OLTL Update Tuesday 8/6/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Beth

As Todd and Tea kiss, Ross suddenly announces that he's been looking everywhere for his shirt. Relieved to see that he's alive, Tea throws her arms around him and cries. He doesn't think she was all that grief stricken, since she was just kissing Todd. Todd covers for both of them, saying Tea was upset and had a fever and that nothing happened. Ross has good news and bad news. The bad news is that the boat was a piece of junk. Before he can say anything else, he falls to his knees, weak from dehydration. Tea begs Todd to help her get him to shelter, but she ends up having to do it herself. She gives Ross some water as he describes what happened at sea. A wave cracked the boat in two just as he saw a ship in the distance. Unimpressed, Todd thinks he should have found a way to get to the ship. He accuses Ross of coming back to see Tea. Ross insists he couldn't get to the ship but its presence proves that there are shipping lanes out there. They need to get off the island now, before the storm season hits and the shipping moves farther south. The way he figures it, they have two or maybe three weeks until that happens. They have to build a raft and get out into the shipping lane. Ross reminds Tea of his promise to get her off the island. He's going to keep his promise, and he'll even take Todd this time.

Antonio informs Bo that the only fingerprints on the money clip he found at the escape site definitely belong to R.J. He's always wanted to nail him but dreads telling Keri that her father's a suspect in the prison break. Bo mentions a tip that Allison and Lindsay were spotted in Pittsburgh, and he's going to check that out with the Pittsburgh police department. He's concerned about Antonio handling R.J.'s connection, but Antonio insists he should be the one to do it.

After throwing away the video he made of the wedding show, R.J. is on his way to take out the trash when Keri calls to him, curious about where he's going. He explains he's taking the trash out, then sends her off to take a bath for her cold. By the time he opens the door, Antonio is there, asking questions about whether he's lost something recently. Just as he realizes that Antonio's referring to the money clip, the detective pulls out an evidence bag containing the item. R.J. claims he lost it at Capricorn. Antonio thinks he should have reported it, which of course sounds silly to R.J. Antonio wants to know exactly what he was doing earlier tonight, and Keri finds him yelling at her father. When she demands to know what's going on, Antonio says he's investigating a prison break and thinks R.J. may have helped. Keri looks at her father for an explanation.

After her shower, Lindsay's ready for their next plan of action. They can't stay at Rae's much longer. She goes through the house, calling to Allison. In the basement, Allison grabs the phone away from Roxy and laughs. She knew Roxy was lying about Max's feelings; he can't stand his new bride. She gets the gag ready. Dave needs her, and Roxy can't stop her from going to him. Roxy swears she won't tell anyone, but Allison doesn't trust her. She puts the gag back on, then gets hold of a piece of rope, pulling it taut in anticipation of doing away with Roxy. Before she has a chance to do it, they hear Lindsay calling out from upstairs. Allison tells her not to come downstairs, adding that she's taking care of a big rat. She's unhappy when Lindsay announces it's time to face her fears and joins Allison in the basement. Fortunately for Allison, Lindsay sees a dead rat and assumes it's the one Allison took care of. Despite her fear, she hates to see anything get killed. While she focuses on that, Allison quickly tucks Roxy's hair back inside the tarp. She's ready to plan their next move so she can get Dave away from his crazy wife. They go back upstairs, and Lindsay asks for her half of the money R.J. provided. Allison's not ready to give it to her yet, wanting to wait until they separate. She wants to get to Dave as soon as possible. Lindsay warns her that's a bad idea; she could get caught. They need to lie low for a while, maybe outside Llanview. Allison insists she broke out to be with Dave, but Lindsay tells her to be patient. It could be months or even years before it's safe. Allison doesn't like this at all. She's going to kill someone if she doesn't see Dave soon. She has to rescue him from his wacko wife. Lindsay points out she wouldn't want him to get arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive. They turn on the radio to listen for news about their escape. Allison reminds Lindsay that she's the one who insisted that Dave needs her; that better not have been a trick. They react with glee at the news of an unconfirmed report that they've been spotted in Pittsburgh. The next news item scares Lindsay, who learns of the fire at Sam's house and Jen's narrow escape.

Jen's less than thrilled to hear that Cristian was with Natalie in her room at the Bayberry Inn. She wants to know what he was doing there, and he mentions finding evidence from when Ben went through the window. He doesn't want to say anything about that until he speaks with Bo. Al belligerently asks why he won't tell them, but Cristian finally gets his awaited call from Bo. Although the commissioner is very busy with the escape, Cristian insists it's important, agreeing to be at the station in ten minutes. Al accosts the fire investigator to see whether they know who set the fire, but is informed they don't know yet. Cristian assures Natalie he'll prove her innocence in both matters. He thinks he should tell Jen about what happened between them in her room. When he leaves to meet with Bo, Natalie doesn't go with him for some inexplicable reason. This gives Al more opportunities to harass her about why she was with Cristian. He accuses them of lying and says he's going to find out the truth. He insists that she pushed Ben out the window and set the fire at Sam's. Natalie points out how convenient it was that Al was on the scene first, just in time to save Jen's life. Al gets nervous, but Natalie draws the wrong conclusion and thinks he was just following Jen again. She tells him to get over it, but Al says it's a good thing he showed up when he did. He insists that Cristian doesn't love Jen at all. Natalie thinks Al's delusional. Al continues making snide remarks until Natalie walks away. Sam and Jen thank Al for saving her life. Jen still doesn't know how Natalie's keys got there, but she does believe that she was with Cristian at the time of the fire. She just doesn't know who did it, since Natalie didn't. Sam doesn't want her to worry about that now. When he goes to see about taking her home, Jen insists on talking to Natalie alone. She almost died in a fire, and she deserves some straight answers. Natalie tells her they were looking at the evidence Cristian found, but that's not enough for Jen, so Natalie admits that's not all they were doing.

Cristian shows Bo what he found in the garden shed at Llanfair, adding that he was careful about fingerprints. Bo doesn't think the book is proof, since it could be Natalie's. Cristian then brings out the piece de resistance: the red wig. The book, hypodermic needle, and wig all point to someone other than Natalie being guilty, and Cristian believes it's Viki. Bo seems skeptical, so Cristian explains how he and Natalie came to this conclusion. He mentions months of "Viki" trying to make Natalie believe she has D.I.D., as well as the milk they believe was drugged. Bo admits that having Natalie as a suspect never made sense; he never thought it added up. Cristian points out that the one answer he and Natalie kept coming back to was that Viki is the one who has D.I.D. That's the only explanation. Bo thinks about some strange things he's witnessed from Viki in the past few months. He thought she was integrated, but he was wrong. Niki Smith is back. She's the one who pushed Ben out the window.

Trying to reconstruct what happened to him, Ben takes notes to jog his memory. He knows he saw a red wig, not someone's real red hair. He also knows it wasn't Natalie. As he strains to remember, his mind's eye sees a gloved hand, then he recalls Viki's voice and an argument about lying to him. Meanwhile, Niki becomes increasingly anxious to get out of Llanfair. She concocts a scheme whereby she pretends that the gardener is calling to say that he thinks Allison is near the carriage house. Both police officers go to investigate, giving her a chance to grab her escape money and passport. She thinks she's all set but is startled to find Ben on the other side of the door, accusing her of trying to run away. Niki claims she's just going to the Banner, but Ben doesn't believe her. He backs her into the room and tries to find out what she's hiding behind her back. Grabbing her arm, he realizes the gloved hand in his memory is hers. When he won't believe her claim that she wasn't wearing gloves, she changes her story and suggests they were gardening gloves. Ben remembers seeing Viki wearing a red wig. He grabs her, suddenly remembering everything, and says, "It was you! You pushed me out the window!"

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