OLTL Update Friday 8/23/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/23/02

By Laura

Roxy fills Bo in on what went down between Allison and Nikki while Antonio leads the witch-hunt against R.J. He finds a car and calls Bo while Max, after calling the judge to set his hearing for even earlier the following day, makes nice with Roxy. He embraces her and pretends to have been terribly worried about her so that he can get her home to sleep and sneak out for the hearing while she's still asleep in the morning. He assures her that he never hung up on her and that it was simply a bad connection. After Bo talks to Antonio, he calls Ben and informs him that there's a lead on Vicki, that she's still Nikki and that Allison has her. Bo asks him to meet him on Lantana Mountain.

Lindsay and Nikki beg Allison to spare them, in true competition form, but Allison enjoys playing god way too much. Allison leans toward using the bullet on Nikki because she tried to kill Dave but Nikki insists that it's really Lindsay who ruined things for Allison and Dave. She insists that she's always had a thing for Ben and that she married Sam and Clint to get near him. Allison cries because she has no friends then stops and says that she knows exactly which one of them she needs to kill.

Molly and Rex make out in the wilderness but she leaves when he can't shut up about Shawna, assuming that he's using Molly to get to her. She knocks on the cabin door so that she can use the phone and find a way home. Allison orders Nikki to open the door, play Nikki, and get rid of Molly. When Molly ignores Nikki's insisting that she leaves, and barges in to use the phone anyway, she's met by Lindsay, Allison, and a gun. Allison thinks she is a spy and that there is a conspiracy going on. Molly informs her that she's just a college student. Allison is jealous because she was a candy striper while all of her peers were going to college and joining sororities.

The police think of Vicki's cabin and Bo, Antonio, Ben, and a fourth cop head there. Seconds before Antonio and Bo barge into the cabin, Lindsay grabs Allison's gun and the two women struggle. Antonio pulls the trigger, Bo grabs Allison and they struggle for the gun, and Nikki heads toward the front door to escape. Nikki and Ben glance at one another and she runs for the back door. He stops her as Antonio's gun goes off and in slow motion they both hit the ground.

Renee confides in Seth regarding her love for Asa. Then she comforts and encourages Ben in regards to his wife. When Ben gets the tip, Renee tells him to be careful. Meanwhile, Rae shows up at Asa's mansion prepared to marry him. She asks Nigel and Andrew to give them a few minutes and when they oblige, she insists that he didn't complete her list of demands because not all of the lawsuits had been dropped. Asa swears that he'll get the kids to drop the suit and if he can't he'll pay the charges. She reminds him that she can't trust him, that he's tortured her too hard for too long, and then explains that when they get married, she'll call all the shots. She adds that they'll share everything too, like she'll have his money and he'll have the tape with their sessions on it. Asa asks Nigel for advice and he replies that Asa should go on and marry Rae. They start the ceremony and Renee arrives, sees, and takes a step back.

Al hears the Doors' song "Light My Fire" and quickly reaches for the off switch. Jessica shows up at his door, convinced she knows who set the fire. She tells him that her mother did it and planted Natalie's keys because her mom is really Nikki Smith. Al encourages her to go to the police but she's unsure. Gabrielle comes in and says a few comforting words to Jessica before she leaves. Then she turns her attention toward her son. She swears she'll support him no matter what and then calls him on his habit of blaming everyone else for the fire except the one who really set it, Al himself. When Jessica goes to see Seth, he tells her what Renee said to him; that Ben got a call from the police with a lead to finding her mother.

Todd asks Tea if she'll help him get his kids back. She replies that of course she will, but wonders if it's all just an agenda in order to see that happen. She asks if he's doing this because he wants to get back at Blair. Todd tries to dodge the question but Tea points out that not only does he keep bringing up Blair, but he's also still wearing his ring. He admits he wants a little payback but swears that Blair is nothing to him and that Tea is the only woman who matters to him. She kisses him and is about to seduce him when Ross interrupts to tell them that the winds have shifted. He adds that what this means is that they've missed their chance.

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