OLTL Update Wednesday 8/14/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By Beth

Todd gathers driftwood to try to make a raft, but he finally admits to himself that he'll never make it on his own. He tells the photo of Starr that he really blew it; she'd tear him apart if she knew how he's been treating Tea. He thinks about the time Tea sang to baby Starr, and another time when she and Blair almost got into a catfight over who was the better mother. He admits he really messed up this time.

Tea and Ross are working on a raft of their own, as Ross teaches her how to make rope. He asks whether Todd will be joining them, but Tea says he must have his own way off the island, since he's not helping them with this. She's not going to worry about him anymore. Unaware that Todd is watching them from a distance, Ross accuses her of using him to make Todd jealous, but he doesn't mind. Tea insists that's not what she's doing. Ross can live with it either way. If it works, she'll get what she wants. If it doesn't, Ross will have a chance with her. Tea apologizes for leading him on. As soon as he walks off with the raft, Todd runs up to Tea, but she gives him a disgusted look and walks off. He follows her into the cave, where they have it out. The fact that she's happy that Ross didn't die makes Todd jealous, so he pretends nothing happened between them. That's just twisted. She wants to pretend too. Todd says he came to tell her that he wants to forget what happened but can't.

Max is delighted to tell Al that Roxy never made it home last night. That's why he slept so well, but he doesn't think Al's been sleeping or eating, and he wants to know why. Nervous, Al claims to have things on his mind. Excusing himself, he calls Jen and gets her voicemail. Max calls Nora to let her know that Roxy's gone without a trace, but she doesn't answer. He thinks Roxy's disappearance means he can get out of the marriage without owing her a dime. Gabrielle comes into the bar and says the police are looking for Al. She thinks they want to thank him for his heroic act. Al says he doesn't know what they want. His mother doesn't understand his behavior, not seeing anything wrong with an act of bravery. She can't figure out why he's not using it to try to win Jen back. Max hears this and says Al hasn't been the same since the fire. Max knows why; he's thinking about what would have happened if he hadn't gotten Jen out of that fire. Now he knows what it would feel like if he had lost her for real. Their little boy is now a man, not the same selfish child who faked paralysis to win Jen. Al's phone rings; it's Bo, wanting to see him now.

Rex catches Cristian looking at a photo of Natalie, and his comment puts Cristian on the defensive. Outside, Jen comes up with a devious plan to get revenge. She tells Natalie that she wants to talk about the three of them. She was just wondering why Natalie went to Cristian when she thought she had D.I.D. Natalie says she wanted to go to a friend, and Jen claims to understand. When Cristian joins them, Jen says Natalie's leaving out something important. Cristian wants to take her home to talk, but Jen wants Natalie to hear what she has to say. Instead of confronting them about what she overheard, she apologizes to Natalie for being so suspicious. Then she forgives her for keeping Al's secret for so long, claiming to have realized that's why she was so suspicious, because she thought Natalie had kept them apart to try to get Cristian for herself. Now she just wants to forgive and forget. Natalie's been nothing but nice to her, and Jen wants them to be friends. She gives Natalie a hug, says it's time to go, and turns to leave. Cristian stops her and tries to confess, but Natalie stops him from saying anything. Jen gives her another hug, then walks into the house.

When Natalie tells Rex about Jen's desire to be friends, he reminds her that Cristian comes with the package. Natalie thinks maybe that's what she needs. If she's around both of them all the time, it will sink in that he and Jen love each other and that she's doing the right thing by not going after him.

At the loft, Cristian sits in the window looking pensive. He tries to stop Jen from seducing him, but she says she needs to be with him--unless there's a reason he doesn't want to make love to her right now.

Lindsay and Allison argue about the basement, unaware that Sam is right outside. Suddenly they hear something at the front door. Lindsay drags Allison into the closet, where they hide as Sam enters the house. When he starts going through the desk, Allison closes the door. Sam doesn't hear the noise, but he looks up and sees Rae. He wants to know what she's doing there. She's not allowed in the house without a police escort. They argue about her right to be in her own home. As a friend, Sam wants her to think about how she's going to handle all these huge financial claims, and how she's going to spend the rest of her life. Rae admits that's all she's been thinking about, and she finally realized something that could change everything. She really believes it can't get any worse. She wants to get a few of her things but Sam won't let her. She insists this has nothing to do with the case. She just wants some reminders that she did do some good for some people. Sam's adamant that she's not getting anything. Sam's a bit shaken to come across Jen's file, but since she's not suing Rae, it will still be confidential.

While Lindsay and Allison listen from their hiding place in the closet, Rae says that Jen talked about what a monster her mother was. It was hard to listen to the awful things Lindsay did to her and not be able to do anything about it. Lindsay's a monster, and Rae's delighted that she got sent to prison. Sam reminds her that Lindsay is now on the run with Allison. Before he can talk about that mistake, Rae points out that every single board member backed up her decision to give Allison an unconditional release from St. Anne's. Rae has never met anyone like her. She describes Allison as a pitiful, needy, pathetic creature who's masking evil, psychotic behavior. Stunned, Allison closes the door rather loudly. Sam wants to know what that was. Rae tells him it's probably the water heater, which is in the basement right underneath the closet, but he can check out the closet if he wants. He goes to invesitgate, giving Rae the opportunity to get into her desk. Sam hears her rooting around in a drawer and stops her, insisting that she's not going to leave with even one file. Rae swears she isn't. She's hiding the cassette of Asa's sessions behind her back. Sam tells her to leave now and he won't report this, but he will ask the police to check the house regularly. Rae assures him she won't be back. She does need something from the closet, though. Inside, Lindsay and Allison are terrified that they're going to get caught.

On a visit with Addie, Blair admits her plan to break up Troy and Nora blew up in her face, and she's lucky that Sam still wants to be her friend. She's grateful that Sam forgave her; he's probably the best friend she's ever had. Addie thinks she has a crush on him, but Blair laughs at the idea. It's ridiculous; they're just friends. Sam needs a decent, honest, dependable woman. When Addie asks about her, she admits she's none of those things. Addie says she knows that. She meant to ask what Blair needs. Blair says she just needs to be a good mother, for her children's sake. Men only complicate things. She pities the next woman who makes the mistake of loving Todd.

While Blair and Addie talk, Starr plays with Jack and a toy car. She imagines wearing what seems to be a Velma mask while driving a car, and finding Todd. She removes her mask and tells him she's very angry and wants him to apologize, but he doesn't speak. She wants him to say that he loves her and wants to come home, but he doesn't say a word. Coming out of her daydream, she's very sad. She's afraid he'll never talk to her again, and Jack will forget all about him because he's so young and didn't get much time with him. She has to do something. She resolves to find her dad.

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