OLTL Update Tuesday 7/30/02

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Beth

Todd runs to Tea and carries her to his bunker, where he looks at her foot. She was stung by a jellyfish, and it looks much worse than Todd expected. Then he remembers she's always been allergic to a lot of things, so she must be allergic to this as well. Tea thinks she's going to die, but Todd won't let that happen. He insists that she stay awake while he goes to get something to help. She wants him to stay with her. Todd says she was right to keep him from taking his kids. If
he had, they'd be stuck on the island. Tea's scared, and Todd goes to get something to help. He comes back with the same tropical plant Ross used on Tea's burned hand. Shouting at her in an effort to keep her awake, he squeezes the plant and applies its juice to her wound. He
also gives her a drink. Afraid of dying, Tea tells Todd that she has always loved him.

Lindsay can't believe this is happening. She pulls over and waits for the officer to approach her. Lindsay asks what she did, and the officer says she's in big trouble. She was doing 50 in a clearly
posted 35 zone. Lindsay claims she got lost, mentioning volunteer work cleaning up the Llantano River as the reason she's so dirty. The officer is suspicious, and when she tries to sweet-talk him, he orders her to get out of the car and get her hands up. When she gets out, he says she's coming with him now. Not willing to go with him, she tries to seduce him, saying she'll meet him at the end of his shift and after she cleans up from her volunteer work. He resists but eventually tells her she has a choice. She can go to the station with him on a charge of resisting arrest, or she can spend some quality time with him in his car right now. He scoffs at her claim that Commissioner Buchanan is a close personal friend, so she tells him to call Bo for confirmation. If he doesn't, she will, and she'll tell him all about the officer who pulls over innocent women and propositions them. They reach an agreement. She won't call Bo if he doesn't give her a ticket.
In fact, he should just forget he ever pulled her over. It never happened. The officer reluctantly agrees and gives her directions to Llanview. As she drives away, she complains bitterly about how this is all Nora's fault.

Troy can't find Nora, and Bo can't find Lindsay. Bo doesn't think the escapees have anywhere to go, since every police department in Pennsylvania is looking for them. Troy shows Bo that he found Nora's cell phone in his office, but Bo insists Lindsay hasn't had enough time to get that far. Unconvinced, Troy's worried sick. He wants to know how Lindsay and Allison escaped, and Bo explains how Allison grew up playing in the tunnels when her father was the warden. Someone was waiting for them on the outside but he has no idea who that was. Troy can't figure out why anyone would help them, since everyone knows how dangerous they are.

Nora smirks as Blair feigns surprise at seeing her. Toying with her, Nora says she thinks Troy is cheating on her. Blair acts sympathetic as Nora tells her story. Some woman called and left a very suggestive message on Troy's answering machine, and it was as if the woman knew that Nora was there listening. Nora was going to confront Troy about it but then she got a call from Matthew, who wanted her to pick up the sleeping bag pillow from Starr. That's why she came to Blair's, which is when Nora met their German nanny. It was really very funny, because the nanny was the woman who left the message for Troy. Heddy doesn't know that Nora is still there, and she comes in to talk to Blair. Blair starts yelling at her about having an affair with Troy, which scares Heddy, who runs from the room in shame. Nora accuses Blair of putting her up to it, which Blair denies. Nora just wants to know why she did it. Does Blair want Troy for herself? Is she looking for
another man, now that Todd has left her? Blair tries to act innocent but Nora is on to her. She mentions all the times Blair calls Troy and goes to his office. It's obvious that she wanted Nora to go through his lab coat pocket and find the motel key. Blair insists she doesn't want Troy, who's a liar and a sneak. Nora points out that would make him perfect for Blair. She adds that maybe Priscilla the iguana is behind this; she's had her heart set on Troy ever since she laid her beady little eyes on him. Blair doesn't think that's funny. So what if she's trying to seduce Troy? He didn't tell Nora, which says a lot about him. Nora agrees.

Antonio looks at the evidence bag and calls Keri, hoping she can tell him that her father was with her all night. There's no answer since she's sound asleep on the couch. He tells Bo that everyone responded to the call except for Roberts, the new guy, whose radio must be out. Bo wants to see him in his office as soon as he returns to the station. Antonio starts to tell him about finding R.J.'s money clip but is interrupted by Troy, who just hit the redial button on Nora's phone and got the Lone Pine Motel. Troy then gets a call from Starr and tells her it's not a good time for him to talk. Starr says that Nora sounded jealous of Priscilla. Confused, Troy wants an explanation, and Starr informs him that Nora and her mother are talking. Troy asks her to bring Nora to the phone. Bo goes back to Antonio to find out what he was about to say before Troy came along, and Antonio admits he found what he believes is R.J.'s money clip at the escape site. He's having it tested now. The results come back from forensics, and all the prints on the money clip are R.J.'s.

R.J. insists that Rae's house is safe, which means he kept up his end of the bargain. Allison won't let him leave until Lindsay shows up. She's not happy to see Roxy looking in. They have a staredown, but when R.J. asks, Allison says she's not looking at anything. He turns around but Roxy isn't there anymore. Allison "concedes" that the house is safe and tells him to leave now. Roxy is outside, peeking up out of the bushes. By the time Allison opens the door, Roxy is passed out on the porch. She drags her inside and drops her on the floor. Roxy awakens and questions Allison's presence. She doesn't believe her claim that she was released for good behavior. As Allison tries to think of what to do with her, Roxy points out that she could be a hero
if she calls the police, but drops it when she sees the look on Allison's face. She runs to the door but it's locked. Allison can't let her leave, even if she is blind drunk. A bit later, her hair showing the effects of a struggle, Allison picks up the now-dented trophy, an insincere apology to Roxy under her breath.

R.J. gets home at 10:10 and sets the clock and Keri's watch back to about 8:55, then turns on the television and wakes Keri up to watch her show. She can't believe she's only been asleep a short while. They watch the show and Keri admits it was very boring. After she goes to bed, he resets the clocks to the correct time, then removes the videotape so she'll never know he wasn't there the entire time she slept.

Nora insists that Troy simply didn't want to humiliate Blair by telling Nora about her attempts to seduce him. Blair has another version of reality. She insists he's very attracted to her and just
doesn't want to tell Nora. At Troy's request, Starr comes in to get Nora but Blair sends her back out, not listening to what her daughter's trying to say. When Nora insists that Troy is honest, Blair
brings up the tired argument of what he did to Lindsay. Nora tells her off; she's not going to break them up. Blair finally admits that Troy isn't the issue; Sam is. He and Nora belong together. Nora tells her to mind her own business. They have a loud argument, which Nora ends by saying this is obviously all about Todd. He's gone and Blair should deal with it. She leaves, and Blair is angry about her parting words.

Starr goes back and tells Troy they're busy and can't talk now, and hangs up. Frustrated, Troy tells Bo he found Nora and is going there now. He's going to get her and keep an eye on her until Lindsay is found. He storms over to Blair's and barges in. Blair admits that Nora figured out what she was doing. He demands to know where she is now.

Nora's car breaks down at the bridge over the Llantano River. As she walks along the one-lane bridge, yelling at her car, she discovers that her phone isn't in her purse. She just hopes a state trooper will come along soon. Seeing the lights from an approaching car, she flags it down from the side of the road.

Lindsay follows the cop's directions back toward Llanview. She can never go back to prison. She never would have been there in the first place if it hadn't been for Nora. Well, she's free now, and very happy to be so, but she's not paying attention to her driving. Suddenly she sees a figure in the road in front of her and swerves to miss. Nora goes crashing through the wooden bridge.

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