away from Sam's, and away from Natalie. Natalie's keys were found at the scene but Natalie was definitely not there. Then Al was really upset when she was in the hospital and didn't want her to thank him for rescuing her. She puts it all together and comes to the obvious conclusion. "He did it. Al set the fire."

Max wants to know why Al was yelling at his mother and confessing to having done something. Al hedges, then when Max guesses it has something to do with Jen, Gabrielle confirms it. That's what he thought; whenever Al's in trouble, Jen's at the center of it. Al insists it's nothing, but Max doesn't believe that. He asks Gabrielle to explain, but she wants their son to own up to what he did. Al finally says that he told Jen that Cristian was cheating on her with Natalie. He knew it wasn't true, knowing the real reason they were spending so much time together was that Cristian was helping her through something. Max understands; Al was manipulating the situation to his advantage. Gabrielle can't believe this. Is that all he's going to say? Al insists that's all there is. Max isn't happy but doesn't think any real damage has been done and Al seems sincere about turning
over a new leaf. Unable to take any more, Gabrielle storms out and slams the door. Thinking he should go talk to her, Al leaves. Max looks suspicious.

Bo asks Allison whether they had any help from someone on the outside. He needs to know where she got the gun. He charges that because of what she did, Antonio accidentally wounded Ben and he may die. Allison is crying at hearing about her Dave's situation. She informs Bo that Lindsay planned the escape. When he asks again whether they had any help, Allison gives a vacant stare and then starts singing a silly song about Lindsay. Angry, Bo tries to question her but gets nowhere. She's gone away, into her own world. Bo has her put back in the squad car to await transport to St. Anne's for observation. Lindsay continues to swear she was forced to go with Allison, and that she was afraid for her life, but Bo's not buying her story. Lindsay claims she asked Allison to turn herself in, and says she doesn't know whose idea it was to use Rae's house. She also insists she never left the house, but Bo knows she went to the hospital. Lindsay blames that on Allison too. Bo wants to know whether his witness will corroborate her story that Allison was behind the hospital visit. Lindsay hedges the question, and Mollie continues to insist that Lindsay's selfless act saved her life. Bo tells Lindsay to keep polishing the hostage story; maybe somebody will eventually believe her, but for now, she's going back to Statesville. He gets a call from Antonio, who advises him to get to the hospital now. Bo tells Officer Evans to take charge of Lindsay until the prison authorities pick her up, then tells Officer Bernstein to take Mollie home. Lindsay cries about going back to prison, and Mollie promises to tell her grandfather what Lindsay did for her. Lindsay's unimpressed.

Since he hasn't been able to reach Nora, Max has another lawyer representing him in the divorce. He's not happy to hear that the man has a conflict in the morning and needs to postpone Max's case until afternoon. Not willing to give Roxy any time to botch his plan, he decides to represent himself.

Al bangs on Bo's door and calls to his mother, who eventually opens the door. He barges in and demands that she not blow this out of proportion. She screams at him. He knows it was wrong but telling people won't make anything better; what's important is that he's sorry. Gabrielle doesn't think that's good enough. Al tells her to be calm about this, and she assures him that she is. She's seeing everything very clearly now for the first time. Al tells her to keep this between them, but she'll make no such promise. She couldn't look Bo in the eye again if she lied to him, and he's going to figure it out anyway. Al loses his temper and accuses her of twisting this around to what she wants and needs. He wants her to stop lecturing him, because he learned to lie so well from watching her. He demands to know what he has to do to get her to drop this, then tells her to forget it. It's obvious to him that she's going to make sure he spends the rest of his life in prison. He storms out.

Max helps Roxy into the house. From all appearances, she's totally plastered. She ends up crashing on the couch and pretending to be asleep. Max is overjoyed that his plan is working. He goes off to the bedroom, unaware that Roxy is toying with him. She gets up and vows that he won't know what hit him.

Mrs. Sharp and another guard pick up Lindsay, who pleads with them not to take her back to Statesville. She just wants one night in jail instead of going straight back to prison. Mrs. Sharp is very glad to be getting her back. Lindsay made her look bad, so now she's going to make Lindsay feel bad. She tells her to expect a big welcome back party. Tillie will be there.

Larry informs Antonio that he's done all he can, but Ben's brain is shutting down and there's not much chance of a recovery. He's  deteriorating rapidly, and the next step is to slip into a deep coma. This time, he won't wake up. Tears are still welled up in Antonio's eyes.

Viki goes to Ben, assuring him it's really her. She loves him so much. Ben says he loves her too. Viki apologizes for leaving him, but he knew she'd be back; he just hopes it's not too late. He should have known it was Niki. Viki assures him that he couldn't have known. Larry comes in to run a quick test and tells Viki she can stay. After he's done, she quietly asks what's going on. He's never let her stay before. Larry explains that he wants them to have as much time together as possible. They slip out of the room to talk. Larry gently informs her that Ben's about to slip into a deep coma, and there's nothing else he can do for him. He's consulted with the best neurosurgeons in the world but they just can't give any hope. Ben really needs her now; she has to be strong and spend every minute left with him. Viki goes back inside Ben's room and promises she'll never
leave him again. He knows. They're both crying. He's sorry, but he has to leave her. Viki insists he's not going anywhere, but Ben says that Larry told him the situation. He's been thinking back to when they met. He was never really in love until he met her. He knew it would last forever. He'll always be with her. They sweetly kiss each other's lips.

Larry interrupts the tearful reunion with news that Ben has some visitors. Viki steps outside while Renee, Bo, and Sam see their loved one. Viki cries on Larry's shoulder while Antonio stands back. Sam tries to reassure Ben that he'll be fine, but Bo stops him with a knowing look. Ben tells Renee how glad he is to have found her. He's a better man for knowing her. He tells Bo what a great brother he is, and he wishes he'd grown up with him. He wants him to take care of Renee. He tells Sam he loves him and asks him to look out for Viki and not ever let her stop living just because he's not there. Viki comes back, and Ben tells the others he needs to be with his wife now.

Sam refuses to believe there's no hope, but Renee hugs him in response. Larry leaves them alone. Bo sits alone, despondent. Antonio approaches him and apologizes. He's prepared for what happens to him now.

Viki and Ben continue to exchange vows of love. Ben turns his head and goes away, a smile on his face as his mind plays out his relationship with the love of his life.

In a straitjacket, Alison rocks back and forth in her padded cell at St. Anne's, crying about her Dave, and saying, "I did a bad thing. I did a bad thing."

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