OLTL Update Tuesday 8/20/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Beth

Tea begs Todd not to take the raft and leave. She knows he saw her kiss Ross but she was only trying to forget Todd, and it didn't work. Nothing ever works. She still loves him. That's why she was desperately trying to make things work with Ross; she loves Todd but always gets hurt. She just couldn't be with him, and she knows that he feels the same way and that's why he was trying to leave on the raft. Todd argues that the reason he didn't leave was because the raft wouldn't have made it. He ends up talking about wanting his kids back, and admits he wants Tea to be part of his family. Hearing this, Tea goes to him and they hold each other. When Ross approaches them, Todd claims he wasn't stealing the raft, just taking it for a test drive. Ross tells them to gather as much food as possible while he works on the raft. They need to get off the island, and by tomorrow it may be too late. Todd and Tea go off to gather food, and Tea takes off her shirt to put berries in. They go inside the bunker, where Tea looks at the photo and mentions Blair's absence. As she sits around in her bra (since her shirt is holding the food they gathered), Todd rants about how Blair never forgave him because she never loved him. Tea's the only one who ever understood him. Tea says she's tried to hate him and forget about him but she just can't. Todd admits he couldn't hate or forget about her either. That's why he couldn't take the raft and leave her. He's never forgotten what they had. Meanwhile, as Ross makes more rope for the raft, he feels a worrisome change in the air.

Jen sets the table for three. She tells Cristian they're having a special dinner with a special friend; she's invited Natalie over. She wants to show them she's over her paranoia about their friendship; it's just her guilty conscience at work. Cristian's not sure how Natalie will feel about this, but Jen assures him she's already accepted the invitation. She sends him out to pick up the food she ordered, and when he leaves, she calls Natalie with her invitation. Natalie tries to beg off but finally agrees, at Jen's insistence. Jen says that Cristian is really looking forward to it and that his exact words were, "It'll make me happy."

Al stops by the loft to check on the arson investigation, and he can't believe Natalie's coming over for dinner. When he refuses to let it go, Jen admits she hates Natalie. She noisily finishes setting the table as Al feeds her jealousy. She's so sick of Natalie. She wants to keep an eye on her and maybe make her squirm. She warns Al to keep quiet about this.

Cristian returns just as Natalie starts to knock on the door. Natalie explains that Jen practically begged her to come and she couldn't think of a good enough excuse to turn her down. She apologizes for all the trouble he and Jen had, taking full blame for coming between them. She wanted more, she made him stay with her, and she made the kiss happen. Cristian assures her that's not the case at all.

Al doesn't want to see Jen get hurt. Jen's beginning to understand how her mother could have been driven to do the things she did. So many people disappointed her, betrayed her, and lied to her. That would make anyone tired of getting hurt and decide to get even. Al likes her better this way, instead of as the perfect angel he always believed she was, but he warns her to be careful. Jen assures him she has everything under control. She opens the door and ushers Natalie and Cristian inside, then gets rid of Al. She herds Cristian and Natalie over to the loveseat to sit and talk while she sets out the food. They look very awkward together as Jen watches them. She offers to sit on the floor so they can share the loveseat, but before she can sit down, Cristian gets a call and has to run down to the bar for a minute. Jen takes this as a good opportunity to talk to Natalie, but Natalie claims to have a headache. She tries to leave but Jen refuses to let her.

Keri continues to hold out her engagement ring for Antonio to take, but he won't. He insists there must be some way to work this out. She agrees, and she already told him what it is, but he won't do that. That's why she's giving back the ring. Antonio insists he loves her and begs her not to break up with him over this. Keri replies that she isn't; he's breaking up with her. She won't share a bed and a life with someone who doesn't believe in her. She's told him over and over that R.J. was with her at the time of the prison break, but he won't listen. He refuses to believe that R.J. is innocent. Antonio claims his alibi is too neat, with an excuse for every minute. Keri concludes that having an alibi means he's obviously guilty, but Antonio swears he has a feeling about this. Keri knows what that feeling is. It's hatred for her father. It's the only thing greater than his love for her. Antonio insists there's nothing greater than his love but says his hatred shouldn't matter. She disagrees. She doesn't see how their marriage could last when he blames every unsolved crime on her father and accuses her of lying to protect him. That will really get old, and each time it will be harder to remember how much she loves him, until one day it will be impossible. They can't put themselves through that; they have to end it now. Antonio insists that no one will ever love her as much as he does, and she admits to the possibility. However, sometimes love isn't enough. She hands him the ring again and he still won't take it. She won't keep it, because that would mean holding onto hope when there's none left. They're both crying. He takes her hand and begs her not to do this, but it's already done. He has to let her go. She puts the ring on the table, then sadly walks out the door.

A shot is fired as Allison and Niki struggle for possession of the gun. Somehow, neither woman gets shot, but there's a hole in Niki's jacket. As Lindsay goes through the house calling for Allison, she hears a noise in the basement and asks what's going on down there. When Niki starts screaming, Allison aims the gun at her and warns that she won't miss this time. She orders Lindsay not to come down, but she's already on her way. Allison warns her not to take one more step; she found a loaded pistol and she'll use it on her. Lindsay asks whether someone else is down there, then finally leaves her alone. Allison puts a cloth in Niki's mouth to shut her up.

Worried, Lindsay calls R.J. and gets his machine. She begs him to pick up the phone; Allison's lost her mind. She doesn't know what to do, but she has to get away from that crazy woman. Allison grabs the phone away from her and points the gun at her. Lindsay claims she was just trying to call Jen, and Allison believes her but says they're getting out of town now. The noise was from the gun she found downstairs; she fired it to see whether it worked. Lindsay should just grow up. She's been hearing imaginary noises ever since they got there, and it's getting on Allison's nerves. Lindsay insists she heard someone scream. Allison wants to know whether Lindsay's with her or against her. Lindsay assures her she's with her all the way, which is what Allison wanted to hear. She's going to take care of a few things in the basement and wants Lindsay to be ready to leave when she's done. Allison goes downstairs and tells Niki there's nothing to be afraid of if she cooperates. If not, she'll have to go inside the trunk of the car until Allison needs her. She's her passport out of the country. No one will try to catch her if she has Victoria Davidson beside her. She hasn't decided what to do with her yet, so she advises Niki to keep her in a good mood.

As soon as the coast is clear, Lindsay tries calling R.J. again. She begs him to pick up the phone; the next call she makes will be to his daughter. He reluctantly picks up the receiver to talk to her. She wants him to get her out of the country and away from Allison. R.J. warns her not to threaten him, but she points out that if Allison does something crazy and gets them arrested, he'll be her only bargaining chip. R.J. says she's stuck with Allison; she shouldn't have teamed up with her, but she did, and now she has to deal with it. He can't come anywhere near them without leading the cops straight to them. He wants her to stop calling him and get rid of whatever phone she's using. As he hangs up, Keri comes in looking very sad. R.J. explains the call by complaining that telemarketers hound him even more than the cops do. Seeing that she's upset, he goes to her, and she tells him that she broke it off with Antonio. He holds her as she cries on his shoulder.

Antonio looks at the ring, fuming. He picks it up and thinks about his marriage proposal. He puts down the ring, then, in a fit of rage, overturns the table.

Allison tells Lindsay to hurry up and get in the car. Lindsay's going to drive. Lindsay notices that the trunk isn't closed all the way and calls attention to it. Allison tells her to leave it alone but Lindsay thinks it would attract attention. She lifts the lid and sees an unconscious, bound, and gagged Niki inside.

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