OLTL Update Thursday 8/22/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Laura

Allison takes hostages Nikki and Lindsay to Vicki's cabin, sure that no one will look for Nikki there. Allison informs Lindsay that Nikki is also wanted by the police. Nikki assures Lindsay that Allison won't kill them because they're too valuable alive, and Allison tells them to think again. Lindsay reminds Allison that they're friends but she isn't buying it. She fears that Lindsay and Nikki are plotting against her. Lindsay's defense is that she didn't know that she was lying about Dave and that Sam will help them get a lesser sentence in court. Nikki's defense is that Vicki's family will be looking for her and will do anything, and pay anything, to get her back. Allison decides it would be best to leave them there, tied up, as a present for the cops. She rips out the phone and destroys the cell phones.

Once Allison is gone, Lindsay asks 'Vicki' if they can work together. Nikki informs her that she's Nikki Smith and that Nikki works alone. Finally she agrees to work together by putting their chairs back to back and untie one another. Of course, they argue over who's going to rescue who first trusting that they won't run after being untied and before untying the other. Allison comes back and interrupts, citing her reason for her return as the car breaking down. She feels it was a sign that she needed to come back and finish what she started. Nikki points out that there shouldn't be any more bullets left. Allison looks, finds one bullet left, and begins to ponder which one of them she should use the lone bullet for.

Asa calls and threatens the station not to play his interview on Gretel again or he'll sue. It's the last item on Rae's list, but Nigel is not convinced that Rae will stay true to her word. He assures Nigel, and himself, that Rae is through trying to harm him and that it's all over. Rae tells Renee that she won't be staying at the hotel much longer. She starts to tell Renee everything about Asa but is interrupted by Shawna and Molly causing Renee to misconstrue Rae's words and assume that Asa is a changed man. Renee goes directly to Asa, to tell him how proud she is and to ask him to dinner. At first Asa declines, out of misdirected egotism, but quickly agrees and makes plans for that evening at the Palace. Shawna tells Rae that since the hospital has dropped their suit, thanks to Asa, she can up her stakes with her own lawsuit against Rae. While Shawna stays to torture Rae, Rex and Molly run off to his mother's cabin. Asa dresses up for his date and Andrew Carpenter arrives at Asa's mansion. Asa and Nigel are very confused as to why Andrew is there, until Rae comes and clears it up. It's simple; Andrew is there to wed Asa and Rae.

Nora and Troy sleep outdoors and it has memories of Joanna flooding back for Troy. Troy wants to turn back but Nora encourages him to sleep out in the open air. She makes a sleeping bag out of a blanket and poncho and upon being asked, admits that she learned her wilderness skills from her first husband, DA Hank Gannon. She talks of past relationships forming fond memories years later, and when he says he's never felt that way she assures him that its because he's never been marred before. Troy remembers a conversation with Joanna where he tells her to "stop" and then thinks about how he got her to do that. Nora is convinced that he's somber because he's thinking about how the two of them almost drowned, and states that she can't think of a worse way to die than drowning.

Max and Al pack up Roxy's belongings, but he worries about what could have happened to her. R.J. comes over and asks Max if he killed Roxy. He swears that he could never kill anyone, even her. R.J. assures Max that he is innocent in the prison break. Max says he'll cover for R.J. in any way needed. R.J. appreciates the gesture, and offers that if max really had offed Roxy, he'd protect his friend as well. After R.J. leaves, Al questions his father's innocence in Roxy's disappearance. Max admits that he's a little worried, but reiterates that he had nothing to do with her missing. He adds that he does know where she was headed when she left, however, and goes to Rae's house to check. He peers through the window, and is shocked when he sees Roxy on Rae's couch, talking to Bo.

Bo worries that Antonio will allow his emotions to cloud his judgment in the investigation, but allows him to stay on the case. Bo determines that Lindsay and Allison couldn't have been gone for more than two hours, because of the food on the table. Then Bo recognizes signs of a struggle in the basement. He knows that Lindsay isn't violent but that Allison may be. When Antonio states that he wants to catch R.J., Bo warns him another time not to allow his emotions to get in the way of the investigation. Antonio admits that he and Kerri have broken up, but assures his boss that he is a cop first and foremost.

Bo finds scratches on the wall that lead to discovering Roxy stashed in the trunk. Bo and Antonio question Roxy and she divulges that Allison knocked her out and left her for dead. She insists that Lindsay was not a part of it, but then admits that Lindsay wasn't exactly alone either, she was with Vicki. Antonio impatiently yells at Roxy and speaks sarcastically, causing her to complain and Bo to reprimand him twice. When Roxy notices that her watch broke when she was thrown in the trunk, Bo figures out that the escapees left the house approximately an hour and a half ago.

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