OLTL Update Monday 8/19/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/19/02

By Beth

Tea and Ross share a kiss, unaware that Todd is watching. Ross breaks away; it's obvious to him that this isn't working for either of them. Tea sighs but knows he's right. They both wanted it to work, and maybe it still can someday, but he knows she's still trying to forget about Todd. Their mutual attraction isn't enough, and Ross can't believe she's changed him enough to make that true. Maybe they'll meet again someday after they get off the island. In the meantime, they need to work on the raft.

Todd makes an assumption based on what he witnessed. He decides to take the raft himself. Ross and Tea see that it's gone and look toward the water, neither wanting to believe that Todd took it out to sea. Ross insists it's not strong enough. Tea believes that Todd would take her with him, but Ross doesn't think that's necessarily true if he saw them kissing. In any case, he thinks Todd probably went to his bunker, but Tea thinks he went back to where she and Ross were before. She goes back alone while Ross checks the bunker.

Todd holds the photo of his kids while remembering the betraying kiss he saw Tea give Ross. Placing the photo in his pocket, he picks up the oar and prepares to leave the island. Tea stops him.

Blair takes it upon herself to button Chad's shirt, an act witnessed by Starr and Jessica. Starr yells at her mother, demanding to know who that guy is and what she's doing with him. Jessica apologizes for barging in unannounced but says she found Starr in the attic at Llanfair, where she was looking for Todd. Starr insists on finding out who Chad is and what's going on. Blair's story about spilling coffee on Chad sounds awfully suspicious to her. Chad decides this would be a good time to go back to Break Bar and work on his schedule, and Jessica leaves with him. Her little arms crossed, Starr asks Blair whether Chad's really working for her or just hanging out there because she likes him. Blair insists he's just her assistant. It makes her sad that Starr went to the attic, because that means she's sad and doesn't want to talk to her mom about it. Starr's convinced Blair has decided to forget about Todd and stop looking for him. Starr can't do that, though; she can't stop looking until she finds him. When she notices his things are missing, Blair admits they've been packed away. Starr sees the box and starts opening it back up, accusing her mother of throwing her dad away. Blair reiterates her meaningless promises about how she would never keep Starr and Todd apart because she knows how much they love each other. Starr insists that they have to keep his things, so Blair agrees to put it away and not throw it out. Starr tears up; someday he'll be back. She just knows it.

R.J. apologizes to a photo of Keri. He needed an alibi, but he's going to make it up to her. He answers a knock at the door and finds Carlotta and Cristian, who've come to call a truce to make things easier on the betrothed couple. R.J. chuckles that he made that same offer quite a while back. Keri really has changed him. He's doing his best for her, trying to break free of his past, and it's a constant struggle, but he has the best motivation in the world. He hopes it's not too late to mend the problems between their two families, but Antonio's on another rampage. Cristian becomes suspicious, and Carlotta insists her older son's just doing his job. R.J. is convinced that this will break up Keri and Antonio for good. Carlotta tells him it would be unforgivable to hide behind his daughter, and he says he thought they came for a truce, not a sermon. She storms out, and before following her, Cristian warns that Antonio will find out the truth and Keri will hate him for the rest of her life.

Antonio gets out of the shower and finds Keri in his apartment. He thinks there has to be a way to work this out, and he'll do whatever it takes. She says there's only one way. He has to call off the investigation of her father. Going back on his word to do anything, he refuses to do that. It's obvious to Keri that he doesn't trust her. They have a huge argument, and Antonio seems about to pop a blood vessel as he insists her father isn't the man she thinks he is. She begs him to call off this witch hunt to save their relationship, but he refuses. Keri understands; they both have to do what they have to do. She removes her ring and holds it out toward him.

Rex apologizes for being late for work, but he was helping Jessica and Natalie. Max commends him for taking care of his sisters, then asks whether he's heard from Roxy lately. She took off, and he's a little worried about her. Rex hasn't seen her or talked to her recently. Max thinks she's probably just looking for the next sucker to come along. Thinking it wouldn't hurt to check on her, he gets out a note she gave him that provides her cell phone number. Getting her voicemail, he hangs up. Then he tries Nora again, not knowing that she's out of town. He wants to start the divorce proceedings tomorrow and hopes she can fit that into her schedule. Meanwhile, Chad and Jessica arrive at the bar, and she talks to Rex for a few minutes. Chad brings her some coffee, noticing she's staring at the Missing Person poster of Viki. Chad wants to help, and she tells him about her mother's condition. Chad realizes that explains some of her behavior toward him. Jessica's embarrassed to learn that Niki came onto Chad. He fills her in on his new job, and she says she hopes it all works out with Blair. Rex watches them together until Jessica leaves. Chad thinks about Blair; he hopes it works out too.

Roxy's convinced that Allison killed Viki. As Allison leans over the trunk, hands come up and close around her throat. As Niki throttles her, Allison drops the gun and falls to the floor. When Roxy asks Niki for help, Allison gets up and points the gun at Niki. With the gun aimed at her, Niki is confident that it's not loaded until Allison shows her the ammunition box, which now contains very few bullets. She dares Niki to try to strangle her again. Roxy's confused by the whole thing, not knowing why Allison keeps getting Viki's name wrong. She thinks Allison should at least know the name of the person she's threatening. She's wide eyed as Allison explains about Viki's multiple personalities. After a few details come out, Roxy puts it all together and realizes she helped her set up Natalie. Niki finally admits she did it because Ben was the only one who could tell the difference between her and Viki. He's alive, but Viki's gone forever, and Ben/Dave will need someone else--Allison. As she talks through this, Allison nods her head the whole time. Niki says that Dave needs her, and tries to get Allison to go to him. Allison informs her that he only loves Viki, but Niki insists that's over because Viki will never be back. Now he needs someone else. She claims he told her that he cares about Allison, but Allison doesn't believe her. She has Niki untie Roxy, whom she leads to the trunk, knocks her on the head with the gun, and closes her inside. Niki is going with her, since she'll make a better hostage than Roxy would. As they start upstairs, Niki grabs for the gun. In the struggle, Niki bites Allison's hand, the gun drops, and they both go for it. The gun goes off.

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