OLTL Update Wednesday 8/7/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/7/02

By Beth

Keri's angry with Antonio for trying to keep his suspicions about her father from her. He shows her the evidence bag containing the money clip, saying he found it at the end of a tunnel where two prisoners escaped from Statesville. Someone waited in the woods and helped them, and the money clip proves it may have been R.J. Keri asks her father why his money clip was in the woods, and he says it's all a misunderstanding, since it's been missing for a while. Keri counters that she saw it earlier tonight, but he says she saw a different one. Instead of telling her it had been stolen, he bought a similar one to protect her feelings. He admits that the old R.J. might have helped with a prison break, but he'd never do that now that Keri's in his life. She doesn't know what to believe. Antonio points out that the only prints on the money clip belong to R.J. At this, Keri demands the truth. R.J. insists he didn't do this. When Antonio reveals that Lindsay was one of the escapees, R.J. asks the detective why he would help a woman he can't stand. Antonio thinks Lindsay must have something on him. He still thinks R.J. was the one who procured the memory-erasing drug she used on Nora. Keri is shocked; this is the first she's heard of this. R.J. insists he would never do that to Nora, suggesting Colin as the most likely person to have gotten the drug. He goes on a rant against Antonio, but Keri defends her fiance. She wants to know where R.J. was when the prisoners escaped. When Antonio gives the time of the breakout, Keri realizes her father was right there with her.

Having realized that Niki was the one who pushed him out the window, Ben rages at her. She protests that he isn't thinking clearly, but he knows the truth. She feigns shock at his accusation that she's really Niki Smith instead of his beloved Viki. Ben reminds her that he figured it out once before--just before she pushed him through the window. This time she won't get away. Niki grabs a letter opener but Ben stops her before she can stab him. She makes fun of him for taking so long to figure it out. Ben pleads with Viki to come out, but Niki tells him it doesn't work that way. Ben persists; he wants to get her to a real doctor so that she can be integrated again. Niki taunts him with the fact that he can't hurt her without hurting Viki. Niki gets an odd look on her face, seeming to struggle with her identity. She turns her back to Ben, then faces him again, acting disoriented and claiming to be Viki. He's not sure who she is. When his guard's down, Niki grabs a heavy object from the desk and strikes him in the head. She tries to think of what to do now, then gets an idea, stepping over Ben's body on her way out.

Allison and Lindsay argue over whether Lindsay can go see Jen. Allison insists it's too risky, but Lindsay stands firm; she has to go to her daughter. Besides, no one would ever expect her to show up at the hospital. She won't get caught, but even if she does, she'll never tell where to find Allison. As much as she hates the thought of going back to prison, she has to take the risk because she loves Jen so much. She begs Allison to try to understand. Thinking of Dave, Allison does understand. That's why she has to keep him safe from his crazy wife. She agrees to let Lindsay go, but she has to wear a disguise; there should be something of Rae's she can use. Allison orders her to be back in an hour. There's something she needs to do, and she just figured out how.

Troy thinks Nora's doctor isn't being careful enough, and Nora accuses him of being possessive and overprotective. He apologizes to her doctor, then admits to Nora that he may be a little overprotective of her. Nora admits that something weird happened to her. When the car was coming at her, she had the craziest feeling that Lindsay was there. Hearing this, Troy gives her the bad news about Lindsay's escape. Nora wants details, and he tells her what he knows. Nora thinks maybe it wasn't her imagination after all. Maybe Lindsay really was there. Having been blinded by the headlights, she didn't actually see her, but she can't explain the feeling she had. She does think it was an accident, and since the driver threw a rope down to her, it couldn't have been Lindsay. She never would have done that. Troy reminds her that the driver drove away, which he wouldn't put past Lindsay. The thing is that she's been spotted in Pittsburgh, so she couldn't have been the one. Nora's confident that Bo will catch her. She's grateful to Troy for rescuing her. As they kiss, Lindsay, wearing a short black wig and a white lab coat, watches. She goes out to the terrace and tries to pull herself together for Jen's sake. Claire interrupts the kiss with something for Troy to look over, as well as some catty remarks for Nora, who decides to go out to the terrace for some air. Claire laughs about Lindsay's escape, saying that someone is obviously falling down on the job. Troy points out that Lindsay is very clever. Because of that, there's no chance she's anywhere near here. If he thought she were, he wouldn't let Nora out of his sight. Just a few yards away, Nora starts to go out on the terrace but sees another woman already there. She apologizes for intruding, unaware that the woman is really Lindsay in disguise. Lindsay's back is to her, and she doesn't want to turn around.

Bo tells Cristian to tell Natalie not to worry; he'll take care of this. He calls the officers assigned to Llanfair and instructs them not to let Viki leave. When he learns they're searching the grounds for an intruder, he asks who told them about the intruder. He instructs them to go back to the main house now, promising to explain everything when he gets there.

Jen gives Natalie the third degree on what happened in her room at the Bayberry Inn. Natalie admits they did more than just go through the evidence Cristian found, but she doesn't want to be the one to tell her. Jen grabs her and demands to know. Natalie finally tells her that they were talking about her. Jen assumes they were cooking up "more" lies about her, but Natalie tells her to shut up and listen. They were talking because Cristian was worried about Jen. He really wanted to be with her but wouldn't walk away from Natalie when she was in trouble. Natalie explains her belief that she thought she had D.I.D. like her mother. She thought that maybe one of her other personalities had pushed Jen that day in the garden shed. Jen sees that she's serious. Natalie continues that she didn't know what to do, and ended up going to Cristian, making him promise not to tell anyone. He believed in her and was eventually able to prove it. Jen is skeptical, but Natalie assures her that she'll sooon understand everything. She stresses that although Cristian did an incredibly wonderful thing for her, he loves Jen. She's never seen him as upset as when he saw the fire at Sam's house. Jen is his world. And that's the whole story. Natalie apologizes for making Cristian keep her secret. Cristian returns and Jen says Natalie told her everything. Assuming that's really true, Cristian starts apologizing, saying he never wanted to hurt her, but Natalie covers for him. When she tries to leave, he stops her and relays the news from Bo. She decides it wouldn't be a good idea to go back to her room after what happened between them, and she can't go to Llanfair, but she has a place she can go to be alone and think about everything. After Natalie leaves, Jen apologizes to Cristian for not believing and trusting him the way she should have. She's learned from her mistakes. She doesn't deserve him but she's lucky to have him. She gives him a big hug, but Cristian looks guilty.

Wearing a long black cape over a white dress, Allison descends the stairs looking like Florence Nightingale. Wanting both to protect Dave from Niki and to give him some TLC, she goes to the front closet and opens a first aid kit and a box containing a gun. She places the gun inside the first aid kit and heads out on her mission to rescue Dave.

Bo arrives at Llanfair and finds Ben on the floor. He's bleeding but very much alive. Bo asks whether Viki did this to him, and Ben replies that it was Niki Smith, not Viki. Ben's surprised that Bo already knows. He refuses to go to the hospital. They learn that the officers screwed up again and let Niki get away. Bo tells them to put out an APB on her and call an ambulance. At Ben's urging, he heads out to find Niki Smith.

Niki goes to Roxy's place to hide out. As she looks around for something she can use to her advantage, Natalie comes in and finds the door unlocked, which doesn't surprise her. Niki comes out of the bedroom, and before she can hide, Natalie turns around and they see each other.

Ben tries to get up from the couch but the effort makes him dizzy. As he struggles to focus, he looks toward the terrace doors and sees the blurry image of a caped figure enter the house. As his vision clears, he realizes that it's Allison, coming toward him with love in her eyes and a first aid kit in her hands.

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