OLTL Update Wednesday 7/31/02

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Beth

Tea tells Todd that she never stopped loving him, but Todd doesn't want to hear that. If that's true, why did she leave? She left him a note instead of telling him to his face. Crying, she says she had to do it that way. She just couldn't tell him to his face, because she knew that if she saw him, she wouldn't be able to leave. Todd gently asks why she had to leave, and she replies that she simply couldn't be with him anymore. She wanted to be free to love him, but she couldn't be strong all the time. She was tired of never being able to let her guard down, because when she did, he cut her to shreds. She just had to leave and never see him again. She shouldn't have gone to see him
in Llanview. Todd asks why that was a bad thing, and she answers with a question. He tells her to stop asking questions or else he'll walk out. She tells him to go ahead, so he gets up to leave, but his crab stares at him. Todd goes back to Tea and gives her another sip of water and holds her for a while longer.

Nora tries to flag down the approaching car, but the driver, Lindsay, isn't watching the road. Too late, she realizes she's veering off the road and about to hit someone. She swerves to get back on track, but Nora goes crashing through the wooden guardrail and plunges into the Llantano River. Lindsay stops the car, gets out, and looks around. Below, Nora hangs onto what seems to be an enormous tree branch jutting out of the water. Lindsay tries to remember the crash, thinking there might have been someone in front of the car, but she decides it must have been a deer. She notices that the damage to the car isn't too bad. When she remembers seeing Nora, she again tries to convince herself it was just a deer. Nora hangs onto the branch for dear life and yells for help, getting Lindsay's attention. Thinking this is no time to play good samaritan, Lindsay is certain she's imagining things, but she looks down into the river anyway. Of all the luck. Of all the people in the world, why did it have to be Nora? Lindsay had one chance for freedom, and Nora has ruined it, just like she ruins everything else in Lindsay's life. Aware that someone is
looking down at her from the bridge, Nora keeps calling for help. Lindsay hears her shouts and her conscience gets the better of her. She can't call 911, as there aren't any phones around, so she does the only thing she can. She gets a rope from the back seat, hoping she won't regret it. As she ties the rope to another piece of guardrail, she's annoyed to hear her nemesis still shouting for help, because she's working as fast as she can. When the rope is securely fastened,
she tosses the other end down to Nora, who grabs the rope and tries to pull herself to safety. She can't believe it when the driver of the car leaves her there in the water. Suddenly, the rope comes untied and Nora plunges underwater.

Jen is in her old room at Sam's house, looking at a photo of herself and Cristian. Sam assures her she's welcome to stay but asks why she's there. Jen tells him about Cristian's insistence on keeping secrets with Natalie. She knows she should trust him but it's really getting to her. She's tried talking to Natalie but ends up screaming in a jealous rage every time. Sam advises her to talk to Natalie but stay rational. She thinks about this, then looks up the Bayberry Inn, deciding to have a rational chat with Natalie.

At the quarry, Al rehashes his moment of glory with Jen and solidifies his plan to get her back tonight. He calls to check on her, feeding into her insecurities about her relationship with Cristian. He tells her to stay away from Natalie, but she shouldn't stick around Sam's house either. Jen tells him she's on her way to the movies, not admitting she's going to see Natalie. Al's satisfied that Jen won't be anywhere near Natalie, whom he calls "a total psycho," or at Sam's house. He's convinced that Natalie has to be stopped and that he's doing the right thing. He goes to Sam's and enters Jen's bedroom, making sure to leave Natalie's lost keys there to implicate her in what he's about to do. Convinced that this is something Natalie would do, he sets a fire in the bedroom trash can.

Troy barges into Blair's house, insisting on knowing where Nora went. Blair has no idea why he's really there, and tells him that Nora found out what she was doing. Troy isn't happy about this, but he has to find Nora and warn her. He runs out. Later, Sam goes to Blair's to return a book Matthew borrowed from Starr, but Blair thinks he's there to yell at her. At his insistence, she admits she interfered after he told her not to. She tried to seduce Troy but he didn't go for it.
When that didn't work, she tried to make Nora think he was having an affair, but Nora found out what she was doing and let her have it, so everything's okay now. Sam can't believe her. He insists that his relationship with Nora is none of her business, but it's like talking to a brick wall. Blair just knows he and Nora belong together, and she wanted to be the one to bring Nora back to him. A loud argument ensues. Sam admits he still loves Nora but not the way Blair thinks.
He's moved on, just like Blair should move on from what happened with Todd. He tells her to stop burying her feelings, trying to seduce the wrong people, and playing matchmaker to people who don't belong together. In other words, she should butt out. Upset, Blair asks whether she's ruined everything. She won't be able to stand it if he hates her.

Niki is desperately looking for something to kill Ben with, but Viki appears and orders her to stop, pointing out that the closer Niki comes to being discovered, the closer Viki comes to getting her own life back. As Niki says that will never happen, Ben appears and asks what's wrong. Niki claims she's embarrassed to have been found talking to herself. Actually, she was yelling at the person who pushed him out the window. They're startled when two police officers enter the room
with plans to cover all the exits and seal the place. They have no idea what's going on until they're informed that Allison escaped from Statesville. Niki isn't happy about the escape or the presence of so many policemen at the house. One of the officers comes inside and announces he found some suspicious-looking footprints in the garden shed, one set probably made by a woman and the other definitely belonging to a man. When Niki insists they were made by her and Pete,
the gardener, the police agree to let it go for now. Meanwhile, Ben is straining to remember something. It's all about the red hair again, but he still doesn't think it's Natalie. He just needs to concentrate. Niki tries to go out for some fresh air but is stopped by one of the officers, who says she's not allowed to leave the premises. The officers go outside to give them some privacy, and Ben strains to hold onto a memory. He remembers the red hair, and it wasn't real. It was a wig.

Cristian goes to Natalie's room at the Bayberry Inn and shows her what he found in the garden shed at Llanfair. He removes the syringe from the bag, as well as the book on how to get away with murder. He reports that he left messages for both Bo and Antonio to get in touch with him. Natalie still thinks she could have been the one who put the bag in the shed, but Cristian has one more thing to show her: the red wig. Natalie can't believe it. Her mother must have pretended to be her, both when Jen accused her of pushing her down, and when Jessica and Rex thought they saw her before Ben went through the window. Cristian doesn't understand why this is happening; he's known Viki for years and she's always been so nice. Natalie thinks it all coincides with her arrival at Llanfair. It must have done something to her. Realizing Ben is alone with her in the house, Natalie calls to warn him and is surprised when a police officer answers the phone and
informs her of Allison's escape. She agrees to stay where she is and not try to go home. This is the last thing she needs right now. Looking on the bright side, Cristian points out that Ben should be safe with all the police running around. He realizes this is probably why he hasn't heard back from his brother or Bo. He doesn't want to talk to anyone else about what he found, but knows that Bo and Antonio will give them the benefit of the doubt. Natalie is rather freaked out about how close she came to being framed for murder by her own mother, who's been setting her up for weeks. She figures out that Niki drugged her milk and wrote those incriminating things in her computer diary. Cristian tells her not to worry anymore, because they have proof. She tries to get him to leave, but he insists on staying as long as she needs him. They gaze into each other's eyes and share another passionate kiss, unaware that Jen is just outside the door.

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