OLTL Update Wednesday 8/21/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/21/02

By Beth

Natalie tries to leave, but Jen stops her by pretending to think her gesture of friendship is being rejected. When Cristian returns, Jen puts Natalie on the spot for wanting to leave, so she agrees to stay just a little longer. Jen sets out tea for three, then gets out her new digital camera. She tells them to loosen up, insisting that Cristian put his arm around Natalie just like a pal. She takes the picture, then sits down with them to get one of all three. She has Cristian put an arm around each of them, and she and Natalie put their heads on his shoulders. The phone rings, and Jen insists on answering it herself. It's a call from Antonio, who decides not to interrupt Cristian now that he has company and asks Jen to tell his brother to call him at the station when he can. Jen tells Cristian that Antonio was pretty upset and maybe he shoud go see him at the station. He doesn't want to just walk out on them, but the girls both urge him to go. Jen gives him a passionate kiss before he leaves, saying she could never live without him.

After Cristian leaves, Jen continues torturing Natalie. She hands her some tea, which Natalie tastes after making sure that Jen does the same. Jen talks to her about how other people are always leaning on Cristian--especially women. He's just so used to helping people that he doesn't notice when some of them have a crush on him. He always shows Jen exactly how much he loves her. Jen alludes to sex as his way of reassuring her. Thinking Natalie's uncomfortable with this talk, Jen tells her to be honest. Did she maybe get a little crush on Cristian after Seth left her for Jessica? Natalie denies the accusation; she thought Jen knew there was nothing going on. Jen says all she knew was that Cristian didn't have any feelings for Natalie. Finally, Natalie can't take it anymore. She thanks Jen for her hospitality but says she really has to go home and lie down. Jen shows her out. Pleased with herself, she says she's just starting with Natalie.

Chad informs Blair that he filled out all his employment paperwork, then asks about Starr. He's concerned that she had the wrong idea about them, but Blair assures him that she explained it to her. It would be crazy to think that anything's going on between them. Chad agrees that it would be wrong since he works for her, an opinion Blair sees as adorable, saying he's so cute when he's ethical. Chad isn't used to being thought of as ethical but he's trying to change that. He throws several compliments her way, but when he refers to her as his new boss, Sam speaks from the doorway. He can't believe Chad is working for Blair. She tries to ward off a potentially bad scene, but when she has to see to a minor emergency, Sam confronts Chad as to why he took the job. He doesn't believe anything Chad says and accuses him of wanting another chance with Blair. Blair returns in time to witness Sam's attack. Chad leaves, and Sam and Blair have an argument. She assures him her only interest in Chad is as an intern. She's touched that he cares so much. He advises her to rethink the Chad situation, since he gets the idea that Starr doesn't like him much. Blair admits she doesn't like him at all, and thinks hiring him may not have been such a good idea. She kisses him, then blames it on her clumsiness when trying to kiss his cheek. Sam finds Chad outside and tells him he doesn't need the employment papers anymore; Blair doesn't think it's a good idea for him to work there. Chad wants to know why Blair didn't tell him this herself. Posturing, Sam says it's because HE did.

Keri listens as Antonio leaves another message for her on R.J.'s answering machine. She answers a knock at the door to find Carlotta, who admits she had a bit of a run-in with R.J. earlier while trying to smooth things over. Keri tells her not to worry about it, because she and Antonio aren't together anymore. Carlotta's truly sorry to hear that, but says it's obviously a mistake since Antonio loves her. Keri says he doesn't love her enough to believe she wouldn't lie to protect her father. He doesn't trust her, and he wants her to choose between them but she can't. Carlotta urges her to think about this logically. Antonio's a good detective, and he must have a reason for suspecting R.J. Keri says she knows what she knows, and he doesn't believe her.

In Bo's office, Ben blames himself for not realizing sooner that Viki was really Niki. Bo tells him to stop blaming himself; he's not discouraged and Ben shouldn't be either. An officer comes in with the announcement that they may have someone who saw one of the women they're looking for. The guard who stopped Lindsay at the hospital reports that he stopped a woman he thought was Rae, but then when he saw Rae's picture on the news, he realized it was a completely different woman. Bo shows him a photo of Viki, then Allison. When he sees Lindsay's picture, he positively identifies her as the woman he saw at the hospital. Bo thinks she must have gone to the hospital out of concern for Jen, after hearing about the fire. He's a little surprised, since he thought she and Allison would stick together. Ben says Lindsay's terrified of her fellow escapee. They must have split up after the escape, because when Allison came to Llanfair to see him, she was alone. He doesn't want anyone to forget how much Allison hates Viki; she's a real threat to her. Bo promises to find Viki. Ben wants to let her know he still loves her and wants to help. Getting an idea for a way for Ben to do that, Bo makes a call.

R.J. orders Antonio to stop calling Keri. Antonio orders him to get out unless he's ready to make a full confession. They get into a very loud argument as R.J. tells him to stop harassing his daughter, who obviously doesn't want to talk to him. Antonio attacks R.J. in front of everyone, and R.J. strikes back. Several officers break up the brawl, and Cristian arrives in time to try to calm down his brother. Bo comes out of his office and asks what R.J.'s doing at the station. Not answering the question, R.J. says he's filing charges because Antonio attacked him. Knowing it's probably true, Bo asks Antonio about this, and he denies it at first, then reluctantly admits it. Bo tells R.J. to go ahead and file the charges if he wants, but he leaves instead. Bo then starts in on Antonio. How many times is he going to let R.J. bait him and then lose it? He's pulling him off the case. Antonio argues that it's too important to him and he has to stick with it. He swears he'll remain strictly detached and go by the book. Bo warns him not to make a fool of him for letting this go. If he does, he'll be back in uniform, pounding a beat down by the docks. Antonio promises not to let him down. Bo walks away in disgust, and Ben urges Antonio to find Allison and Lindsay, because he's afraid for Viki. Antonio promises to do everything he can to bring them in. Cristian knows his brother's not under control. Antonio vows to prove that R.J. was behind the prison break. That's the only way to get Keri back. He's not off the case until he brings that R.J. to his knees and gets Keri back.

Keri decides to go see Antonio, but when she opens the door, he's there. He tells her what a fool he's been, and says all that matters is their love. It's obvious that either he's lying or she's imagining this. As they vow to let nothing keep them apart, Keri reigns in her imagination and realizes she's all alone. R.J. storms in, bleeding, with the news that Antonio flipped and attacked him.

Ben prepares to talk to Viki over the local radio stations. Although Niki will be the one to hear, he's hoping that Viki will somehow get his message. One of the officers informs Bo of a call that came in from Rae's neighbor, who heard what sounded like a gunshot at Rae's house. Bo and two of his men go to check it out. At Rae's, one of the officers finds a bullet hole in a wall in the basement. Bo finds prison clothes.

Lindsay wants to know why Allison has Viki all tied up and gagged in the trunk of the car. Allison points the gun at Lindsay, ordering her to get in the car and drive. She doesn't trust anybody, and Lindsay will either drive or end up in the trunk with Niki. As Lindsay drives, Allison sits behind her with the gun still pointed at her, while trying hard to stay awake. Lindsay tries talking to her to calm her down, but Allison orders her to shut up and drive. When Lindsay notices that her eyes are closed, she turns on the radio and gently tries to take the gun from her hand. Allison opens her eyes and says to turn off that cheerful music. She thinks Lindsay has a sneaky look on her face. It's the same look she's seen on the face of every person she's ever trusted right before they turned on her. She's seen it on Dave, Natalie, Roxy, and now Lindsay. As Lindsay tries to defend herself, Niki starts banging around in the trunk. Allison's convinced the thumps are in code and that she and Lindsay are working together, against her. She wants to know what Niki's thumps are saying. It's already started; Lindsay's betraying her just like everyone always does. She got together with Niki and they cooked up a code. Lindsay's scared. She says that Viki isn't trying to tell her anything. She's glad Allison kidnapped Viki, because Dave shouldn't have to put up with her. Allison and Dave belong together. Allison points out that he doesn't love her, but Lindsay insists he does. She can't give up now. Allison says that since they're not far from Llanfair, they could maybe turn around and she could see him again and talk to him. Then they hear Ben's voice on the radio, talking to Viki. He says he's doing everything to find her, and he'll always love her. He wants her back with him. Allison's crushed. She turns off the radio and calls Lindsay a liar.

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