OLTL Update Thursday 8/8/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Laura

Keri claims herself as her father’s alibi, but Antonio needs convincing. He says he believes her, but the investigation is not over. Antonio tells R.J. to take care of Keri. And after he leaves, she defends her fiancée’s actions and conclusions to her father.  

Nora speaks to Lindsay, unknowingly as Lindsay is unresponsive, disguised as Dr. Cummings, and has her back turned to Nora. But Jen comes in and interrupts, finding comfort and support from her friend Nora and making Lindsay very jealous. Nora tries to defend Lindsay and convince Jen that her mother will not get hurt. Jen tells Nora about the fire, with some prompting by Troy and Claire. They all advise her not to be alone as long as her mother is still on the loose. A guard stops Lindsay and says he saw her n the news. He says that she, Gretel, is not a real therapist, and thus needs to leave the premises immediately. Jen goes off to find her boyfriend and her father. Troy tells Nora that Claire heard the escapees had been recaptured, but Claire says that what she heard afterward was that it had been a false alarm. At that time Nora also learns that Lindsay did not escape alone, and worries that she and Allison will make a very dangerous team.  

Jessica and Seth lie together and discuss each other, Roxanne, Natalie, and Vicki. She expresses that she feels sorry for Roxy who is and has nothing compared to Vicki. Allison leaves a helpless Roxy to tend to her precious Dave. She pulls out a gun and a medical bag to attend to Ben, and to, well, just in case. She wants to nurse him to health; he wants access to his telephone. When Jessica calls, Allison picks up the phone, listens, and then hangs it up. Ben tells Allison that all he wants is to find his wife, the woman he is in love with. He adds that they need each other and that he will never love Allison. He reminds her that Dave is a lie. She picks up the gun but breaks down in tears, admitting that she could never hurt him. She escapes out the back door and when Jessica gets to the house, is long gone. Jessica finds Ben passed out, and when he comes to, he says that Allison had been there earlier.  

Niki walks in to find a confrontational Natalie who is determined to find her mother. Niki claims to be Viki, cries a few crocodile tears, and offers a few sentiments of love and acceptance, but Natalie catches on and slaps her. While in the act, she confesses that Roxanne was in on the scheme. Finally, she admits that she’s Niki, and goads Natalie to the best of her ability. Natalie says Vicki would have never left Ben’s side in his condition. She informs Niki that she’s there for a fight because she wants her mother back. She adds that Niki helped her regain her self esteem, because it was never her mother who hated her, but Niki instead. Natalie locks the doors and then starts talking, shouting, and crying to her mother, somewhere deep inside her mind. Niki claims it won’t work because the one thing that she and Natalie have in common is that they both get what they want. Niki tells Natalie that she exists to protect Vicki. When they get into a fight, Niki is knocked unconscious, and Natalie goes to the cops. Allison gets back to Rae’s house and once again threatens to kill Roxy, who claims she has a lot of money stashed away. She goes to Roxy’s home to find it, and is stopped by the sight of Niki Smith.

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