OLTL Update Friday 8/2/02

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/2/02

By Laura

Blair calls to apologize to Sam. Blair calls a second time and begs him to call her. Emily confronts Chad. She says she's not angry, but she still doesn't want to date him. Blair walks into Break Bar to meet the guy from the motel. Chad discusses her with Rex. He demands the money and she stalls because Nora didn't leave Troy. He says he'll talk if she doesn't pay, which she does. Chad asks to take her order and Blair asks for things to stop being strange between them. He tells her she 'can let him have it,' but she swears it was all her fault because she drank so much. They apologize to one another. He tells her about Emily and about the reason she broke it off with him.

Tea's fever breaks. She says she feels badly about the things that she said to Todd while she was feverish. Todd freaks out when Tea eats a crab. They discuss Tea's still being in love with him. Todd informs her that Blair never understood him. He insists that he's over her.

Rae is upset about a cancelled credit card. Asa eavesdrops, and enjoys what he hears. He admits that he is behind the credit card trouble. She lashes out at him. She goes to Break Bar to use the computer in order to find a place to stay. Rex tells her she has to pay in order to use the computers. Asa follows her and continues taunting her. He shows her a website called 'Gretel-is-a- fraud.com.' Molly and Shawna plot to use Asa in their plans to get at Rae. A reporter offers to pay Rae a bundle for an exclusive interview, but she turns down the offer.

Troy and Nora struggle in the water, trying to save themselves and each other. They get out of the water, and he goes to get the car to get her a blanket. They hold and comfort one another. Nora tells him about what Blair did. He tells him about the surprise dinner. At the hospital, Nora continues to insist that she is fine. Emily comes to the hospital looking for Troy and Nora, and asks Troy if it was Lindsay. He says it was a hit and run driver, and they discuss Joanna as well.

Al walks in on Jen who is passed out from the fumes. He tries to wake her up, then carries her out of the room. Cristian and Natalie discuss their telling the police about Vicki. Cristian is about to say something important to Natalie, when they are interrupted by the sight of the fire at Sam's house. Cristian goes into the house to save Jen, in case she's there, and sees Al carrying her out of the room.

At the hospital, the nurse suggests that they may not know how Jen is going to be. Cristian thanks Al for being there to rescue Jen. Jen and Al talk in her hospital room and she thanks him for saving her life, but wants to know why he was there. She asks if he saw how the fire was started. Cristian asks the nurse about her, and they tell him she's okay. The firefighter shows Cristian and Natalie the keys that were found in the house. Jen remembers that the fire came from the wastebasket, and Al says that he has something to tell her.

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