OLTL Update Thursday 8/15/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Laura

Ross fantasizes about Tea in the water, motioning him to come join her. Meanwhile, she confronts Todd about his jealousy and about her not being able to deal with him if he's going to keep pulling away from her. Todd jokes about killing Ross in order to end the jealousy that he admits to. Tea expresses that she aches to resume her Todd-less life, but he refuses to believe her. Then Tea suspects that Todd is only making the first move, which is extremely rare, because he doesn't want to remain trapped on the island. He tries to leave but Tea forces him to stay and help build the ropes. She leaves but overhears his comment that "Delgado always did get the best of him." She runs away when she hears it, but Todd notices her running and follows her.

Asa watches his television appearance via the Internet and tells Renee about his Gretel-is-a-fraud dot com website. Renee defends Rae but he insists that he will never regret exposing her for the fraud that she is. Gretel, Rae, is illegally at her home and goes to get something from the closet that Lindsay and Allison are hiding in. Sam is in the house as well and tells her that as an officer of the court, he cannot allow her to take anything from the home without reporting her to the authorities in response. She tricks him in order to grab a tape of her sessions with Asa, and then leaves reluctantly, promising that she will not go out without a fight. Once outside, she has a brainstorm and calls a friend who happens to be a book publisher.

Rae confronts Asa, tape in hand. She plans to write a tell-all book about the real Asa Buchanan, straight from the horse's mouth. He tries word against word and patient-doctor confidentiality as his defenses, but she plays back his evil words on the tape and reminds him that since she's not a doctor, the pact is null and void. For a moment, Asa is quiet.

When Sam leaves as well, the two who escaped from prison escape from the closet too. Lindsay sees a picture of Troy and Nora smiling, appearing to be laughing at her, and goes off a melodramatic tirade. Allison takes the photograph away from her ex-cell mate and says that she needs to go to the basement to make sure their tracks are hidden. While down there, she sees that Roxy has been busy and has learned the contents of the trunk

Troy and Nora arrive at their luxurious vacation spot that happens to be anything but luxurious. When Troy confronts the renter with the fact that the place is nothing like the pictures that were sent to him, the renter refuses to budge on the price and adds that there isn't another place to sleep for at least fifty miles. Being a good sport, Nora swears that she sees this as an adventure. She finds a Nancy Drew book hidden in the mess and she becomes excited with memories. It leads her to use clues and mystery as a metaphor to explain why she and Troy belong together and why she is the only woman for him. After they go to sleep Troy has a nightmare about Joanna.

Al imagines Bo arresting him for arson and attempted murder. When Bo calls him in, his actual reason for summoning him is revealed; he wants to know if Al has any idea who may have started the fire. Al states that he doesn't remember anything. Bo informs him that Natalie's keys have fingerprints, still unidentified, all over them. Al pretends that he is outraged at whoever has done this to Jen. When Gabrielle arrives, bringing food to her roommate, Al suddenly remembers that Sam had suspected former clients as prospective suspects. Then he remembers that his mother told him how angry Todd Manning is at Sam. When Bo leaves temporarily, Gabrielle insists that she has never suggested such a thing to her son. Upon his return, Bo agrees to check out Todd and all of Sam's old clients, as well as Allison Perkins since she escaped on the same night that the fire took place. Gabrielle comes back a while later, knowing that Bo won't come home to sleep until the cases are cracked, brings him a change of clothes, and tells him how lonely their home is when he's not in it.

Upon her request, Cristian is reluctant to make love to Jen. Jen tells Cristian how sorry she is for doubting him or Natalie, expresses gratitude for having him when she no longer has anyone else, and adds that she's glad that some things never change, like his love for her. She gets pushy but he doesn't budge. She plays with him, being manipulative and choosing her mother's false affections as a hidden metaphor. Then Jen stops in her tracks, suddenly eager to invite their friend Natalie over to their home. Before she can call, Al comes over to tell them that the investigation is in full force. Cristian remembers all of a sudden that he's supposed to see his mother at the diner, and flees. Jen assures a concerned Al that she knows exactly what she's doing.

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