OLTL Update Monday 7/29/02

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/29/02

By Laura

Roxy stares at her reflection in the Woman of the Year award she stole
from the banquet, then takes a swig of rum out of it. Despite what Max
said, she knows she looked good after her makeover. Max comes home
and, seeing her, makes a crack about the nightmare he's living. Roxy
bursts into tears and asks why he was so mean to her after her
makeover. She has feelings, and Max broke her heart. He tells her to
quit bawling or else her new mascara will run. Roxy looks up and shows
him that it's already all over her face; she returned the new mascara
and is back to wearing the cheap stuff. Max says he's sorry she heard
him talking to R.J. He never meant for her to hear that. She can't get
him to apologize for actually saying it, though; he's only sorry for
being careless and letting her overhear. Max doesn't care how she
looks because he simply doesn't like her; she's loathesome. Thinking
he said "lonesome," she agrees. She's lonesome, lonely, and her
husband doesn't act like a husband. She's trapped in that ugly mill
house, trying to be the perfect trophy wife. It takes a lot of work to
make a marriage really good, and Max isn't even trying. He points out
that he doesn't want to. They fight about which one is the bigger
user. He only married her because he was too drunk to know what he was
doing. Roxy liked him better when he was drunk, and decides to try to
get him drunk now. She begs him to give her a chance because she's the
only choice he has. She grabs at him but he escapes her clutches,
telling her to stop and look at herself. He wants her out of his life.
She's repulsive to him. She used his situation with Al to get him
drunk and married to her, she tried to steal from her own daughter,
and now she's stolen the trophy from Rae. She's a leech. He's never
seen anyone sink so low, and it makes his skin crawl. Roxy decides to
go out and be a better person so he'll like her better. She's going to
give back the trophy, including the rum she's been drinking out of it.

Allison puts pressure on R.J. as he drives the getaway car. He's not
happy she's there; she wasn't part of the bargain. Allison warns him
that Rae's house had better be safe, because if it isn't, all three of
them are going back to Statesville. Following them in R.J.'s car,
Lindsay wills R.J. to slow down so he doesn't get pulled over for
speeding. She wants to find a way to get to her kids, start over (and
be good this time!), and find a man to love her the way she deserves.
Before that, though, she's going to get revenge. Tired of backseat
driving, Allison climbs into the front and lays on the gas pedal,
causing them to run a light. Lindsay is worried about this but is more
concerned with her plan. She almost died in prison but survived for a
reason: to make Nora pay for what she did.

Troy is at the coffee shop buying Nora's favorite dessert. He's really
excited about the surprise he has waiting for her at her house. He has
a real chef there making all her favorites. Emily can see that he
really loves Nora, and she's glad her brother was able to find someone
again after what happened with Joanna. Troy admits he'll never forget
about her but he doesn't think Nora has to know what really happened.
Emily promises not to tell her. If Troy doesn't think she should know,
he shouldn't take the chance and risk losing her. Troy simply isn't
sure whether Nora could handle knowing the truth.

Bo and Antonio are talking at the coffee shop when Bo gets word about
the prison break. He tells Troy, hoping he knows how to reach Nora.
Troy tries her at home, but she isn't there, and her cell phone is
busy. Bo doesn't know where Lindsay is headed but will assign uniforms
to keep an eye on Nora's house. He doesn't think she'd really go there
but doesn't want to take chances with Lindsay, who's obviously
desperate. Troy sits Emily down and explains Lindsay's role in Nora's
kidnapping. He knows that Colin wouldn't have gone as far as he did if
Lindsay hadn't forced him. He thought all that was over, but it's
obviously not.

At Blair's urging, Heddy leaves a suggestive message on Troy's
answering machine. Blair knows that Nora is in his office and will
hear the message. Hearing Heddy mention the Lone Pine Motel, Nora
takes the motel key back out of Troy's pocket to verify that it's the
same one. Blair tells Heddy to make sure and mention Nora in the
message. She hugs the nanny, who doesn't feel at all good about what
she just did. Starr hears her call it a trick and asks what's going
on. She's very suspicious.

Nora sits down slowly, stunned. Troy wouldn't do this. It must be some
mistake. She decides to call the motel, pretending to be from Troy's
answering service. The clerk correctly assumes she's really Nora and
feeds her the lies Blair paid him to tell. He claims he's expecting
Troy any minute and that he comes in once or twice a week. Stunned,
Nora hangs up. Matthew calls to say he forgot the pillow that goes
with the sleeping bag, and Nora promises to go get it from Starr.
After sitting a while longer, she finally decides to get the pillow
Matthew asked for, unknowingly leaving her cell phone behind. Shortly
thereafter, Troy comes looking for her. Finding her cell phone in his
office, he thinks something has happened to her.

Starr says she heard Heddy pretending to be in love with him. Heddy
tells Starr to forget what she heard, then asks Blair to tell her the
truth, since Starr already has such a problem with lying. Blair says
they were just playing a trick on Nora and Troy, denying Starr's
request to help by telling her daughter that lying is wrong. Starr
knows that and confronts her mother about lying. Blair claims she did
it for Sam, to try to get Nora to go back to him. Starr offers to just
give him an iguana instead. She heard Sam say he doesn't want to be
with Nora anymore, and when Blair insists he's just saying that, Starr
compares it to Blair's insistence that she doesn't want to be with
Todd when she really does. Blair insists she means it but Starr
doesn't believe her. Starr misses Todd, and Blair finally admits that
she misses him too. The motel clerk calls to report that he did what
she paid him to do, and he wants the rest of his money. Blair goes to
meet him, but before she leaves, Starr has a question for her. If Todd
were still there, and a woman tried to break up Blair and Todd, what
would she do? Blair says there's no need for that because Todd did
that all by himself.

Todd says he saw Ross leave on the boat and asks Tea why she didn't go
with him. She replies that she didn't want to leave; the boat wasn't
big enough for three people. Todd thinks she should have told him
about it; he would have taken care of Ross and then sailed away with
her. He again asks why she didn't go with Ross. Tea says she just
didn't think it was a good idea to go with him. She prefers to stay on
the island instead of taking her chances on a small boat. She decides
to go for a swim, blatantly taunting Todd as she takes off some of her
clothing. Todd thinks about what she said and concludes that she
stayed because of him. At the edge of the water, Tea screams when
something stings her, and he runs to her.

Outside Blair's house, Nora asks herself whether it's possible that
Troy is pretending to love her, just as he did to Lindsay. Starr
answers the door and gets the requested pillow. She asks whether Nora
loves Troy, and Nora says she does. Heddy comes in and talks to Starr,
not knowing that Nora is there. Nora immediately recognizes Heddy's
voice as the one that left the message. Incredulous, she looks at
Heddy and says, "It was you." Heddy looks guilty. She makes an excuse
to check on Jack, just as Blair returns home and announces that their
plan worked perfectly. Nora turns to look at Blair, who tries to look

Bo, Antonio, Mrs. Sharp, and some officers search for the escapees.
Mrs. Sharp explains that Allison's father used to be the warden, and
that's how she knew about the tunnels. She had no idea Allison and
Lindsay were so tight. She adds that one of the lifers tried to kill
Lindsay today, which may have been the impetus for Lindsay to break
out. Lindsay was always freaked out and never would have lasted her
twenty-eight year sentence. Bo thinks they're headed away from
Llanview. They'll both do anything to fight their way out of a corner,
which makes them very dangerous now that they're together. Mrs. Sharp
points out that everyone hates Lindsay, and she doesn't know how she
twisted Allison's mind to get her help escaping. They try to figure
out who would want to help either of them. They order imprints of the
tire tracks and more searches of the area.

Lindsay lost her accomplices when they sped up but thinks she can find
her way to Rae's on her own. She's looking forward to making everyone
suffer for all the humiliation and torture they put her through.
Suddenly she realizes she's lost. Behind Lindsay, a police car flashes
its lights and blares its siren.

R.J. and Allison go to Rae's, and Allison worries that it isn't as
safe as he claims. She finds the Sun, with the headline "Cummings a
Quack," and laughs hysterically. It was so easy to convince Rae to
release her from St. Anne's. R.J. says he would have had her in a
straitjacket. R.J. tries to leave but Allison wants to know where
Lindsay is. She's not afraid of him and threatens to tell Keri about
him. He claims he did his job and she's perfectly safe. Outside, drunk
and trying to return the award to make Max like her, Roxy breaks
through the police tape, looks in, and sees Allison.

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