OLTL Update Tuesday 8/13/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Beth

Bo takes R.J. into his office, closes everything up for privacy, and hands him a sheet of paper proving that he helped Lindsay escape from prison. Statesville keeps records of all prison visits, and R.J. has visited Lindsay more than once. In addition, phone records indicate that several calls were made to him from the pay phone inside the prison within the past month. Bo wants him to admit to helping Lindsay, but his suspect won't admit to anything. R.J.'s surprised that Nora didn't mention running into him at Statesville. He visited Lindsay because he was considering buying her gallery. He did end up buying it and just happens to have a copy of the contract with him.

After going to the police station to make sure R.J.'s alibi is officially on record, Keri overhears Antonio bragging about finally getting him. Stunned, Keri demands an explanation. Antonio looks sick as he tries to explain something about new evidence. Keri reminds him that she provided the alibi for her father, and now her fiance obviously thinks she was lying. Antonio claims he's just trying to get all the facts. He knows she'd never lie deliberately, but he also knows that R.J. was at the prison. He accuses her father of being slippery and always twisting things to his advantage; he obviously found a way to get to her and manipulate her. This infuriates Keri, who says Antonio doesn't know her at all. Antonio insists he loves her and knows she's honest; he's just trying to consider all the possibilities and stay rational at the same time. Keri doesn't care; she told him she was there with her father, and that should be good enough. She sees R.J. come out of Bo's office and assumes they brought him in for questioning. She accuses her fiance of having absolutely no faith in her. She can't marry someone who thinks she's a liar. As she storms out, her father taunts him with the words, "Well done, Vega." Enraged, Antonio starts to go after him but is stopped by Bo, who orders him to calm down. At that, Antonio violently clears his desk.

Antonio doesn't believe for a minute that R.J. bought Lindsay's gallery, even though Bo says he had proof in the form of a contract. When Antonio says he's going to kill R.J., Bo closes his office door and tells him to watch what he's saying. He knows the guy's guilty but they have to stay with what they can prove. He's pulling Antonio off the case for being too emotionally involved, thinking it might also help things with Keri. Antonio thinks it's too late; the damage has already been done.

Keri forlornly goes to a park bench and sits down. R.J. joins his daughter and comforts her as she cries her eyes out.

From the terrace, Jen overhears Natalie assure Cristian she'll never tell Jen that they almost slept together. Cristian thinks he might be able to explain it to her, but Natalie says she'd never understand. Besides, it wasn't the first time they almost went too far. Jen's eyes fill with tears as she hears Natalie swear that she'll never tell. Cristian tries to talk to Natalie but she says she understands that he loves Jen, and she's happy for him. He tells her to be quiet and listen to him for a minute. Outside, Jen tells herself they've both been lying to her all along. Rex interrupts with news that Natalie needs to take a call from Ben in the kitchen. On the terrace, Jen's falling apart. She was stupid to believe them. She throws a tantrum, which Cristian hears, and when he goes out to find out what's wrong, she gives him an evil look. He thinks she's worried about Lindsay, although she insists that's not it, cringing when he tries to touch her. She asks for a glass of water, and he goes inside to get it. Inside, he runs into Natalie and Rex, learning that Ben didn't have any news when he called. He mentions that he's on his way to get Jen some water. Natalie tells Rex that whatever was happening is totally over. Rex should stop giving her those looks, because Cristian does love Jen. He leaves her alone, and Jen comes in from the terrace and says she wants to talk outside. On his way back with the glass of water, Cristian stops to admire a photo of Natalie, unaware that Jen is demanding the truth about what's really been going on.

At the Palace Restaurant, Gretel Rae reads a newspaper article about Viki and blames herself. Renee doesn't agree that Rae is at fault; she's a fully qualified therapist who just didn't get her license, and she should just stop torturing herself about it. Jimmy, the bartender, brings Rae a message he found on the bar. The message is for Gretel to turn on WVLE. Sam comes in and talks to Renee for a few minutes, then says he was looking for Rae. He needs to get into her house to see some of her patient files. Rae protests about confidentiality, but he explains that he has the court's permission to see the files of those patients filing lawsuits. She's not really a doctor, and he doesn't need her permission to get the files; he's just letting her know as a courtesy and hoping she'll point him in the right direction so he doesn't disturb her personal papers. Rae tells him the files are in the cabinet by her desk. They look up at the television and see that WVLE is about to air a special report. Interviewer Smoky Jones sets up the story as one of a trail of ruined lives and lawsuits. She's about to interview Asa, who states his desire for the people of Llanview to know what a menace Gretel Cummings really is.

As Lindsay studies the street map, a very cheerful Allison enters the room singing. Lindsay wants to know what she was doing in the basement, and Allison explains that she was checking for more rats. She found a big one and killed it. She doesn't mind doing the dirty work; Lindsay can think of her as her friendly exterminator. Wary, Lindsay asks whether that's how she handles everything, and Allison replies that she sometimes tortures things first. Then she laughs and says she was joking. They decide to strategize about their next move. Lindsay wants to take the back roads through the Llantano Mountains, then take the interstate to Canada. They agree to leave tonight.

In the basement, Roxy opens the trunk, sees Viki inside, and screams. She thinks "that crazy broad killed Viki." She creeps herself out by talking to the body. She could be next.

Allison goes through some of Rae's junk, quacking at her diploma. Lindsay's nervous about the time, thinking they've been in the house far too long. They turn on the news, and when Allison mentions their fifteen minutes, Lindsay assumes she's referring to their fifteen minutes of fame. Shaking, Allison informs her that when she was a little girl, her mother allowed her to watch fifteen minutes of television a week. Lindsay's surprised to see Asa on the screen.

Asa says the D.A. decided not to prosecute because of a personal relationship with her, but at least he dumped her. As proof that she hasn't changed, he provides the videotape from Shawna's set-up. While his audience watches the interview, Asa sneaks into the restaurant, very pleased with himself, although Renee is furious. In the interview, he says she just can't stop herself and needs serious help. He's willing to pay for it provided that she goes far away from Llanview. Sam has to go to her house now. Renee tells Rae to just let this go, but she can't. Crying, she says she just hit rock bottom.

As Rae ticks off all the lawsuits that are coming, Asa sidles up to her. When Rae informs him that she didn't like his little show, he says he's thinking of doing a follow-up piece next week. Her problem is that she never learned how to run a scam without getting caught. She chuckles at that, knowing he's been caught plenty of times. He admits that's true, but he's never been run out of town. He's going to make sure that happens to her, and there's nothing she can do about it. Satisfied, he walks away. Rae gets an idea and realizes there's something she can do after all.

Roxy thinks she can cut the ropes, so she scoots her chair over to give it a try.

Lindsay hates Asa, but Allison thinks Rae deserved what he did. Then again, she did let Allison out of St. Anne's. Lindsay hears thumping coming from the basement and asks what that noise is. Allison claims not to hear anything, but Lindsay insists.

As Roxy works on the ropes, the chair topples over and crashes to the floor. Lindsay's sure that someone is in the basement, but Allison insists she's wrong. Lindsay tries to get past her to look for herself, but Allison stops her. No one in the house has any idea that Sam has just arrived at the front door.

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