OLTL Update Friday 8/16/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/16/02

By Laura

Troy has a nightmare about Joanna and Nora thinks it's about Lindsay. He's afraid that the 'she' Nora refers to is actually Joanna but when Nora assures him that it's okay to be afraid of Lindsay while she's on the loose, he swears he'll never let anything happen to Nora. He worries that "No one knows what's ahead" and discusses jealousy, and Nora wonders if they're still talking about Lindsay.

Jessica tells Seth that she needs to go home, alone, in order to think. Starr searches for Todd and goes to the attic in Llanfair, his favorite hiding spot. She breaks something and then hides as she hears Jessica coming up the stairs, hoping that her mother caused the noise. Jessica and Starr discuss their missing parents and how much they love and need them. Jessica explains to her hopeful cousin that some people aren't meant to be together and that although Todd's going to come back, he may not come back to Blair. They both admit to liking the other's parent. They each find a little comfort in one another and assure each other that their parents will be found, and as Starr adds, because they love their kids.

When Chad requests half a day off, Max gives him the entire day and explains that his cheeriness is a direct result of Roxy leaving his home and of Nora telling him that it means he can get a divorce and not owe a penny. Roxy asks a lot of questions that Allison has no time for. Roxy admits that Max hates her, but swears to Allison that because of it, she can offer him a divorce in exchange for about fifty grand. When she calls him, he tells her why she's too late. As a last effort, she yells that she's being held captive. He doesn't believe her. Max asks Seth about Vicki, and then wonders for a millisecond if Roxy could have possibly been telling the truth. Roxy wants to know why Allison killed Vicki and when Allison leans over the coffin to goad her most recent victim, hands come out of the coffin and grab Allison's neck.

Rae plays the tape for Asa, and then shows him the publishing contract. Asa calls a source to verify that what she threatens is true, and then decides that if he's going to have a lifetime prison sentence, it may as well be for something worthwhile, and picks up a fire poker to threaten Rae's life with. Nigel comes to stop Asa but when he tells his servant what Rae's planning, and she admits that the loving, loyal servant is chapter five of her book, he grabs the poker and threatens her with it. Asa cheers him on, and promises to get him the best lawyers. Finally Rae tells Nigel that he doesn't want to be like his employer and Nigel runs off. Asa switches to a nicer approach and asks Rae what he can do to stop her. She hands him a list of her demands.

Tea touches Ross's face and he takes her hand away. Todd hears Starr's voice, wishing him home and wondering if they're going to be a family with 'T'. Todd thinks that may be a great idea. Tea apologizes for hurting Ross's feelings. He swears he's never felt this way about another woman before. She figures its because they're on a deserted island. He assures her that's not the reason. Tea declares that Todd is history. But when Ross promises he'll never hurt her, and they seal it with a kiss, Todd is nearby, watching the exchange.

Blair comes to The Sun, ready to take over the newspaper for the now missing publisher. She sees a staff member by the name of Dennis who informs her that he's glad that she's back but that he's alone in that because most of them are very loyal to Todd. Blair says that because she misses Todd but can't forgive him, she's taking over, she's going to make the paper her own, and she's going to get an assistant, maybe an intern from Llanview University. Dennis informs her that he already has an interview scheduled with 'C. B. Bennett' who will be there any minute. When she finds out that Chad is C.B., she thinks who better to help her forget Todd. He's hesitant but when she assures him that she wants him because he's the top in his class in Journalism, he agrees, and they decide to start with a clean slate. Blair accidentally spills coffee on him and tells him to take off his shirt so that she can go wash it in the restroom while he finishes throwing all of Todd's belongings in t!
he garbage. It's a very awkward moment, but not as awkward as when Starr and Jessica walk in on Blair buttoning up Chad's shirt.

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