OLTL Update Thursday 8/1/02


One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/01/02

By Laura

Troy finds Nora's purse, then calls out for Nora repeatedly, finally finding her in the water. Troy goes in and under the water to save Nora. He pulls her up and carries her toward safety, but a large piece of wood hits him on the head and knocks him out. Nora gets him and tries to help him.

In the motel room, Cristian and Natalie kiss and end up on the bed together, when they hear a noise coming from the hallway that interrupts them. The noise is Jen's cell phone, as she is there about to confront Natalie once again. Sam is on the other end of the phone, informing Jen that her mother has escaped from prison, and instructing her to go (to his) home immediately where he will soon meet her. Cristian decides to leave, but is interrupted by a cell phone call of his own, the Police Dept. informing him that Bo and Antonio are on the way back to the station. Cristian voices his belief that Vicki's behavior is caused by a DID relapse, then they head to the station.

Jessica discusses Cristian with Seth while he tries to distract her. They get cozy together, but she comes right back to thinking about Cristian, who she can't believe is defending Natalie so much.

Ben remembers the wig. Nikki decides the culprit must be Allison Perkins then. Ben reminds her that Allison only recently escaped. When Ben says it had to have been someone who wanted to frame Natalie, Nikki names Jen, and Ben thinks that the idea is obsurd because Jen could never do that. Then Sam arrives at the door, to warn them about Allison and Lindsay, and is concerned enough to allow them to dodge his questions about overhearing them say Jen's name. Ben asks Sam if Nora is okay, and he says he hasn't been able to get in touch with her, but he hopes she's with Troy. Ben says he's close to figuring out who did this to him. Vicki says he's being stubborn by not simply accepting that it was Natalie.

Al sets a fire in Jen's room, then drops Natalie's keys, in order to make it look like the fire was started by Natalie. Al daydreams about how he incident could turn out in his favor, then drops Natalie's keys, and goes to Llalnfair to get an alibi. Al comes to the door and he and Nikki briefly discuss how badly Natalie needs psychiatric help, before Al comes in and says hello to Sam and Ben. He promises Sam that he's making it all up to Jen. Sam's skeptical, but glad, and tells Al about Lindsay's escape, adding that he instructed Jen to go home immediately. Al storms out. Jen sees the fire in the trashcan. She takes a blanket to it, which catches on fire and also fans the flames. She coughs, passes out, comes to, and then passes out again.

Lindsay meets up with Allison at Rae's house. She tells Allison about how she accidentally hit Nora with her car and she ended up in the river. She adds that she dropped her a rope, because she couldn't murder anyone, even her own worst enemy. Allison goes from wanting to know if Nora's dead, in order to make sure she isn't a witness to the crime, to wondering if it were truly an accident and goading Lindsay about it, to laughing at Lindsay, and then to remembering Roxy and stating how important it is not to leave any witnesses behind. Lindsay asks about R.J. and Allison asks about the car. Lindsay mentions the basement and Allison insists there's something in there that Lindsay wouldn't want to see. She asks if it's a rat, and Allison confirms that it's a very big rat.

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