OLTL Update Friday 8/9/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/9/02

By Laura

Troy informs Nora that he intends to take her out of Llanview, and then expresses his anger with Blair. Blair stands nearby, and Nora tells her about the accident. Troy blames Blair who gives a heartfelt apology. Sam overhears the conversation from outside the door. Troy forgives Blair for Star's sake, and at her request, Nora forgives her as well. When Sam comes in, they leave, and Blair swears that she did it in attempt to make him happy. He tells her that she's always tried to be a great friend to him, and that he could never hate her. But he asks her to come to terms with her life so that she can live and love again, kisses her on the cheek, and leaves.

Jen and Cristian make up. He tries to tell her about he and Natalie, but Jen stops him. They discuss the possible identity of the arsonist. Jen says that she's glad Cristian was there for Natalie and apologizes for not being more trusting and understanding. Meanwhile, Natalie calls the Atlantic City P.D. about Nikki, who doesn't believe her and doesn't have enough manpower to spare even if they did. Natalie tries to call everyone for help and finding no one, she finally calls Cristian. He arrives, Jen in arm, and informs her that he called the Llanview P.D. and they authorized the Atlantic City P.D. to go to Roxanne's home. Natalie takes them there. They find the two cars, but no people.

Al calls to see if there are any leads about the arsonist. Al asks Max about Roxy's whereabouts but he doesn't know and doesn't care. Gabrielle comes over to see 'the hero' and tells Max about their son's brave actions. She swears to him that Bo will figure out the identity of the arsonist. Both Max and Gabrielle take a few moments to brag about their courageous son. Roxy calls Max to beg him for help, but thinking it's a scam, he hangs up on her. Gabrielle is afraid that Al is going to use the fire to try to get Jen back and once again swears to him that it won't happen but that falling in love again someday will, and that Bo will figure out who the arsonist was. He says he knows well that he's lost Jen for good and offers that perhaps the arsonist will turn himself in.

Nikki admits to Allison that she's Nikki. She calls Allison her hero, but Allison is less than thrilled about Nikki or Vicki being alive. She says she has a score to settle with Vicki, and threatens to kill her using Rae's gun. Nikki laughs at Allison when she realizes that not even she knows Vicki's secret. Then she offers Allison kinship of the Thelma and Louise sort. She responds that the offer sounds great, but not great enough. When Allison divulges that she has been staying at Rae's house, and adds that she is using Rae's gun, Nikki is relieved. She assures Allison that the gun is not loaded and she responds by pulling the trigger proving Nikki correct. They resort to an unarmed fight and then Alison drags a large box into the basement. She locks Roxy in a closet, and opens the door of the box to reveal an unconscious Nikki.

Ben divulges to a scared, shocked, and distraught Jessica that Nikki is out and is the one who tried to kill him. At first she doesn't believe it, sure that she would have noticed, but Rae arrives at the home and confirms it. When she explains that incidents that occurring causing her to let Nikki out in March, Jessica worries that her mother has been gone too long for treatment now to do any good. Ben tells Rae to leave, and she does so, after swearing that she knew what she was doing when she hypnotized Vicki and that it's not too late to help her. Ben returns to comforting Jessica.

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