OLTL Update Monday 8/26/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/26/02

By Beth

As Andrew begins the marriage ceremony between Asa and Rae, Renee interrupts and asks for an explanation. She tries to laugh it off as a joke. Rae says she tried to explain this to her. Before she can say anything else, Asa takes Renee aside to talk. At this point, Andrew doesn't know whether there will still be a wedding, but Rae tells him to count on it. Rae tells Nigel that she didn't want it to happen this way; she would never want to hurt Renee. She stops herself, realizing she shouldn't be troubling Nigel with her problems. Nigel points out that they're alike in one respect: he doesn't have a degree in psychology either. Even so, he thinks there's a simple solution; she shouldn't marry Asa. Out in the foyer, Renee wants the truth, and Asa's trying to tell her. She knows he despises Rae, so she knows they're not marrying for love. Asa tells her it isn't what it looks like. All she can think is that it's revenge and that he's taking advantage of poor, vulnerable Rae after wrecking her life. Rae joins them and tries to explain. She wants to marry Asa; it's for the best. Renee can't believe what she's hearing. She'll never trust that backstabbing, two-faced woman again. She had a very special evening planned for Asa and herself, and he accepted her invitation. She actually had hope for the two of them. Well, now she hopes they'll be very miserable together. She storms out, and Rae tells Nigel to find Andrew so they can resume the ceremony. She rushes through the vows, and Asa agrees to get this over with. Rae pulls a ring out of her pocket and places it on her own finger. Instead of kissing the bride, Asa leans forward and informs her that he's going to make her sorry she ever met him. She replies, "We'll see, darling. We'll see."

Max takes Roxy to Capricorn, where he wants to get her so drunk that she'll pass out. That way he can still go to the court house in the morning and start divorce proceedings on grounds of abandonment. R.J. doesn't want anything to do with this but Max talks him into helping. Max leads his wife on by pretending he's attracted to her and in the mood for love. When Roxy sees R.J., she thinks she's seen him before with a woman, but R.J. thinks she must have him confused with someone else. Roxy accepts this, then toasts her homecoming. She mentions how creepy Rae's basement is, a statement that disturbs R.J. She tells him about being Allison's hostage. He had no idea she was there. He and Max keep pouring out their drinks, while they keep filling Roxy's glass. Max decides to go home, allegedly to make sure there are no reporters lurking around, and Roxy wants to go with him but finally agrees to wait. As she continues drinking, she tells R.J. that she'll be next year's woman of the year. She went to return the dumb trophy and saw a bunch of yellow tape. Suddenly she remembers where she's seen R.J. before: he was with Allison at Rae's house. Before giving herself away, she stops and tries to rush out, but R.J. wants her to stay as Max requested. When his private line rings in his office, he leaves the liquor bottle for her. She picks up the phone at the bar and calls the police, asking whether they're offering a reward for information about who helped in Allison's escape.

Gabrielle and Al argue about his involvement in the fire at Sam's. Gabrielle knows he set the fire, an act he fervently denies, railing about the idea that his own mother would think he's a firebug. She knows full well that he did it. She starts to leave but finds Jen at the door. Al's glad to see her. He tries to get rid of his mother, but Jen actually stopped to see her after seeing her car out front. She's hoping Gabrielle heard something from Bo about Lindsay, but Gabrielle explains that Bo doesn't share that type of thing with her. However, she assures Jen that Bo is completely dedicated to his work and never gives up on a case until it's solved. Al tries in vain to shut her up and she points out that the truth always comes out. It's obvious that something's wrong, and Jen asks her about it. Al claims they just had an argument and she's still upset. Jen tries to leave, thinking they should have some privacy, but Al would rather get rid of his mother. He tries to stop her from asking Jen about the fire, but Jen doesn't mind being asked; there's nothing new. Gabrielle stares at her son as Jen praises his heroism again. As she takes a call, mother and son quietly continue their argument. Jen announces that she's going to Sam's. When she's gone, Al gloats that there's no evidence to link him to the fire, and there won't be, because he didn't do it. Gabrielle calls him a "smart little boy" who only left evidence implicating someone else. She knows he planned it; she caught him, and wants to know what he's going to do now. Al says he's not going to do anything. Gabrielle tells him to stop pretending, but he insists he's not pretending. She won't back off. Finally, Al admits that he did it. They notice Max standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.

Allison points the gun at Mollie. Lindsay gets up from her chair and goes for the gun. Niki tries to make a run for it but stops when the police rush in and she sees Ben staring at her. She runs the other way, and Ben runs after her. In the confusion, Antonio gets trigger happy and fires his gun. Ben and Niki fall to the floor. Bo orders the others to hold their fire, as he struggles to hold onto Allison. He shoots Antonio a furious look. He has one of the officers cuff her, then he goes to check on Ben and Niki. Niki's unharmed, but Ben is bleeding. He's been shot. Allison wails about Dave's shooting as the officer drags her out. She accuses Antonio of shooting him. Niki tries to leave but is stopped by Bo, and eventually she admits he's right to think that she's Niki. Bo orders Antonio to get Lindsay and Mollie out of the cabin, then he hands Niki over to another cop. He gets back to Ben, who's talking. He's happy they found Viki. He's been shot before, and he knows he's not doing well. Bo tells him to hang in there; the ambulance will be here any minute. Ben says that he loves Viki and wants her back with him. He needs her and loves her so much. Tears are streaming down his face. Before Niki can stop it, Viki comes back. She's very confused; she has no idea what happened, and demands to know how Ben got hurt. The paramedics arrive.

Lindsay wants her handcuffs removed, but Antonio refuses to give her any opportunity to escape. Allison again accuses him of shooting her Dave. The paramedics bring Ben out and load him onto the ambulance. Bo orders Antonio to ride along in the ambulance with Viki. He does believe she's Viki but doesn't want Antonio to take his eyes off her. He wants Allison placed in the back of the squad car until he's ready to question her. Lindsay insists she can't go back to prison, but Bo informs her she has no choice. He's going to testify that her prison break caused his brother to be shot. That will add many years onto her original sentence. Mollie protests that Lindsay saved her life, but Bo assures her that if she did, it was only to save her own hide. His brother may be dying, and if he does, Lindsay will really have something to worry about. She's not getting away with this one. There won't be any con games or a tearful plea to a judge. The escape alone will double her original sentence. Lindsay starts blaming Allison, claiming she's the one who planned the escape. Bo doesn't believe that for a second. He has Allison brought over, and asks her who planned the escape. She and Lindsay stare each other down.

Ben is brought to the hospital, where he's met by Larry. Larry tries to calm Viki down but admits there are enormous complications due to his recent head injuries. He rushes off when he learns that Ben's having another seizure. Confused, Viki asks Antonio what's going on. She doesn't know about any recent head injuries. Extremely subdued ever since the shooting, Antonio wants her to wait and get her answers from Bo. Realizing she was there but has no memory of it, Viki breaks down. She now knows that she must have been someone else at the time, and she's traumatized by what she may have done. She remembers being in the court house, and before that, she remembers that Rae was helping her. Antonio explains that's when things went wrong. He knows about Niki, and he shows her the Missing Person poster. Viki realizes that Rae must have hypnotized her and been unable to bring her back. Niki is very dangerous, and Viki's terrified that she shot Ben and hurt her daughters. Antonio assures her that she didn't shoot Ben and that her the girls are fine. However, she is responsible for Ben's head injuries. He was in a coma but he came out of it. Viki's convinced Ben's current situation is her fault, but Antonio admits that he's actually the one to blame. Larry returns and informs her that Ben's awake now. She goes to see him.

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