OLTL Update Monday 8/5/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/5/02

By Beth


Rae sits on a park bench going through her address book, eliminating one possibility after another. There's no one she can go to for help. All her relationships are ruined. As she bemoans her lot in life, Mollie and Shawna wait nearby to give her a nasty surprise. When Rae gets up to leave, Shawna confronts her about still being in town. As Shawna goads her, Rae informs her that since Shawna isn't her student anymore, she doesn't have to be nice to her. She can treat her like the vicious, deceptive, self-centered little horror that she is. Shawna accuses Rae of sounding like her mother, and Rae says she wouldn't normally condone a mother saying that about her daughter, but in this case it's completely understandable. Seeming upset, Shawna says she doesn't know why people hate her so much, and Rae tells her to think about it. Shawna admits she's mean to people but doesn't know why. She acts contrite and remorseful while baiting her victim. As Rae gives her some friendly advice on how to change, Mollie and a cameraman appear, and Shawna announces that Rae has just been caught practicing therapy without a license. The cameraman asks for a statement from Rae, who only wants to say something he won't be able to use on television. She attacks Shawna, who fights back until Renee comes along and breaks it up. Shawna takes an attitude with Renee, who really lets her have it. Mollie points out they got what they came for and should go. Renee tries to comfort her friend. Rae is really feeling sorry for herself. She's locked out of her house, and she can't afford a crummy hotel room. Renee tells her she can stay at the Palace at no charge. Rae's grateful, and they laugh at the idea of putting one over on Asa.

Hearing that Natalie's keys were found in Jen's room at his house, Sam browbeats Natalie for an explanation. He's tried to ignore all the hearsay about her, but maybe it's all true. Did she really push Ben out the window? Natalie insists she can prove her innocence, and Cristian sticks up for her. When the fireman takes Sam aside to talk, Natalie freaks out, thinking that this is yet another thing her mother may have done to set her up. Sam watches her from a distance.

Al seems about to confess to Jen, but decides against it. When Jen hears that Cristian is just outside, she jumps up and goes to find him, but the first thing she sees is that his arms are around Natalie again. She goes to him for a hug while all the others gather around. Cristian points out that Al was really the one who saved her, and Sam looks at Al suspiciously as he tells about finding the fire. The fireman returns with news that the fire was an act of arson. When Jen learns about Natalie's keys, she accuses her of setting the fire. Natalie swears she's never been in that room, but she knows Jen will never believe her. Jen claims she will belive her if Natalie will just tell where she was at the time. Cristian tries to get her to back off, while Al enjoys the show. Cristian insists he knows for a fact that Natalie didn't do it, but Jen wants to know how he could possibly know that. She's tired of hearing him defend her; he's wrong, and Natalie should just confess. To protect Natalie, Cristian admits that he was with her.

Chad doesn't see any need for Blair to apologize for her part in ruining his chances with Emily. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway, because he was trying to be something he's not. Blair actually did him a favor. She admits she's been doing a lot of those favors lately but he's the only one who's thanked her. Her life is just one big mistake since Todd. She runs into Max, who advises it's better to be in the middle of a messy divorce than a messy marriage. He's in a good mood, telling Chad his wife may have left him. She left early this morning and hasn't been seen since. If he's lucky, she'll never come back!

Allison goes to the basement to deal with Roxy, thinking Lindsay's shower will give her plenty of time. She uncovers Roxy, who's bound and gagged on the floor. Now she has to decide what to do about her. Should she kill her now or later? Roxy is terrified, and when Allison removes the gag, she offers to make a deal. She knows Allison wants to be rich, and Roxy's married to a very rich man now. Allison says she saw their wedding announcement and wants to know how Roxy managed to hook the guy. When Roxy brags about finding him in Las Vegas, Allison realizes she got him drunk. Roxy points out how much trouble Allison will be in if she commits murder. She offers a hundred thousand dollars for letting her go. Allison thinks about this. She could really use that money when she runs off with Dave. She agrees, if Roxy can produce the money now. Roxy says they have to wait until the bank opens in the morning, but Allison doesn't trust her. Roxy insists she's missing the chance of a lifetime, because her husband is crazy about her and will be more than willing to pay. Allison decides that Max should be called to confirm this. She instructs Roxy to call and greet him but not say anything else. Scared, Roxy does as she's told, but Max ruins her cover by expressing disappointment at hearing from her.

Starr writes a letter to Todd. She's still mad at him for doing such a mean thing. She never wants to see him again. He should come home so she can tell him that to his face. She laments not knowing where to send her letter. When Blair finds her, Starr hides the letter behind her back. Curious, Blair insists that Starr show her what she has, promising not to be mad. She sees the letter and tells Starr it's okay to write it, but unfortunately they don't know where to send it. Starr hugs her and says she misses her dad. She doesn't understand how she could be so mad at him and still miss him. She and Blair have a mother-daughter talk about feelings.

In the bunker, Todd and Tea are about to kiss, but Tea stops them by claiming to hear something outside. She gets up to look but finds the crab and picks it up. She wants to toss it back into the water, unless Todd wants to cook it. He panics at the thought, taking his crab from her and saying it's very special and Tea should leave it alone. She asks whether it's as special as his bird, Moose, was. Todd explains that it's a very friendly crab. They talk sometimes and he gets advice from it. They don't talk as much now that she's here to keep him company. Tea kneels in front of Todd, caresses his face, and asks what the crab is saying now. Todd says that maybe she was right to do what she did, since Blair screwed him over so badly, but then again, what Blair did is nothing compared to what Tea did. She screwed up his life and is now trying to suck him back in with lies about how she never stopped loving him. Tea insists it's true, but Todd leaves the bunker, having had enough. Tea runs along the shore, chasing and screaming at Todd. She never wanted him to get hurt. She did everything to protect him, but he's a pig-headed moron. Her feelings for him scare her to death, but she really does love him. Seeing that she's not getting anywhere with him, she turns around and leaves, kicking the sand in frustration. Then she finds the red shirt that Ross was wearing when he left the island. It was his lucky shirt, and now it's all torn. She breaks down crying and tells Todd that Ross didn't make it. He was going to send help back for them, but now they're stuck forever. Todd goes to her, tenderly touches her face, and kisses her.

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