OLTL Update Monday 8/12/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/12/02

By Beth

Troy clears his schedule so that he can take Nora out of town indefinitely, to keep her safe from Lindsay, and he would prefer that Emily go along too. Emily thinks that's unnecessary, since Lindsay probably doesn't even know about her, but she promises to be careful. She's worried about Troy, thinking she never should have mentioned Joanna's name after he saved Nora from drowning. Troy doesn't mind hearing her name but says he won't lose Nora like he lost his wife. He's never been able to tell Nora that he was married, possibly because of the way it ended. He'll always feel terrible about what happened to Joanna. Emily wants him to stop blaming himself.

While Jen sleeps late, Cristian thinks about the time he and Natalie spent in her room at the inn. When she awakens, he says there's nothing new in the paper about her mother's escape. He also reports that Sam went with Ben to look for Niki. Jen thinks this is something she has in common with Natalie: both their mothers are on the run. She wants to go to the station to see whether Bo has any more information about Lindsay. She admits to being horrible to Natalie and Cristian; she just had no idea what they were up to and jumped to the wrong conclusions.

Nora and Keri fill each other in on the events of the past couple of days. Keri's really upset about Antonio's accusations against R.J. She thinks her own fiance doesn't trust her. Nora advises her to give it some time; Antonio's naturally suspicious when it comes to her dad. Keri understands that all too well, saying he even accused him of providing the drug Lindsay used on Nora. Nora admits she and Bo have discussed this possibility more than once, but she knows he would never intentionally harm her. As for the money clip, Keri still has some nagging doubts that it isn't over as far as Antonio's concerned. She decides to go to the station to make certain that his alibi is absolutely clear and on the record. After she leaves, Troy shows up to pick up Nora, who feels like she's running away, and she doesn't like it. Troy insists he's not going to let her sit around and be a target for Lindsay. They both know how crazy she is when it comes to them. She agrees to go with him as planned.

Antonio is chagrined to inform Bo that Keri supplied R.J. with an alibi. R.J. stops by the station to find out when he can pick up his money clip. Bo wants to knows how it ended up where it did, and R.J.'s explanation doesn't suit him or Antonio. Bo intends to asks Lindsay about it when they catch her. When R.J. goes to fill out some paperwork to claim his property, Antonio sneers that he's lying as always. Bo wants to know what that says about his alibi. Before Antonio can reply, Jen and Cristian come in for status reports on Lindsay and Niki. In a private conversation with Jen, Bo asks about her mother's relationship with Allison. All Jen knows is that they were cellmates; her mother didn't really talk about her. She did give Jen a birthday card once to mail to Allison, which strikes Bo as strange. Jen's afraid Lindsay will get shot, but Bo promises to try to recapture her without anything like that happening. The problem is that she's in a very dangerous situation. She's not just running from the police. She's running with Allison, and "that little woman is a lot more dangerous than she looks."

Natalie's upset that Niki got away before she could get the police to Roxy's old place, but Rex assures her that everything will be all right. Jessica comes in with Seth, ready to eat crow. She wants to apologize, but Natalie says that's not necessary. What's important is finding Viki. Rex offers to give them some privacy but Jessica wants to have her say in front of them all. She's ashamed of herself. Rex gave Natalie the benefit of the doubt, and she should have too, but instead, she blamed her for everything, as always. She was wrong about everything, including Cristian, who's obviously a good friend to Natalie. She's truly sorry for not listening and hopes her sister can forgive her. Given their history, Natalie insists that there's nothing to forgive, but the apology means a lot to her. She hugs Jessica, who then goes to see whether there's any news about Viki. Seth goes with her, leaving Rex and Natalie alone. Rex points out that it was nice of Jessica to apologize but she was wrong about one thing. Natalie and Cristian are more than friends. Despite Natalie's insistence, he knows there's more to it than friendship. How does she really feel about Cristian?

While Bo talks to Jen, Antonio initiates a brotherly talk. Cristian really went to bat for Natalie, and Antonio knows his brother well enough to know that something's going on. Cristian insists he's just trying to be Natalie's friend. Antonio says they both know there's more to it than that. How does he really feel about Natalie?

Natalie insists they're just friends, and she's surprised that Rex knows they kissed. He explains that he wasn't spying but he did overhear them talking, and wants to know how she feels about him. Natalie makes a confession. She's totally crazy about Cristian. He looks at her in ways no one else ever has, and he believes in her the way no one else ever has. He makes her feel so good. He stood by her when no one else did. He's a good guy. Her feelings keep getting stronger; she can't help it. Rex asks how Cristian feels about her.

Cristian admits he has some pretty intense feelings for her. They just have a connection. He thought they were friends, but somehow that changed, and while he's trying hard to fight his feelings, they keep getting stronger. He shocks his brother with the revelation that he almost slept with her at the Bayberry Inn, but he couldn't do that to Jen. He loves Jen but has feelings for Natalie, and it's very confusing. He's torn between telling Jen the truth and keeping her safe from it. Antonio asks how Natalie feels about him, but he honestly doesn't know. After her talk with Bo, Jen joins them and announces that she wants to go to Llanfair to see how Natalie's doing. It just feels like the right thing to do.

Natalie doesn't know but thinks Cristian probably feels sorry for her. Rex doesn't believe that; he's seen how he looks at her. Natalie insists he loves Jen. She doesn't want to cause trouble; she just wants him to be happy. Rex has a question about that. What if he's only happy when he's with Natalie?

Jessica's really worried about her mother. She can't believe this is happening again. She sits on the stairs with Seth and talks about how excited she was as a little girl to hear her mother's footsteps on the front walk every day after work. When they hear footsteps, Jessica runs to the door, thinking it's her mother. She opens the door to see Jen and Cristian. She apologizes to Cristian about the hard time she gave him.

Jen and Cristian come join Natalie and Rex. Cristian is quick to point out that Jen wanted to check on her. Rex goes to check the news. Jen apologizes again, but Natalie tells her not to worry about it. Jen gets a call from Will and goes outside to hear better. Cristian repeats that it was Jen's idea to come, but Natalie's glad to see him. She needs to tell him something. Jen still can't hear Will and wants to call him back from a different phone. Just outside the house, she's shocked to hear Natalie tell Cristian that she'll never tell her they almost slept together.

Antonio finds something to give Bo--something he thinks confirms his case against his future father-in-law. Bo wants to talk to R.J. about it alone, saying it might get ugly. While Antonio looks very smug, Bo asks R.J. into his office, closing everything up so that no one can see inside. He hands him a sheet of paper and asks for an explanation. Outside Bo's office, Antonio is on the phone, saying that with any luck, this will be the final nail in R.J.'s coffin. He gets a sick look on his face when he realizes that Keri heard him. She thinks he was lying when he said he believed her.

Allison brings a breakfast tray to Roxy, who's afraid the food is poisoned. Allison assures her she's not going to poison her after what she found at her old house. She didn't find any money, but thanks to Roxy, she got something else. She points to the trunk and says that's Roxy's new roommate, then tells her to eat. Roxy can't do that with her hands tied to the chair, so Allison unties one hand. Roxy grabs a piece of toast and shoves it into her mouth, then tries to peel a banana with her teeth. Allison reads her a newspaper article about the escape, which reminds Roxy that there was another woman in the house last night. She's afraid Lindsay is in the trunk, dead, but Allison assures her that's not it at all. She takes the tray upstairs and says she'll be back. Roxy wants to know the contents of the trunk. Remembering that she has an extra key, she scoots her chair over to her purse and gets the key out. She scoots over to the trunk and inserts the key. She opens the trunk, sees Niki inside, and screams.

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